Five Reasons to Buy Winchester’s New SXP Shotguns

The revival of Winchester firearms has been accompanied by a resurgence in their shotguns – in particular, the Winchester SXP. After several years of focusing on ammunition, the company has returned its focus to shotguns and rifles, and marksmen widely agree that they are happy with Winchester’s decision.

The Super X Pump (SXP) offers a list of features not commonly associated with the Winchester name, but that does not mean they did not bring the typical Winchester craftsmanship to these lever action shotguns. Here are five great reasons to buy one of Winchester’s new SXP shotguns.



Anyone familiar with Winchester would know that a synthetic pistol grip is not a typical feature from a brand that typically focuses on hunting weapons. Granted, not all of the SXP models feature this attribute; the ones that do, like the Super X Pump Long Beard, are geared towards more defensive-oriented shooters. On all models, there are textured gripping surfaces to prevent the weapon from easily slipping in your hands.



What good is a weapon that cannot withstand the rigors of the hunt or the range? Not much, which is why Winchester packed all of their SXP shotguns with solid components to keep your weapon working at optimal performance. Four large lugs offer support to the rotary bolt. A hard chrome-plated chamber and bore make the SXP ultra-resistant to corrosion and extended use. On the Winchester SXP Breakup Country, shooters will find the alloy receiver drilled and tapped with black chrome protection on the bolt to increase both its life and the lives of components used with it.



Whether you are firing the 12-gauge or the 20-gauge version of this weapon, you are going to experience plenty of kick. Winchester tries to mitigate this as much as possible with their inflex technology recoil pad. Found on all of the SXP models, it helps nullify the intensity of the recoil while directing the felt recoil downwards.



Many hunters have found certain gun safeties to be unnecessarily complicated. For home defense, the ability to easily and quickly disengage the safety could mean the difference between life and death. Winchester’s crossbolt safety allows for a quick transition to ready-to-fire. Most people agree that the safety can be easily operated while wearing gloves.


With these great features under the Winchester brand, you might be wondering how much this will set you back. Though price should not be the number one factor, you want to be sure you are getting the value you are paying for the firearm. The Winchester SXP Marine Defender 20 gauge, for example, can be found at just over $350. There are various pricing tiers available depending on the model, finish and gauge you want, but the SXP series can generally be found between $350-$550 for most versions. Most people agree that Winchester has outdone themselves with all of the features in the SXP series and how much they are being sold for.

Those are just a few of the reasons to consider buying Winchester’s latest Super X Pump models. They come with most of the traditional make-up of previous Winchesters, but with some modern upgrades and twists you might not expect to find but will be glad you did. If you are looking for semi-automatic shotguns for sale, or are just in the mood to upgrade any of your existing models to the latest version, the SXP series from Winchester is a great place to start looking.

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