Things to Keep in Mind When Shopping for Gun Silencers

Upgrading your firearm is an important part of owning one. An accessory that commonly gets a poor reputation in the news, but is ideal for thousands of owners, is a sound suppressor.

One of the major factors to take into consideration when selecting a gun silencer is which firearm you fire most. The most common suppressor for sale will be one of three: .30 caliber, a .45 pistol, or a .22 magnum rated silencer. A 9mm suppressor is also a very common silencer, but typically only used with handguns. With these three (or four) in mind, you can begin to narrow down your search by selecting firearms from your collection that can handle these calibers.

For more of the common suppressors and silencers, these are what you will generally find when exploring the market.

Rimfire Suppressors

These silencers are designed for a rimfire cartridge. They tend to be smaller and lighter than other versions. It has several benefits to it, such as the ability to fire dirty. Don’t let that lull you into never cleaning it though; rimfire suppressors are often designed to be easily cleaned. Also, these are some of the quietest cans on the market. They would have the movie-quality noise suppression that people really want to achieve. These silencers have a ½ x 28 thread pattern that will attach directly to the barrel.


These are what the category suggests. They utilize traits from the rimfire, rifle, and handgun suppressors to create a multi-function silencer. These are able to move between multiple firearms without adjusting them too much. The biggest downside to these is that they are a jack-of-all-trades type accessory, but a master of none. If you want a specific quality in your suppressor that isn’t multi-use, this might not be the ideal silencer for you.

Handgun Suppressors

It’s important to note, that this category is typically reserved for pistol silencers. Often revolvers make poor firearms to receive suppressors requiring very specific units. The common form of handgun suppressors will be found for pistols.

Rifle Suppressors

These are tested and rated for the power of a rifle. Most of these will be caliber specific so they can withstand and be sized perfectly. Unlike the rimfire silencers, these rifle suppressors are often sealed and can’t be cleaned. Fortunately, they don’t require cleaning often, if at all.

Shotgun Suppressors

Finally, we have shotgun suppressors. These are the least common type of suppressor, really only appealing to a select group of people. Most likely, unless you absolutely love your shotgun and it is the only firearm your buy accessories for, you will want to explore another option. You can oftentimes find a choke to fulfill the needs of a shotgun suppressor.

Important Things to Note

●     It’s often very difficult to test fire suppressors. If you do find a dealer to test fire, there is an even slimmer chance that you will be able to test compatibilities with your firearm. You will be restricted to using their suppressor and firearm.

●     Check the tone, not the decibel level. Every dealer is aware by now that a third party is going to test the decibels of a suppressor. Many of the ones you will look at will have nearly identical numbers. Once you’ve decided on the suppressor you want, read some forums written by people who actually have them to gauge the tone of your particular preference.

●     Define your price limit. Don’t go into this search without some understanding of what you are able to spend. There is a huge range to select from and you can find the perfect suppressor that is way above your price point.

●     Think about what you want to use your suppressor for. Many people use them for hunting so they don’t scare away their prey. Others use it to save their ears from all the noise pollution. Some people do it to be a good neighbor. Whatever your reason, find a suppressor that lines up with what you intend to do with it.

●     Finally, always keep in mind the firearm you are going to attach it to. Compatibility is crucial for your suppressor and firearm. Have fun with your search, but don’t get discouraged. There are a lot of suppressors for sale out there. You’ll find the one that’s right for you.

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