Optimize Your AR-10 With These Top-Rated Accessories

AR rifles are built on a solid platform. It’s reliable, it’s versatile, and it’s accurate. But best of all, it’s fun to accessorize. Your AR-10 was made for your enjoyment, so why not get the most out of it with some of the most popular attachments, additions, and customizations?

The AR-10 is the perfect foundation on which to build a great custom rifle that fits your needs. Check out the following must-have accessories, and get excited about tricking out your AR-10.


Suppressors are silencers. They can do wonders for preserving your hearing. Let’s face it, firearms aren’t quiet, but an AR-15 can really rip through your head space and show no mercy. A suppressor may help, especially if you’re not a fan of wearing ear protection. We don’t recommend skipping the ear protection, by the way.

However, suppressors have other uses, too. Your neighbors will thank you. If you live in a state that allows the use of a suppressor, it’s definitely worth looking into.


You can’t beat a good grip. Your grip is what establishes your relationship with that rifle. It’s your primary point of contact, providing comfort, stability, and accuracy. Under no circumstances do you ever want that grip to be compromised.

Customizing your grip can make your shooting experience one-of-a-kind. Anything to maximize your comfort is worth serious consideration. There’s no shortage of grips for sale at online gun shops and other retailers, so this particular accessory comes highly recommended.


Some rifles come with great triggers, and others don’t. A bad trigger can affect your accuracy, especially if the spacing or the pull isn’t comfortable for you. Almost everyone benefits from a trigger upgrade, even if you don’t have a bad one to start. It’s a customization experience that isn’t necessary but is also never boring.

Charging Handles

Because your AR-10 won’t fire until it’s charged, a charging handle is a unique way to upgrade a critical component. You can choose one to match your preferences based on style, range, or use. Make your rifle work for you whether you just use it recreationally, to hunt, or in quick-fire scenarios like competitions.


The best thing about an AR rifle is that it’s accurate. You can really step up your accuracy with premium optics. By adding optics to your AR-10, you enhance your experience by taking advantage of all of the great features that make it so accurate in the first place.

Ambidextrous Safety Selector

Your AR-10 was made for right-handed shooters. If you’re right-handed, you probably don’t see the need for this feature. But if you’re not, this accessory is invaluable. The point of a safety to keep everyone, well, safe.

It doesn’t do much good when you’re reaching around for the safety with the wrong hand. It’s dangerous, and it’s cumbersome. Adding an ambidextrous safety selector is not only easy. It’s smart.


There’s an abundance of custom stocks on the market, and it’s one of the most fun accessories for which to shop. It’s the accessory that adds the most personality to your firearm and suits your tastes.

Installation is so easy, you can afford to get more than one! And the options are endless.


A lot of AR-10s come with pretty basic barrels. It almost needs upgrading right out of the box. Especially if you purchased your AR on a budget, it probably came with a cheap barrel, and it’s definitely time for an upgrade.

Don’t risk shooting out your barrel over time. Upgrade it to extend the life of your rifle and improve your accuracy. Replacing the barrel is also good for reducing weight, increasing performance, and improving your resale value.


A tactical light comes in handy if you use your AR-10 for self-defense. An AR is a great firearm, but adding a light improves accuracy in the dark, especially in situations where you don’t want to be noticed.

The AR-10’s rail system makes it easy to mount these types of accessories, and the options are almost overwhelming. Good quality tactical lights are made to withstand recoil and are a great investment.


Upgrading uppers and lowers is a right of passage for every AR owner. You just need to do it. Component replacement on an AR lends itself well to switching these types of accessories out, so as long as you pair your uppers and lowers from the same company, you won’t have any problems with fit.

You really get the most out of your rifle when you embrace this accessory for all it’s worth. It releases more potential from your AR-10 and makes the experience more enlightening.

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