How Revolvers Came to Be

The Colt name is nearly synonymous with revolvers (and a terrible malt beverage, but we won’t discuss that here). Samuel Colt’s revolver is believed by many to be the first of its kind. He is a big reason we have cheap revolvers for sale today, but was he the person who invented the weapon? A deeper look into history reveals that Samuel Colt might not have been the first person to use a revolver, but rather simply the first person to patent the weapon for manufacturing.

Present Day

Modern day revolvers are complex firearms that have the same basic revolving cylinder mechanism that is its namesake. Today, revolvers can be found to fire bullets from the bottom chamber rather than the top which increases both reload times and accuracy. The cylinder has been made into a more hexagonal shape for a more compact weapon that helps meet the demand of the concealed weapon community.

Sample Weapon: Rhino

Late 1900s

By this time, the revolver has long been a staple of law enforcement; many officers still carry this weapon rather than a Glock due to its simple mechanics. Advanced polymer technologies were introduced to offer more lightweight weapons. The recoil that is absorbed is higher and the weapon is sturdier to handle repeated firings. The range of cartridges used is also at an all-time high, with ammunition such as the .22 rimfire, .38 special, .357 Magnum, .45 Colt, and .500 Smith and Wesson to name a few.

Sample Weapon: DT .357 Magnum

Samuel Colt and the 1800s to mid-1900s

In 1836, the patent for the Colt revolver was granted to Samuel Colt. His design featured a revolving cylinder containing five to six bullets. The firearms were all manufactured with the cap-and-ball technology of the time. The 1846 Mexican/American War saw the U.S. government ordering 1,000 Colt revolvers and gave rise to Colt being able to mass produce his product by opening what was the world’s largest privately owned arms factory at the time. By the time of the Civil War, the Colt revolver was one of the world’s best-known weapons. Revolver sales increased exponentially due to Samuel Colt.

During the 1850s-60s, manufacturers toyed with combining machine guns and revolvers into hybrid weapons that used large capacity circular chains to load ammunition into the barrel. These were early forms of the chain gun, which itself spawned a new line of weapons. The trigger-cocking double action was also introduced in the 1940s.

Sample Weapon: Webley-Fosbery

Revolvers Pre-Samuel Colt

This is the point at which many knowledgeable readers might say that the weapons discussed are not actually revolvers. However, each of the firearms outlined below use the key component that defines a revolver weapon: a cylinder use to store ammunition which is loaded into the barrel of a weapon and fired.

In 1718, James Puckle devised a tripod-mounted weapon that utilized an eleven-shot cylinder. It was operated by a crank mechanism and exhibited many of the same qualities we see in modern revolvers (except this version was not handheld).

Looking back even further unearths several weapons that all utilize a revolving chamber. In the late 1500s, German weaponsmiths had crafted both the shoulder-length revolving rifle and a hand-held revolving arquebus. Revolvers crafted this early were said to occasionally catch the wielder’s hand on fire from leaked powder and emissions.

The earliest known example of a revolver came with the original one-shot weapons of the 1500s, over 200 years before Samuel Colt had developed his weapon. Granted, these firearms were limited by their ability to reload and were not an item that many people found as valuable as the revolvers of today. Revolvers for sale in the modern market have little in common with their archaic ancestors, but the lineage can still be drawn to these early European designs. The debate continues as to the precise creation date of what we refer to as a revolver, but the fact remains that there were several stages of development for producing what became the modern-day revolver.

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American-Made Firearms Companies

Firearms manufacturers made in America

The red, white, and blue have branded many of the household names on the firearms industry. The weapons our police forces and servicemen use typically carry one of their logos. Guns made in America can be found on every shooting range, out in the field, or for home defense. Rifles, shotguns, and handguns are all made somewhere, and more often than not, when you purchase a new firearm you are joining the ranks of those who buy American guns. In fact, gun sales have exceeded the previous year’s sales every year since 2010, and the demand for U.S. weapons has only increased.

So what are a few of the gun brands that are made here in America? That’s a good question – and one that is easily answered. Though there are more than just these companies that manufacture arms in the U.S., these are the five most famous American-made firearms companies today:

  1. Ruger

The largest company on this list is Strum Ruger. Ruger gun production in the United States is over 1.1 million per year. Of those, they offer over 400 different variations of more than thirty different weapons. The majority of their sales are in handguns, though they do boast high numbers in rifles. Since their beginning in 1949, Ruger has always crafted dependable, identifiable firearms.

  1. Remington

This Madison, North Carolina company has grown into an international hunting and sports shooting behemoth. The oldest gun manufacturer in the United States hasn’t kept their trademark an American secret. Though some of the companies on this list boast more sales domestically than Remington guns, Remington has the edge on the global market, reaching nearly $1 billion in annual sales. Remington is well-known for their rifles and shotguns, and they also produce quality handguns for their clientele.

  1. Smith & Wesson

Another well-known producer of firearms that was homegrown here in the United States is Smith & Wesson. Smith & Wesson guns have been in the hands of Americans since 1852. The western frontier’s rugged, outlaw lifestyle necessitated many Americans to carry their firearms during those days. S&W also played a vital role in the American Civil War, which helped propel the brand into the giant it is today. They boast over a half a billion dollars in sales around the world and continue to be a popular brand of USA-made guns.

  1. Glock

This iconic handgun can be found all over the globe, though nearly two-thirds of its sales take place on US soil. Glock guns are almost a culture icon, carried by police, armed forces, rap artists, and millions of other Americans. Glock started to perfect its polymer guns in the 1980s after its founder Gaston Glock turned his 18 years of working with polymers towards developing firearms. The company has since become the leading handgun manufacturer in the United States, with approximately 700,000 new weapons made each year.

  1. SIG Sauer

Another staple of American-made guns is SIG Sauer. SIG Sauer guns originated in the 1850s from a combination of Swiss and German engineering styles. SIG flourished in America due to its simple design and effective accuracy. Today, SIG Sauer remains efficient and practical in its design and manufacturing of over 650,000 weapons annually. It continues to be a large supplier of the Swiss army, though they moved their base of operations to the USA after the turn of the century. Though currently American-made, the SIG Sauer continues to use its Swiss and German roots to remain a global arms powerhouse, with nearly half a billion dollars in revenue each year.

Firearms have a rich and diverse history in America. There are millions of proud gun owners around the country that might not have even realized they were supporting domestic products. On the range, out in the field, or in the line of duty, American-made weapons are getting the job done.

Are you one of the of millions of people who use American-made firearms? Check out your arsenal. See how many of your weapons are manufactured in the USA. If you need to add a few, GrabAGun has many American-made guns ready to bolster your weapons closet.


Four of the Best Handguns for Women’s Self Defense

Handguns for women self defense

The rise of female handgun users has boomed over the years. Now only has it grown, but it is also the fastest growing demographic of gun owners. The need for self-defense combined with an increased interest in hunting and competitive shooting is culminating into an explosion of female shooters. Because of this, many manufacturers are creating weapons geared towards their female clientele.

So what are some of the characteristics you will want to look for when picking out a weapon? First, make sure you have a caliber powerful enough to stop an intruder. Every weapon on this list has enough firepower to stop someone from attacking you or your household. Additionally, find something that fits well in your hand and is not too heavy. Compact size does not mean that you have to give up the defensive abilities of a gun; it just means that it can easily be concealed in a purse or under clothing. Finally, your self-defense handgun must be easy to operate. With those in mind, here are four picks of the best handguns for women’s self-defense.

Glock 43 GEN3 (9mm)

The first firearm we are going to look at it is a Glock handgun. A recent addition to the family, the 43 is one of the smallest handguns Glock has ever produced. It has a narrow frame that is just over an inch wide. While it has the smallest stock magazine on the list with only six rounds, six shots may be enough to keep you safe. The main reason I am suggesting this weapon for women is that it can conveniently fit inside a purse and it comes with the reliability and dependability of a Glock.

Smith & Wesson M&P Bodyguard (380)

The second firearm on the list is this sleek Smith and Wesson handgun. This is the only revolver on the list, but just because it isn’t a 9mm, doesn’t mean it isn’t ideal for self-defense. It features a grip that is easy to hold and helps mitigate the recoil of this powerful handgun. Another aspect that is nice for your hands is the ambidextrous cylinder release. Because of this aspect, this S&W is ideal for both left- and right-handed shooters. Additionally, it is the most lightweight weapon on the list, weighing in at just over fourteen ounces. Finally, the last built-in addition to this revolver is its integrated laser sight. This will help with accuracy when you are unsure in stressful situations.

Kahr Arms CW( (9mm)


Another pistol that makes a great weapon for self-defense is this Kahr handgun. This weapon was one of the very first handguns designed for concealed carry. Though it has a simple build, this Kahr is anything but boring or domestic. It is still a welcome companion against any intruder you might find yourself up against. It has a seven-round single stack magazine that gives you ample opportunity to get the job done. Like many of the other weapons on this list, the smaller magazine makes it thinner and more compact.


Ruger LC9s (9mm)


Last, but certainly not least, is a Ruger handgun. It features plenty of the qualities people, especially women, like to have in a firearm. The Ruger uses a seven-round, single stack magazine that helps keep it tight and trim. This slim design allows it to be worn concealed or easily carried in purses. Its compactness is great for people with smaller builds as well. The LC9 is a popular choice for many people because it also features a 9mm caliber that is powerful – but not so much that the recoil is unmanageable. That helps with its reputation for being an accurate and dependable weapon. Most believe that the Ruger LC9 has all of the qualities required for a good defensive handgun.

All four of these weapons are useful for a woman’s self defense. A major factor that goes into why some of these weapons are better for women is hand size. Basic anatomy dictates that women are generally smaller than men. What would feel comfortable in the hands of a man might feel large and bulky in that of a woman. That doesn’t mean they are incapable of firing it, but rather that other weapons would feel more natural in their hands. Another factor that could attribute to this would be the recoil. Keep this in mind when looking for your weapon.

Whether you are looking for cheap handguns or just handguns for sale for women’s self-defense, there are plenty to choose from, but these are four of the best in terms of caliber, size, and ease of operation. As the rise in women’s handgun users continues to grow, so will the availability of guns built specifically for women.


Best Pistols for Competitive Shooting

People talk about it all the time. “How do I get into competitive shooting?” or “What are the best pistols to use for competitions?” The truth is, there are plenty of pistols that can be used during these competitions. These competitions are the ultimate forum in which to talk to other shooting enthusiasts, to learn, to show your skills, and to watch some of the most intense sporting events.

One of the best aspects about getting into the sport is that you don’t need a special weapon to do so; you really just need a pistol that fires safely. But if you are looking to purchase a weapon strictly for competitive shooting, you will want to review some criteria before you just buy any Glock or Colt pistol on the market. Some qualities your competition pistol should have are:

  • Rugged and durable construction. This might be the most difficult feature to identify, but it is a key component. You are looking for a weapon that can fire hundreds of thousands of rounds per year without losing any of its functionality. That means that all of the main parts to the pistol should be able to be easily cleaned and able to withstand hours on the range every week. Practice makes perfect, but it also puts a lot of wear on your weapon. Having one that will withstand it is crucial.
  • A semi-automatic pistols. Though revolvers can be an enjoyable way to compete, they typically are not the best way to get used to the basics of a shooting competition. Pistols are easy to use, easy to load, and more natural feeling than a revolver, according to many shooters.
  • Ergonomics. This will be based on your individual needs. Everyone’s hand is different, so finding the one that fits comfortably and naturally into your grip is important. Try out a few to see what feels right for you.
  • Around a 5” barrel. When your barrel is over 6”, your weapon is affected by a diminishing rate of return. Smaller weapons will have less accuracy at longer distances. For most competitions, 4-5.5” barrels are ideal.
  • A 9mm. These are the ideal weapon for beginners, as they feature low recoil and a decent-sized magazine that is often adjustable.

Though there are plenty of firearms that can be used for competitive shooting, there are three that come to my mind when I think of what I would want to be using:


This Glock was made to achieve the best accuracy in target engagement. It is a semi-automatic firearm that uses a 17-round magazine. The frame is 5.32” and is compatible with numerous sights. Not only is it ideal for competitive shooting, but it also doubles as an excellent home defense firearm. It is able to withstand the rigors of the range and still have enough power to keep you safe at home.



Another semi-auto pistol that is made for competitive fields. It was designed by Richard Heinie, a founding father of the United States Practical Shooting Association. This organization is the largest competitive pistol shooting group in the US. The 9mm that they made is a single action with a 5” barrel. It features a thin frame and a one-piece magwell to help achieve an unparalleled balance between accuracy and reliability.


This Colt 9mm doesn’t accept 2nd place when it is used in competition. It packs plenty of features to help you shoot straight and take home the top prize. The 3-hole aluminum trigger paired with the undercut trigger guard give your fingers easy access to a quick draw and pull. Its lightweight frame comes in a 36 oz., but still has plenty of power through its 5” barrel to get the explosive power your shots need to hit targets quickly and accurately.

So whether you are looking for a cheap pistol, a beginner’s pistol, or want to add another weapon to use at your next competition, one of these three are sure to help you jump up a few spots on the leaderboard.

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