Mossberg 500: The American-Preferred Affordable Home Protection Firearm

Home protection is at the top of everyone’s mind these days. When it comes to home security, there are a lot of different options. Security systems, smart home controls, and various other electronic devices are all fine choices. But it all gets very pricey, and fast.

When you don’t have the time, the technological knowledge, or the desire to implement any of these systems, sometimes the easiest and most reliable method for home protection fits in your arms.

Using a semi-auto shotgun for home security is not a new concept. However, when cost is a factor, it’s important to know that there are affordable firearms on the market, like the Mossberg 500. The Mossberg 500 meets you at the intersection of home security and cost savings.


Mossberg is quickly approaching its centennial anniversary. Over the years, it has solidified its place as a household name. The 500 model is especially well-known in the shotgun business. It’s safe to say that it is the benchmark by which we judge all other budget shotguns.

Over the years, the Mossberg 500 has been released in upwards of one hundred variants. You can choose from a wide range of finishes, calibers, sizes, and features, resulting in endless combinations.

Models like the All-Purpose 500 FLEX give you the ability to switch stocks, barrels, and butt pads quickly, making it the most versatile of the Mossberg 500 line of rifles.

The Mossberg Maverick 88 comes with a significant pocketbook savings and is essentially a Mossberg 500 without the ambidextrous safety and upgraded trigger group. It offers the same reliability and versatility of the Mossberg 500 and doesn’t feel at all like a downgrade.


The reason why the Mossberg 500 is the best affordable option for home protection is that it’s versatile. If you can only afford one gun, this one will do most of the things you need it to do by just switching out a few accessories.

By switching out only the barrel, you can have a long-barreled shotgun for hunting waterfowl, and a short-barreled shotgun for deer. Conversely, when you get home, you can switch out your birdshot for buckshot to stop an intruder.

Home Defense

The Mossberg 500 is among the most requested firearms for home defense. It is made of alloy, so it’s lightweight and easily maneuverable. The placement of the slide release and safety is perfect because you can reach them both with your shooting hand, giving you the ability to make quick decisions without fumbling the firearm.

You can extend the capacity of the Mossberg 500 to nine, as well as change out accessories like barrels and forend grips. It has two extractors on the bolt, giving you the ability to eject shells when they get stuck. Again, it’s easy to reach with your shooting hand, just in case.

Keeping a round in the chamber always ensures you are better prepared for a worst-case scenario, saving you valuable seconds loading a shell in the pipe. The expanded 8+1 capacity of the Mossberg 500 allows you to do just that.

With the easy-to-reach safety, you can quickly and efficiently defend yourself and your home with one-handed operation. Common sense would dictate that you keep a loaded firearm stored with the safety on and out of the reach of kids.

You can load the Mossberg 500 with either birdshot or buckshot, but it’s safe to say that buckshot has a better chance of stopping an aggressor. Birdshot has the potential to make them even angrier, and you lose those valuable seconds once again by having to fire more than once.

It goes without saying that you should always be situationally aware of your surroundings when handling a firearm, but buckshot will not only stop your aggressor, it will stop your family too. Make sure when you fire the firearm, you aim true and get your kids out of the way.

The Mossberg 500 is an affordable choice for anyone who can’t afford more than one gun or wants a cost-effective firearm for home defense so they can splurge elsewhere. It’s a multipurpose firearm that’s effective for hunting, home defense, and fun at the shooting range.

Online retailers have a wide range of options to choose from. Check out Grab a Gun for Mossberg 500 shotguns, accessories, and other firearms.

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