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Avoid Becoming a Victim | Pistols for Sale

The stories of victims is news every night, and yet far too many persons have an “it-won’t ever-happen-to-me” attitude. Despite knowing certain areas are riskier than others they enter there unarmed when they could so easily protect themselves with one of many pistols for sale.

The lessons on being safe can’t be said enough. The following tips are not new information, they are tips proven to help keep you safe. Print them and share them, but most of all practice them. Of these if you recall nothing else remember the 4 A’s of survival, and start looking for a concealed carry among pistols for sale.

Rule #1- Be AWARE

Awareness is the first A, be aware of everything and everyone around you. Keep your head up and your eyes scanning left, front, right as well as behind you. If someone seems suspicious, look them in the eye and hold it for a bit. Criminals look for weak, mild victims, so don’t look like a victim! Walk tall and confident with strong attitude, which is the 3rd A. Carrying a gun will make you more confident, choose a suitable pistol from the numerous choices of pistols for sale.

Rule #2-Request an Escort or Buddy Up

Don’t walk to your car or the store around the corner alone at night. Whatever your reason for being out, request an escort or ask a friend to accompany you. Don’t jog or walk late at night or early in the morning, get a buddy or run in the day.

Most crimes happen at night, but daylight is no guarantee of safety. The buddy system is a form of insurance that can be used at any time, as is a firearm. If you are thinking of purchasing a concealed carry pistol, consider your habits such as jogging, and how you will conceal it. This will influence the type and size you will need when you are ready to shop pistols for sale.

If you think someone is following you, cross the street or change directions. If they continue to follow you enter a store, restaurant or other place with people. When you enter request the police be called as you are being stalked. The stalker may have already claimed victims and a hot lead may help to capture the perpetrator of a previous crime.

Rule #3-Get an Alarm

A burglar alarm and a firearm is the best home defense you can have. Have security signs in the yard even if you don’t have a system. Install burglar deterring motion sensor lights. Put surveillance video cameras up at each door. You don’t have to buy $300 cameras. I put up 3 monitor/camera combos at $49 for each of the 3 systems. It ended my problems with would be burglars. Even flashing “fake” cameras are a deterrent. Add window stickers that warn of video surveillance. Homes with a defensive firearm and security system are the least robbed, choose a weapon from pistols for sale.

If your car has an alarm that activates with a key chain, carry it in your hand ready to alarm if you are assaulted. Don’t forget the most noticeable alarm of all-your voice. Scream, cry fire and be loud. Even if you have a gun out and on the assailant, be loud and threatening, chances are someone is going to call the police.

Rule #4-Learn Self Defense

You don’t have to pay monthly fees to learn martial arts. Sign up for free or low cost community classes in self-defense. Sign up for a firearms class and choose a concealed carry from pistols for sale.

Rule #5-Carry a Back-up Weapon

An assailant who grabs you from behind may prevent you from extracting a concealed pistol. Carry a knife or anything that will fit into a pocket that can be used for a weapon. Heavy flashlights are good weapons if walking outside at night. Of course you can also carry a smaller pistol in an alternate location like a pocket. Pocket pistols are a good back-up weapon and there are numerous choices among pistols for sale.

Rule #6-Don’t Advertise Valuables

Do not flash cash! Carry only what you need and don’t flash it around. Don’t walk around displaying expensive cell phones, I-pads or anything of a similar nature. If you are walking and texting you are breaking rule number 1 as well.

Rule #7-Park in Well Lighted Areas Close to the Door

Park in well-lit areas as close to the door of your destination as you can. Scan the areas around you and the path to the door before you leave your locked car. Have your keys ready before walking to your car. If it is night, request an escort. If you carry a concealed, be ready to use it, if you lack one consider purchasing a gun. There are numerous choices on the market among pistols for sale.

Always remember to check your back seat before entering your car, night or day. As you approach your car glance under it, as well as the cars next to it, someone may be waiting there for a victim. If you see someone crouched by a car, go to the nearest business or a group of shoppers, and call the police. Just because you escaped danger doesn’t mean someone else will.

Rule #8-Carry a Concealed Weapon

Being armed with a concealed weapon is no guarantee that you will escape becoming a victim. It does increase the odds in your favor however. Being armed is your best means of protection and is the single most important factor besides awareness that will keep you safe. Armed is the 2nd A. Practice on the range will increase accuracy, and accuracy is the 4th A. Being aware, armed with attitude, and accurate are the 4 A’s of survival in the urban jungle.

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