New U.S. Army Handgun: Sig Sauer P320 Pistol

The standard-issue Beretta is being retired after 35 years of service by the U.S. Army. With the wave of tech spreading over all areas of society, it is not that surprising that the new military sidearm is going to be modular.

Recently, the military held a two-year competition in which handgun manufacturers competed for a contract with the Armed Forces. Instead of designing a firearm in house, utilizing the private sector to harness another firearm seemed like the most beneficial avenue. A lucrative contract with the armed forces would be incentive to produce exactly what the U.S. Army needed. The “Modular Handgun System” competition was listed at $350 million, but could be worth as much as $580 million before all the ink dries. The process had drawn the ire from lawmakers, stating that there are deeper problems with “defense acquisition” than merely changing the standard sidearm of the U.S. Army. Though it took longer than expected, the military wanted to get it right. Ultimately, the P320 from Sig Sauer was selected.

And there are plenty of reasons why it makes an ideal selection for the newest sidearm for the military.

Sig Sauer has produced a firearm that is multiple handguns in one. The P320 accepts a wide variety of accessories, including silencers and handgun magazines. It also has the ability to change grips. With the grower number of women joining the force, there is a higher need to produce firearms with grips for multiple people. It also means that when soldiers need to apply a different tactic with their sidearm, their Sig Sauer will be up to the challenge. Additionally, the version of the P320 comes in a variety of sizes; another positive addition to what the military needs. Every soldier isn’t created equal and neither is every firearm. The men and women of the military come in different sizes and so do the magnitude and necessity of their missions. Smaller versions can be used for more secretive operations while the other, larger handguns can be utilized in the field.

Something more, the P320 is convertible between several different calibers: Currently it can be transitioned between a 9mm, .357SIG, and .40S&W. The multiple uses continue. But it isn’t just the modular features that make it ideal. When the everyday citizen wants to buy a Sig Sauer, they look at all of their features. And that’s what got the U.S. Army so interested in them in the first place.

At their core, the P320 is a double action, polymer-framed pistol designed with law enforcement in mind. It is considered an extremely easy firearm to clean and therefore maintenance is simple. The fire control assembly (which is removable) was created by Sig Sauer. Calibers and barrel lengths are just two of the changes you can make with the P320. Since it was designed for law enforcement, the P320 has no external safety or decocking level. This prevents any issues with the draw and the firearm snagging. It’s all capped off with SigLite night sights. These come standard on the P320. Perfect for any night combat. The ambidextrous magazine release is ideal for multiple people to use. This firearm makes so many other pistols look like merely cheap handguns.

Overall, when the military decided it needed a new firearm, they knew they had to go out and discover a firearm that could fulfill multiple needs in various situations. Furthermore, this firearm is perfect for countless people. It’s no real surprise that technology and necessity drove the U.S. Army to make their decision. And so far, they seem to be very pleased with their decision. According to many close to the choice, they say that it was a sensible choice with many positive outcomes.

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