3 Affordable Shotguns for Beginners: Mossberg, CZ, and Remington

So, you finally made the decision. You want to purchase your first shotgun. Congratulations. It’s your first step into the firearm community. Before we welcome you fully, you need to decide which shotgun to buy. Are you looking at tactical shotguns? Would a lever action shotgun be more your style? Are you already overwhelmed by two options?

Don’t be.

Here at GrabAGun, we specialize in helping people buy shotguns. We’ve done the research on all of the shotguns we have listed for sale and picked three that are affordable, reliable, and ideal for beginners. So, here are our selections you will want to consider.

Mossberg 500

To start the list, we have the Mossberg 500. This shotgun can be found with as much frequency in a hunter’s gun case as an officer’s patrol vehicle. With over 50 years in production, the Mossberg shotguns have fine-tuned their firearms for ultimate performance. The 500 series has several different models to pick from, each with a different style to appeal to different hunters. But Mossberg is also aware that they can’t make a shotgun that fits everyone’s needs, so this firearm can be customized—there are several aftermarket parts that you can find to make your first shotgun truly unique. And as a final note, since you might not be aware of the maintenance required for proper upkeep of your firearm, Mossberg shotguns are built to withstand the rigors of the hunt, and neglectful owners (though you should always properly clean and maintain your firearm).

CZ 612 Magnum Waterfowl Shotgun

The next shotgun on the list is perfect for beginners, because it too is relatively new to the firearm scene. The CZ 612 Magnum Waterfowl is the new kid in town, but is making a reputation for itself quickly. All that praise comes from the capabilities of the shotgun; it’s a hell of firearm for beginners and experts. The first aspect you’ll notice as a beginner is its recoil pad that will absorb a lot of the kick from those 12-gauge shells and slug you’ll be firing. For shooters not used to it, having a firearm that helps protect your shoulder can make a big difference. Once you begin to advance your knowledge some, you’ll notice that the 612 has a big forearm for easy action manipulation and easy-to-access release lever. It also comes standard with five choke tubes that can be interchanged with ease. All-in-all, you are getting a 3 ½ inch chambered 12-gauge that is camo-dipped for under $400. Hard to find other shotguns for sale better than the 612.

Remington 870

You can’t have a list of shotguns without a Remington (if you did, it wouldn’t be a trustworthy one). One of the best for first-timers is the Remington 870. Similar to the Mossberg 500 and CZ 612, it features a list of aspects that make it ideal for people wanting to purchase their first shotgun. As one of the older gun manufacturers, Remington has been honing their craft for some time, so their steel receiver and twin action bars are made to withstand decades of use. They are also made in several different models, most of which can be found for under $500, most notably the Express and Super Magnum Express. These Remington shotguns are also easily upgraded with a variety of aftermarket accessories.

Those are three of the best options beginners have for their first shotgun. Before you run out and buy the shotgun though, it’s a good idea to keep researching and even test fire a few. You’ll be able to determine which of these feels right in your hands, and understand the subtle difference between them. Once you’ve picked the one you like most, you’ll want to compare prices with local gun shops and an online gun store. Odds are, you’ll find better prices when you buy guns online—and with options similar to local places. Here at GrabAGun, we offer a layaway program so you can afford your shotgun. So do your research, pick your shotgun, and we’ll be ready to help you during every step of buying your first shotgun.

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