America’s Favorite Gun: The Glock

Today, in part because of Hollywood, Glock is synonymous with 'handgun.' It seems everyone knows what a Glock is. It’s hard to watch an action movie without a Glock represented, and two-thirds of America’s police departments now carry them.

How did an Austrian entrepreneur, with no experience in making guns, become one of the most influential names in the United States? In three decades, Glock grew to be one of the most recognizable products, making it an icon among gun enthusiasts and a target among gun control advocates.

Glock: A Brief History

In 1982, Gaston Glock was an engineer working outside Vienna. He ran a radiator factory and had no experience in the gun-making arena. This inexperience was to his advantage. Having no knowledge of the manufacturing process, he created his own.

Unlike all other models at the time, he built his unique design on a plastic frame and with only thirty-four components. With its lightweight composition and nearly half of the components of other manufacturers, the Glock was easy to make and less likely to malfunction.

In less than ten years, Glock was shipping more than 120,000 units per year to the United States. To this day, Glock is owned by the Glock family, and they are very secretive about their process. Rarely do they agree to interviews, and never do they open up their U.S. plant in Smyrna, Georgia to journalists, tourists, or anyone else.

Legal Trouble

On January 8, 2011, Jared Loughner used a Glock to open fire on a constituent meeting, attempting to assassinate Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. Six people died, and one additional person was injured. Miraculously, after being shot in the head at point-blank range, Giffords survived.

On July 20, 2012, mass murderer James Holmes used a Glock in an attempt to kill over seventy people in an Aurora, Colorado movie theatre. Twelve people died, and many others were injured.

Many other instances like these happen on what seems like a regular basis. Due to news outlets, social media, and our constant connection to the world, it feels like these occurrences are growing, and these two, in particular, contribute to the new breath of life in the gun control movement.

The United States government keeps a list of firearms law enforcement officers recover at crime scenes. While the Glock has gained in popularity among gun control enthusiasts, there is still no evidence to suggest that it is used more than any other gun to carry out these acts of violence on innocent people. The notion that all gangsters walk around the city concealing a Glock is not supported by the numbers.


Despite some of the negative connotations, Glock has its fair share of followers. Gun enthusiasts around the world love it, and it’s a favorite among law enforcement officers, the FBI, and even famous terrorists and dictators. Military personnel found Saddam Hussein in his hideout in 2003 carrying a Glock.

Glock has a huge presence at trade shows, and no other manufacturer is more influential. With so many law enforcement officers carrying a Glock, it quickly grew to be America’s favorite.

Glock’s Image

It’s clear how Glock’s image has grown in the past thirty years, and we haven’t even talked about Hollywood yet. Glamorized by the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger in “End of Days” and Jason Bourne in “The Bourne Ultimatum,” the Glock has taken over the big screen.

Filmmakers and prop masters throughout the industry began using Glock because it was different. That was part of the appeal. Different meant exciting, and America caught onto the hype.

Other firearm manufacturers have been trying to catch up to Glock, and while they can match firepower, they’ve already been overtaken by star power. When a movie refers to a gun brand, it’s the Glock. Even rap lyrics reference the Glock more than any other. It rolls off the tongue just a little bit easier.


Glock is reliable. It rarely misfires or malfunctions, it can outgun a semiautomatic pistol, and it’s easy to shoot. It’s easy to see why law enforcement chose this handgun over any other. When life is on the line, a Glock always goes bang.

It also fires nearly four times faster than a revolver. When put to the test, a revolver got off eighteen shots in 22.7 seconds. It took the Glock only 5.7. The beauty is in its simplicity. Even when handled by someone who has never shot a gun before, it hits every target.

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