Equip Your Equipment: Load Bearing Equipment Holsters

You’ve found all of the right equipment you need, from the gun to the holster, and all of the extra little holster accessories. Now it’s time to equip your equipment, as well, with load bearing equipment holsters such as the 5.11 Tactical LBE Holster, the Blackhawk! SPECOPS Universal Holster, or even the 5.11 Tactical Slick Stick LBE Compact Holster.


For those who intend to be using body armor, it’s critical to find a good body armor holster. Our Blackhawk body armor holsters are constructed of soft laminate suede nylon, which is moisture resistant and works hard to protect your weapon from perspiration. This ultra-durable item can even be worn inside your concealable body armor straps.

Also from Blackhawk, we offer the Sportster product line to provide you with quality shooting gear at a great price that can fit any budget. In particular, items such as the Blackhawk Sportster Muzzel Retainer, which comes with two #5 Speed Clips as well, will come in handy to protect and hold your muzzle in place.

GrabAGun is your online source for gun sales and load bearing equipment holsters. GrabAGun provides the lowest prices available for quality firearms, along with all the accessories and parts you’ll need in order to make the most of your purchase. With thousands of guns for sale and load bearing equipment holsters for sale, you are likely to find the brand, model and features you desire on our site. Our helpful customer service agents are happy to help if you have any questions or are unable to find the specific load bearing equipment holsters you wish to order. We will order any available load bearing equipment holsters with all the features you want and apply a GrabAGun discount just for you. That is the GrabAGun difference.

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Concealed Carry Requires The Right Concealment Holster For The Job

Concealment Holsters are designed to do just what the name suggests — prevent the gun from being visible through concealing garments. These holsters are designed to be lightweight and unobtrusive, and are generally intended for use with subcompact and compact handguns since these are easier to conceal.

Concealment Holsters are meant to be worn under your clothing, such as on the belt under a coat, under your pants in an ankle holster, or even in your pants pocket. Comfort is an important consideration since the holster is held close to the body. Since the broad surface of the holster comes in contact with your body, you want a holster that’s designed to distribute the pressure across a wider area in order to prevent skin abrasions. Another important consideration is how the holster will protect your handgun from your perspiration.

It is common for the outside of the holster to be broader, in order to help break up the outline of the handgun and prevent printing, where the outline of the gun can be seen through clothing. This is a critical consideration in choosing the right concealment holster for you as it is often desirable not to alert other people that you are armed. A carefully designed and selected holster that is worn the right way can make a gun virtually invisible. A good concealment holster is designed to be worn underneath clothing that is part of your everyday attire.


GrabAGun offers an extensive selection of guns for sale and holsters for sale, which are carefully designed to address the considerations discussed here. Our offerings include all types of concealment holsters for sale, as well as pistols, gun parts, and other accessories. We offer guns beyond our listings. We will locate and provide a price with the GrabAGun discount on any available firearm you desire. Give our helpful customer service agents a call today for assistance with any guns for sale. Thanks for visiting GrabAGun.

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Carrying On Your Waistband? Try One Of Our Paddle Holsters On For Size

Paddle holsters are designed as an alternative to the standard belt holster for concealed handguns. While they generally look the same and feature the same options as concealment-belt holsters, the key difference is that paddle holsters do not attach to your belt. Instead, they use a paddle on the back of the holster that is used to slide between your body and your pants. The wide surface area of the "paddle" uses select materials, which create friction to prevent the holster from being pulled up and away when you draw your handgun.


One primary advantage of paddle holsters is that they are easy to put on and off, since you do not need to remove your belt. Anyone wearing a firearm that wants a bit more flexibility may employ paddle holsters thanks to the added convenience. This can be particularly helpful when removing the holster and firearm to sit, and then it’s easy to replace it when needed. This flexibility allows users the option of not even wearing a belt and still using a paddle holster.

However, this advantage also relates to the main disadvantage, which is that paddle holsters are less secure since they are not attached to your belt loops. To help mitigate this risk, some paddles holsters feature a locking mechanism on the paddle that grabs the underside of your belt.


GrabAGun has an extensive selection of guns for sale and holsters for sale. Our stock includes paddle holsters for sale, as well as pistols, gun parts, and other accessories. We also offer guns and holsters beyond our listings. We are proud to give you a GrabAGun discount on any available firearm or holster you desire. Simply call our friendly customer service agents today and they will assist you with any questions about guns for sale or holsters for sale.

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What To Look For When Buying Ankle Holsters

Ankle holsters are a common typeof concealment holster, which are designed to be easily concealed, as well as lightweight and unobtrusive. These holsters are typically designed for subcompact and compact handguns, since they are easier to conceal. Concealment holsters are designed to be worn under clothing – in this case under the pants, on your ankle.


Also known as boot holsters, ankle holsters offer excellent concealment and are often used by those who wish to carry a secondary weapon to back up their primary firearm. Especially when you won’t be carrying your primary weapon but still want to be armed, the ankle holster provides a great option as a highly concealable holster for your firearm. This is particularly great for those hot summer days when you just want to wear a t-shirt or if you choose to tuck your shirt in.

One of the primary drawbacks of ankle holsters is that they are not appropriate for carrying your primary gun, since you can't move while drawing from them. This is important, and is why the focus of these holsters is for use with your secondary or back up guns.

A few other challenges of ankle carry to keep in mind when considering an ankle holster are the following:

  1. Sometimes the holster will move around on the ankle and will end up out of position. This makes it harder to draw when needed.
  2. Depending on the size of your ankle, some holsters may not sit quite right and will be uncomfortable, especially if worn for a prolonged amount of time.
  3. 3. Most importantly, during vigorous activities, such as running, many people find that even a small handgun bounces around too much.


GrabAGun offers an extensive selection of guns for sale and holsters for sale, which are specifically designed to address the challenges discussed here. Our offerings include ankle holsters for sale, pistols and rifles as well as gun parts and accessories. Feel free to reach out to our helpful customer service agents today for any questions about holsters or assistance with any guns for sale. Thanks for visiting GrabAGun.

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Great Ruger Guns For Sale


Ruger Pistols for Sale | Guns for Sale

Ruger is America’s fourth largest gun manufacturer and well known for its durable and serviceable firearms. With its focus upon quality, dependability and innovations made to increase comfort and service, the Ruger name has become synonymous with rugged endurance among modern guns for sale. Select Ruger pistols are now on sale at GrabAGun at incredibly low prices. Shop our selection our guns for sale and check out our clearance section for tremendous savings on guns and accessories.

The following are a brief overview of some of our clearance sale offerings of Ruger pistols.

Ruger GP 100 .357 Magnum SS

The super reliable GP 100 is a six-shot double action revolver manufactured for strength and performance, creating one of the strongest medium frame revolvers ever manufactured. As for its stopping power – it is a .357 Magnum; you won’t be receiving any complaints from an assailant.

Ruger LC380 ACP

A step above the basic Ruger LCP, the LC380 ACP incorporates the advanced design elements of the LC9. Designed for concealed carry, you can conceal the LC380 in your hand, and when holstered it conceals well. Easy to shoot and light on recoil, the LC380 pistol provides the protection you need for self-defense. As it is with almost any compact firearm, sights are rather difficult to see due to their small size. A laser takes care of that, or a bit of red paint to the sights. Laser Max is available on some models.

Ruger LC9 9mm

Slightly larger than the LC .380, the Ruger LC9 provides a little more gun to hold onto for those with larger hands. The firearm is a double-action semi-automatic pistol designed for concealed carry. The LC9 uses a 7 or 9 round box magazine, and an adjustable 3-dot sight.

Ruger SR1911 .45 ACP

Modeled after the classic M1911 pistol this semi-automatic, single-action firearm provides nice groupings and is a quality constructed and attractive firearm. The barrel and bushings are produced from the same bar of stainless steel for optimal quality. The 1911 and its modern variants never grow old to those who want classic quality in guns for sale.

Ruger Vaquero 357 Magnum

A six-shot single action revolver based on the .357 Magnum New Model Ruger Blackhawk frame. The Vaquero answers the demand for a single action revolver in traditional western style for Cowboy Action Shooting or for those history fans who desire a bit of Old West nostalgia.

Ruger MKIII .22 LR 22/45 Lite

The Ruger MKIII is a lightweight concealed carry semi-automatic pistol with an upper receiver of aircraft grade aluminum threaded for a compensator or a suppressor. In addition, it features replaceable grips and is drilled and tapped for a Weaver rail section.

GrabAGun offers a large selection of guns for sale. Whether you are planning to purchase pistols for sale, a rifle or shotgun, we offer thousands of firearms to select from. In addition, we offer hunting supplies, archery, gun accessories and parts including AR-15 accessories and parts. If after shopping our site, you do not find the specific model of firearm with the features you desire, give us a call. We offer guns for sale beyond those available on our site. We will locate the firearm you seek, and apply the GrabAGun discount. Thanks for shopping with GrabAGun.

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AR-15 Style Guns For Sale

ar 15 style guns for sale colt m4

Colt M4 Carbine | Guns for Sale

This carbine provides the tactical advantage of being lightweight and maneuverable. Once available only for law enforcement as a duty weapon, the Colt M4 LE can now be yours from GrabAGun’s guns for sale. The Colt M4 Carbine LE 5.56mm 16-inch features the law enforcement weapon system that provides many of the advantages, and military contractor provided parts, of the military’s combat version.

Some of the features of the Colt Model 6920 include:

  • The firearm accepts the complete range of 5.56mm ammunition.
  • Features a retractable 4-position butt stock, the Law Enforcement Carbine is less than 30 inches when fully retracted, with a weight of 5.65 lb.
  • Available with a step-cut barrel, providing the ability to mount a grenade launcher for non-lethal operations.
  • Cartridge case deflector for either left or right handed shooters.
  • Features a muzzle compensator to reduce muzzle rise and flash.
  • Provides easy field stripping without special tools.
  • Flat top receiver with optional removable carrying handle provides easy mounting of accessories.
  • M203 40 mm Grenade Launcher (optional, subject to NFA restrictions), no modification required to mount.
  • Target style rear sight features dual apertures of 0-200m and 300-600m, with adjustments for both windage and elevation.
  • Chrome lined barrel with 6 grooves and 1:7 inch right hand twist.
  • 30 Round magazine.
  • Direct gas operating system.
  • Straight line construction delivering recoil to the shoulder for improved handling.
  • Quad-rail hand guard and rail covers.
  • Forward grip and pistol grip.

The LE model provides a step above the standard Colt M4 guns for sale with mil-spec parts and battle ready components providing extreme quality, durability and accuracy to the firearm suitable for patrol rifle, home defense or a hunting weapon.

Legendary Colt continues to impress with its production of first quality firearms. Now you can own a piece of the American legend with a Colt M4 Carbine chambered in 5.56mm where two American legends join in the Colt M4 and the next generation of the original AR-15.

Best of all, this extremely accurate and reliable semi-automatic rifle is on sale in limited quantity at GrabAGun. Whether you need another AR-15 or not, it’s a great opportunity to own a piece of the legend that started it all for the AR-15.

GrabAGun is an online gun dealer providing an extensive selection of guns for sale. With thousands of firearms available you are almost certain to find the brand/model/features that you desire. If you fail to find the exact weapon you want, give our knowledgeable customer service agents a call. We will locate the firearm you desire and apply the GrabAGun discounted price. That is the GrabAGun advantage that we provide for all of our customers.

As shooting enthusiasts ourselves, we understand the frustration of finding the exact firearm you want for a reasonable price. GrabAGun aims to provide both in our extensive selection of guns for sale. Thanks for shopping our site for pistols for sale, rifles for sale and shotguns for sale. Give us a call if we can be of assistance.

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Beretta CX4 Storm Guns for Sale


Beretta CX4Storm | Guns for Sale

The Beretta CX4 Storm is a semi-automatic carbine designed to fire pistol caliber ammunition. Popular in shooting sports, for personal defense and among law enforcement, the CX4 Storm provides a cold-hammer forged barrel and is available in seven different models. The CX4 Storm accepts full-size Beretta magazines from the .45 ACP, .40 S&W, 9×19 Parabellum, PX4 series 9×21 IMI, Cougar and 92/96. The convenience of using the same ammo with pistol and rifle has made the CX4 Storm a favorite among guns for sale.

The CX4 Storm was developed for its use with Beretta semi-automatic pistols. The shooter has the ability to use the magazines from his Beretta pistol in the CX4 Storm of the same caliber.

It is not a new concept. In the old west cowboys and settlers carried rifles and handguns of the same caliber in order to lighten the load of ammunition they had to carry. It goes to show, convenience never grows old, and remains a seller among modern guns for sale.

The CX4 Storm features an extendable Picatinny rail under the barrel, and also includes a side rail with two mounting screws. A top rail is available for separate purchase. The CX4 Storm can utilize up to five Picatinny rails with Beretta accessory kits. The user can utilize the two included rails for attaching a variety of optics, lights, lasers and more. The CX4 Storm provides the user with the adaptability needed for customizing the firearm. The carbine is lightweight for comfort, and compact in size for easy maneuvering in tight spaces.

In addition, the Cx4 provides iron sights adjustable for both windage and elevation using the supplied tool. Both sights can be folded down to allow optics to be mounted to the optional top rail.

With an adjustable length of pull, the stock is adapted with the use of up to three spacers (one is included). The length of pull is adjustable from 13.3 inches to 15.0 inches.

The cocking handle, ejection port, safety and magazine release are reversible providing the ambidexterity needed to accommodate left handed shooters.

The firearm offers the quality you expect from a Beretta firearm, providing extreme durability, and reliability with a low-recoil for a degree of accuracy appreciated by the most experienced shooters. Since its introduction in 2003 the Beretta CX4 Storm has a growing following among law enforcement, competitions, home defenders and others who enjoy its versatility and convenience of using the same ammunition as their favorite Beretta pistols.

GrabAGun offers an extensive selection of guns for sale. Whether you are shopping for pistols for sale, rifles, shotguns or shooting supplies, GrabAGun offers discount prices and a large selection. Shop now and save even more on the numerous guns for sale offered on our clearance page. GrabAGun offers firearms beyond those available on our site. If you fail to find the firearm you desire, call our helpful customer service agents with the brand, model and features you desire. We will provide you with any available firearm you seek and provide our discount. That is the GrabAGun advantage all of our customers enjoy.

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Boost Comfort, Accuracy & Reliability With Good AR15 Accessories


AR-15 | AR-15 Accessories

GrabAGun provides the largest selection of AR-15 accessories available online. We carry an extensive selection of accessories for your AR-15, from scopes and night vision, to rails, tactical lights and mounts, slings, suppressors, recoil pads and much more.

The popular AR-15 is well known for its accuracy and reliability, but it is the versatility of the gun that is the crown of the AR-15 for sale. With the ability to exchange receivers, the AR-15 can provide multiple caliber weapon options and various configurations. The wide availability of parts and AR-15 accessories enable you to customize your AR-15 with the features you desire, and the ability to exchange parts and accessories for a different purpose in a snap.

Like a great number of rifles, the AR-15 was developed for military use, providing a durable firearm to withstand both harsh environmental conditions and heavy use. It is from this platform that today’s semi-automatic AR-15 was developed for public use.

Redesigned for the civilian market, the AR-15 has become America’s number one rifle with a continually expanding market of parts and AR-15 accessories.

Dominating in competitive matches, used for hunting, predator control, as home and perimeter defense, for target practice and used among the law enforcement and security community, the AR-15 for sale continues to enjoy a growing popularity.

The AR-15 is rapidly gaining popularity among hunters. It should be noted the standard AR-15 is a 5.56mm or.223, and the two rounds are not interchangeable. The .223 Remington can be used safely in a 5.56mm chamber, but it is unsafe to use the 5.56mm in a .223 chamber. The higher pressure of the 5.56mm round is too great for a .223 chamber. If you will be using 5.56mm, buy an AR-15 chambered for 5.56mm. You can use the .223 in it allowing you greater versatility; you just can’t use the other way around.

Furthermore, the 5.56mm is the best option of the two for big game hunting. The .223 will be sufficient for some of the larger game, but simply lacks the firepower to use for a general big game weapon and ensure a humane kill.

People often ask which AR-15 accessories they should have. AR-15 owners often accessorize their guns to the max, only to find it too heavy to be comfortable. Tactical lights are often added, whether they are used or not. If you will be using a tactical light after dark, it becomes a prized accessory; otherwise, just keep in mind, adding accessories will also add weight. Luckily, the AR-15s versatility also imparts ease of accessorizing, or removing them. One of the best investments in AR-15 accessories is a sling. It frees up your hands, enables you carry more and can help you to hang on to your gun.

Pay extra for the chrome lined barrel, or other lining that will extend the barrel life. Don’t use jointed cleaning rods, doing so can damage the interior finish of the rifle.

If you are going to mount a scope or other optic, select a flat top rifle or ensure you purchase a rifle with a removable carry handle. Mounting a scope will be easier.

From a legal standpoint (in the event you have to use the gun to defend yourself), it is better in the long run to purchase the features and AR-15 accessories you desire factory installed. Not only will accuracy, performance and safety be assured, but if you have to defend yourself, the criminal’s family couldn’t claim your rifle was an unsafe weapon altered by yourself. As unbelievable as it sounds it is a factor used successfully in civil lawsuits against victims of crime who have used their gun in self-defense. For further information on stand your ground laws visit www.uslawshield.com

GrabAGun offers an extensive selection of guns for sale, including the AR-15 for sale. We offer an extensive line of AR-15 parts and AR-15 accessories for your convenience.

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.44 Magnum v.s. .45 Colt Guns For Sale


.45 Colt vs. .44 Magnum | Guns for Sale

The .45 Colt has been around long enough to have a solid reputation, since 1873 in fact. It has fought in numerous wars and proved reliable in all. The only blight on its service record was the original frames would not withstand additional pressure. It was this fact that led to the development of the .44 Special which in turn gave rise to the .44 Magnum. Today’s guns for sale are engineered with precision for strength, durability and accuracy.

Due to its heavy recoil not just anyone can-or will-shoot a .44 Magnum pistol. You can’t beat a .44 Magnum for dispatching a wounded bear or a ticked off feral hog that is charging you. If you use a .44 Magnum for personal defense and use it-the criminal isn’t likely to get back up.

The reason less persons own a .44 Magnum than a .45 Colt is due to its recoil. It is often called a beast and it is indeed. The sight of it is enough to send some would be attackers running for the hills. Though not as popular as when it was first introduced, the .44 Magnum still receives a great deal of respect among guns for sale.

There are big game hunters prefer to use the .44 Magnum. Other hunters carry it into the woods to dispatch wounded and dangerous game or predators. The .45 Colt is easily designated a personal defense weapon, and compared to the .44 Magnum is easier to shoot.

When placed side by side you realize the .45 will create a larger wound. That is due to the .45 caliber being true to its size, while a .44 Magnum is actually a .429. Wound size is everything in how fast the target will bleed out, be it a deer or a thug. The .45 caliber has the advantage in this factor, as well as being more manageable for those who dislike heavy recoil.

For those shooters seeking a personal defense weapon, the .45 Colt factory load provides the firepower, the reliability and the ability to control and follow up the shots that you need. Self-loading hunters can fire it up to handle anything dangerous coming from the woods.

If you don’t self-load, a .44 Magnum pistol will provide the velocity you want for a hunting pistol. As is often the case with gun selection, your personal preference, shooting skills and purpose will provide the deciding factor. However, it should be noted that the .45 Colt will provide for greater flexibility when considering between a .44 Magnum vs. .45 Colt guns for sale.

GrabAGun is an online gun dealer offering an extensive selection of guns for sale with discounted pricing. You aren’t likely to find our selection available in most gun shops. In fact, we offer guns not listed on our site. If you don’t find the model and features you desire in our online offerings, give our knowledgeable customer service agents a call. We can order the gun for you, and will apply the GrabAGun discounted price.

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Double Barrel Shotguns | Guns For Sale


Double Barrel Shotguns | Guns for Sale

Double Barrel Shotguns-Over-Under

There are two types of double barrel shotguns, the over-under, and the side by side. Double barrel shotguns once used two triggers that allowed for each barrel to be discharged. In time, the single selective trigger (SST) that allowed it to alternate between the two barrels when firing. Today’s double barrel shotguns are typically the most costly shotguns you can purchase among guns for sale.

Today, the over-under shotgun is used for sports such as trap, clays and skeet, and waterfowl hunting. The choke design of double barrel shotguns allows the shot group to converge at a particular range, usually the maximum distance. Each barrel can be individually set for distance at the point of convergence. This means one barrel can be set to fire at a closer range, while the other barrel can shoot a further distance.

Hammerless shotguns were in use in Europe in the early 19th century. By the 1930s the over-under design started to replace the side by side in the U. S. due to the high cost of side by sides.

The over-under is typically finely crafted with a sleek design, it may be embellished with engravings, premium wooden stocks and other cosmetic extras. This is the reason they typically cost more among guns for sale.

The over-under generally features less recoil than other types of shotguns, partially due to its greater weight.

Break open action, also called breech-loading, is the most common for over-under shotguns. The opening of the action can also be used to cock the shotgun.

Double Barrel Shotguns-Side by Side

Side by Side shotguns are typically more expensive. Finer craftsmanship typically results in higher prices. Recoil is typically greater in the Side by Side than other types of shotguns. Today’s side by side uses a single selective trigger that alternately fires both barrels. Both barrels can’t be fired at once, as the single trigger has to be pulled twice to fire both barrels.

Some side by side shotguns utilize an inertial system. In an inertial system the recoil of firing the first barrel toggles the trigger to the next barrel. This system will function best with the heavier shotshells, as using lighter shot with lower recoil does not reliably toggle the inertial trigger resulting in an occasional failure to fire of the second shot, requiring a manual selection of the second barrel to fire.

The production of side by side shotguns eventually priced themselves right out of production. In recent years a few companies have returned them to production, but their price remains beyond most shooters means or desire to pay for guns for sale. Especially when other more modern shotguns among guns for sale can be purchased for considerably less.

The double barrel shotgun that remains popular due America’s fascination with the old west is stage coach guns. In good condition, these historic guns are highly desired, fetching premium prices, especially if they authenticated to be associated with the stage coach service of Wells and Fargo.

Contrary to what most people believe, there was no single manufacturer of coach guns which were offered in barrel lengths of 12 to 20 inches. In some cases, gunsmiths cut the barrels of shotguns down to length.

Some of the early manufacturers were Buckley, Burgess, Colt, Hunter, Ithaca, Lefever, Parker, Remington, Savage-Stevens, and Sharps to name a few. An authentic stage coach gun that can be proven to be related to a Wells and Fargo stage coach can be worth a great deal of money today, and are treasured by collectors. The history of our country is prized by its citizens and is best exemplified in what collectors are willing to pay for Civil War and Old West collectibles, and especially its guns.

GrabAGun offers an extensive selection of guns for sale. Our offerings include shotguns for sale, pistols and rifles as well as gun parts and accessories. We offer guns beyond our listings. We will locate and provide a price with the GrabAGun discount on any available firearm you desire. Give our helpful customer service agents a call today for assistance with any guns for sale. Thanks for visiting GrabAGun.

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