The Ultimate Checklist for Handgun Hunting

Not all hunts are the same. There are some vast differences between hunting bears and hunting elk. But it isn’t always the type of game you are after that defines your adventure. The firearm you use can completely change your hunting experience.

Increasing numbers of hunters are choosing to explore the challenges associated with handgun hunting. There are several reasons why. The challenge of handgun hunting from a distance. The thrill of being close to your prey. The ability to draw your weapon quickly. Not being loaded down by a sling. Whatever your reason, handgun hunting is a thrill unlike any other.

Here are a few tips you will want to follow to help you be a more successful handgun hunter:

  • Exercise your trigger finger.
  • Perfect your trigger squeeze so that it flows perfectly and uniformly every time.
  • Keep a firm – but not too tight – consistent grip.
  • Plant yourself before you shoot.
  • Reduce anticipation and get rid of your flinch.

Each of those tips will help you be a better shot while handgun hunting. But before you rush out into the field with only an insatiable desire to take down your target with your .44 Mag, you will want to do a little research on what you should have with you to increase your enjoyment and your chances of actually having a successful hunt.

First and foremost, you need the right handgun. There are a wide variety to choose from, though not as many calibers as rifles have for actual hunting. Four particular handguns are especially good for hunting: the .480 Ruger, .460 Smith & Wesson Mag., .44 Remington Mag., and the 10mm Auto. There are plenty to choose from, but starting with one of these four will help you get a good feel for your specific handgun style.

After your weapon, the second-most important aspect of handgun hunting is your grip. Something that you should consider essential for every handgun hunting trip is gloves. They may not sound essential, but your grip drastically changes your handgun hunting accuracy. A good set of tactical gloves will do so much for you, from helping with your grip, to keeping your hands warm, to protecting them while shooting.

You’ll also want to have a few specific pieces of equipment with you on the trip to help you become a better handgun hunter. These are three specific hunting accessories you will want to have as part of your hunting gear.

Sportear Ghost Stryke II

If you’ve ever shot a gun – or been around when someone was shooting – then you know the importance of proper ear protection. With all of the difficulties associated with handgun hunting, you don’t want to add to your stressors by having inferior noise dampers. That’s why a pair of Ghost Stryke II would be ideal for any handgun hunter. Not only do they enhance beneficial noise up to 6x the normal levels, but they also suppress damaging wave lengths, up to 3” db of noise reduction.

Leupold FX-3 Silhouette Scope

The ever important scope is doubly significant when handgun hunting. One of the best you can find for this style of hunting is the Leupold FX-3. This scope is made for everyone who wants a traditional and functional fixed power scope. This scope is widely known for being durable, exceptionally clear and bright, and very simple to operate. You can’t go wrong have those qualities backing all of your shots.

Peltor XF4 Safety Glasses


Eye protection is vital to being able to hit your target. If you can’t see, you aren’t going to shoot with any sort of accuracy. Shooting glasses are your best choice out in the elements. These adjustable safety glasses are both stylish and effective. If you are able to block debris from interfering with your eyes than you have a better chance of taking home the trophy. But don’t let the toughness of this eye protection make you think that they are not comfortable to wear. They are contoured to fit snugly on your head, and they come with soft nosepieces so they will rest easily on your nose for extended periods of time.

Follow the tips, get the gear, and enjoy the hunt.


The Best Camo Gear for Hunting

Plenty of ink has been spilled and words have been said regarding what is vital to take on a hunting trip. That’s no surprise, considering the number of products available and where you can find them. Hunting gear can be found online, in department stores, and in specialty stores. The market is flooded with so many options that picking the right choice for you can be harder than it needs to be. So let’s discuss how you make the choices you do and then look at some of the best options available to you. But first, let’s answer some common questions people have when determining what gear to bring.

Think About Yourself First


You know yourself better than anyone else does. Think about the qualities you like or prefer in equipment, and search for products that fit those criteria. There is no point trying to fit your needs to accommodate what someone else likes. Find the gear that works best for you.

Why Camo?

Camouflage is essential to hunting, plain and simple. It is everywhere you look, though it is the ultimate accessory when you are trying not to be seen. You will have the best luck against your target when you cannot be easily seen by your prey. Camo comes in a variety of patterns, allowing for numerous environments to be reflected on your hunting clothing. Oftentimes it is seasonal, with certain patterns and colors dedicated to winter in Alaska or fall in Appalachia.

How Do I Decide What Gets Packed?


This is the biggest question to answer, and it has many different answers. Depending on where you are hunting and what type of game you are going after, your gear can change drastically. There are, however, a few universal guidelines you will want to follow. Most hunters look for the best lightweight gear they can find in order to lighten the load and alleviate additional stress on their bodies. Another aspect they look for in their hunting clothes is functionality. When your hunting gear can fulfill several purposes in one package, your need for additional equipment goes down. The final factor that is fairly universal among hunters is durability. You want gear that can withstand the rigors of the hunt – and we all know those can be difficult. With these three characteristics in mind, let’s take a look at some gear that will improve your next hunt.

Top Pick for Men


  • Browning Hell’s Canyon Speed Shrike Jacket

This jacket hits all the essentials. Warm, durable, and lightweight, this jacket gets the job done. The outer shell is designed to be both wind- and water-resistant, and the sleeves have elastic cuffs to help make sure the elements do not get to you. One of the best qualities of this jacket is its HeroFit design, which enables the wearer to be more mobile. It has multiple front pockets on the chest of the jacket for quick and easy access to accessories. Finally, the exclusive A-TACS camo pattern sets this jacket apart from competition for sure. This is a must-have hunting jacket.



Top Pick for Women


  • Browning Hell’s Belles Blended Down Jacket

Your outer layer is the most visible. Having the right jacket is crucial to staying concealed and protected on the hunt. This Browning jacket features blended, water-resistant insulation for optimal warmth. It also helps keep the wind at bay. When your gloves simply will not cut it, the jacket comes with hand-warmer pockets with zipper closures to make sure your fingers are ready to pull the trigger.


Top Pick for Everyone


  • Barska Optics Loaded Gear Tactical Vest

This tactical vest does it all. It keeps all of your essentials expertly positioned for when you need them most. It is adjustable, so it can be worn by several body types. There are three detachable sections: heavy duty belt with pouches, three-section pistol magazine/flashlight pouch, and a draw holster. Though this gear is not camouflaged, its tan color blends well with the camo you will be wearing.

Top Pick for Covering Your Legs


  • Allen Deepwoods Neoprene Bootfoot Chest Wader

These Mossy Oak Break-Up Country camo waders mean business. Made of out 3.5 mm neoprene, it doesn’t get much better than these for cold water hunting or fishing. These waders also feature a high-back design so you can venture further into the water than with other pairs. With both adjustable suspenders and a waist belt, these will fit nearly everyone. They also come with a feature you don’t find in many waders – a semi-hard toe cap, which is ideal for protecting your feet when you can’t see your footing in muddy or fast-moving water.


Each of these items come with the three major characteristics you want: durability, functionality, and lightweight. Supplement these with a few other great products to optimize your next hunting trip.


Now that you know what you need for your next hunt, you might be asking yourself where is the best place to find all of this equipment? That’s easy: It’s the same place you go to buy guns online. GrabAGun.com supplies their hunters with not only the weapons to take down their prey, but also the gear to help get them to that point. From jackets, to carrying cases, to chairs – if there is hunting gear you need, GrabAGun.com is ready to provide you with all of your hunting, fishing, camping, and firearm needs.


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