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Guns in History | Guns for Sale

The Colt Revolving Rifle

The Colt Model 1855 Revolving Carbine was designed in 1855, and was available in a rifle version. It was an early repeating rifle designed by Colt Manufacturing Company, and was based upon Colt’s existing mechanism of the Colt Dragoon revolver with a rotating cylinder. Due to design problems it was not used until 1857, and continued to have problems with ‘chain firing’ during the American Civil War. There appear to be very few Colt Revolving rifles left today. Those that do enter the market fetch nice sums among antique guns for sale.

Most commonly found are a Belgium version, the Brevete Colt Dragoon revolving rifle, manufactured with license from Colt from the 1850s through the 1860s. In 1873 an improved version was issued called the Colt Buntline repeating rifle. Today, the early models of repeaters are popular among collectors and interest is strong in these antique guns for sale.

The single action Model 1855 was available in .36, .44 and .56 cal. with four barrel lengths available in 15, 18, 21 and 24 inches. For guns chambered in .36 or .44 a six shot cylinder was used, while a five shot cylinder was utilized for the .56 caliber cartridge which had an impressive 360 grain round propelled with black powder. Some models featured sword style bayonets attached using the front sight lug. Ultimately the design flaw which caused injuries due to chain firing was the downfall of the firearm.

The 1855 Colt revolving rifles were used on the Pony Express by both North and Southern troops during the American Civil War through 1863. The guns in military hands were eventually sold as surplus for approximately 42 cents. Few survive today and when one turns up sells for about $11,000. If the gun can be proven to be tied to an individual soldier, officer, unit or the Pony Express the value can climb significantly. It’s easy to see the popularity of these antique guns for sale, especially those with a proven historical connection.

The Colt Dragoon

The Colt Dragoon that the 1855 Revolving Rifle was based upon was a .44 caliber revolver. Design for the U. S. Army’s Mounted Rifles that were also called “Dragoons”. It saw continued use during the American Civil War. There are three types of the Dragoon.

First Models: Approximately 7,000 first models were produced from 1848 to 1850. Serial numbers range from 1,341 to 8,000.

Second Models: About 2,700 Second Model Dragoons were produced between 1850 and 1851. Government records show an order for 8,390 Dragoons, remaining records show orders for a total amount produced for government and civilians in the range of 10,000. Serial numbers range from 8,001 to 10,700. Not to be confused with the Colts Second Contract Model.

The Third Models were produced between 1851 through 1861, with about 10,500 produced. Serial numbers range from 10,701 to 19,600.

In the West, until the development of the cartridge revolver the Dragoon was a popular side arm.

The Colt Dragoon is one of the most valuable of historical guns for sale today. Of note the Whitneyville-Dragoon was only produced for a few months in 1847 to 1848 in the limited quantity of 240. Only a small number were produced, and an even smaller number still exist, making them the most sought after of all the Dragoons by antique gun collectors. Both ends of seller and receiver tend to keep a keen eye out for these antique guns for sale. Their range of serial numbers is 1,101 to 1,340.

In modern times replicas of the Dragoon have been produced by various producers. It is one of the most commonly forged weapons due to its value. Though not all bring as much, in 2008 a .44 Colt 1848 Dragoon in pristine condition fetched $920 K from auction. It pays to have an antique firearm specialist inspect any potentially valuable firearms to ensure they are not reproductions or counterfeits before purchasing any antique guns for sale.

GrabAGun offers thousands of modern guns for sale, as well as gun parts and accessories and much more. Give us a call for assistance or questions regarding rifles for sale, pistols for sale, shotguns for sale or any other of our products.

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While Your Shop Our Guns For Sale, Remember Your UTV


UTV’s | Guns for Sale

When you’re considering a new gun for this falls hunting season, GrabAGun offers layaway and financing for its extensive selection of guns for sale. Buy now and before fall your gun will be ready to ship. Or, if you select financing, you will have the summer for getting used to the new gun on the range. While you’re dreaming of this falls hunt, and shopping for guns for sale, if you’re considering the purchase of a UTV read the following before you buy a UTV.

The old saying “you get what you pay for” does not necessarily apply to UTVs. With the average UTV costing $5,000 and up you want to ensure you’re buying the best machine possible. Being in a family of small engine repair business owners this is straight talk on some of the UTV imports entering the country in recent years. When hunting season arrives, you want a UTV you can count on. If you want dependable, buy the brands you have long been familiar with.

These uninformed buyers take their purchase to the woods for mud racing, creek crossings and general woods use. The machines end up in the shop, often with a rejection from warranty services and a hefty bill to pay out of pocket as the user has “abused” the machine.

One of the most common problems is due to water and mud contamination. It fouls out the electric winch due to the lack of a seal against the elements. The same problem occurs with the electronics in the unit. Occasionally you can blow out the electronic components with an air compressor and restore function, but they typically require replacement.

These poorly made UTVs are failing in several respects due to cheap parts and poor quality. They simply can’t be used in mud and water or serious horseplay without breaking.

Another tip, use a quality brand of spark plug. The brands your granddad would have used. Time after time I have seen the new kid on the block test good, but be bad. Don’t listen to the tale that they are correctly gapped from the factory, gaps vary by machine. Know your gap, check it and then correct it.

Carbs are rarely covered under any warranty today due to the corrosion ethanol causes. Today, a large number of carburetors on almost all small engine equipment have little or no adjustments, and parts may not be available for them. When it goes, it requires a whole new carburetor.

My advice-stick to the brands you know and trust. That way come hunting season, your UTV can be serviced and be ready for the hunt.

Keep in mind, if you will be taking your machine into steep terrain, buy a machine with an electric fuel pump. That way if you’re on a steep incline the engine won’t lose power or stall out, leaving you at the bottom of the mountain. Use the same careful consideration of the features required for the UTV as you do on guns for sale.

Finally, the last tip is to remember to crank your UTV every 2 weeks and to use fuel stabilizer and ethanol treatment in the gas, if your machine will be sitting in a shed until fall. Otherwise, the best you can hope for is that a good ultrasonic cleaning will restore the carburetor. The guns for sale that you buy require some routine attention, and it’s the same with ATV/UTV’s.

GrabAGun is your online source for guns for sale, gun parts and accessories, hunting and camping equipment and much more.

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AR-15 Parts & Accessories


Customize an AR-15 | AR15 Parts

GrabAGun is your premier source for AR-15 parts when you are looking for online selection and the best prices. We offer AR-15 uppers, lowers, barrels, parts kits, triggers and guards, gunsmithing tools and much more.

The AR15 is a popular and powerful semi-automatic rifle, well known for its accuracy, durability, ease of use and versatility. They are today’s most sought after sporting rifle. The versatility of AR-15 allows for individual customizing, enabling a person to have the exact fit, features and appearance desired. Customizing the AR-15 can also provide a weapon with greater stability, accuracy and comfort. The AR-15 may look like a military rifle, but it functions like any other semi-automatic sporting rifle.

Custom AR-15 parts, such as a variety of receivers, allow for an extremely wide range of different calibers. This enables the shooter to use the AR-15 for different purposes by providing a fast exchange of parts. For example, this prevents the hunter from having to have a gun safe full of various rifles for different game, sports or other purposes such as target shooting. The hunter simply exchanges parts when he needs a different caliber weapon.

You can also purchase upper receivers for pistol calibers, and even, for a .410 shotgun. The multitude and availability of AR-15 parts and AR-15 accessories provide extreme versatility to a reliable weapon for hunters, match shooters, target practice and varmint control, as well as home defense if that is your intention.

Perhaps you want to build your own AR-15. GrabAGun offers everything you need to build the weapon you desire. All AR-15 builds start with the desired receiver and we offer them in numerous brands, types and configurations. If budget is a consideration, we offer receivers to fit almost any budget. Just click our firearms tab and select our AR drop down, then choose the AR-15 parts you need, AR uppers, or AR lowers.

GrabAGun offers receivers by manufacturers such as American Tactical Imports, Blackdawn, Bushmaster, Colt, Knights Armament, Palmetto State Armory, Patriot Ordnance Factory, Ruger, Smith & Wesson and others. While you are visiting our site, visit our AR-15 accessories category to view our extensive line of products such as grips, lasers, tactical lights, rails, recoil pads, stocks and suppressors to name a few. If you are looking for optics, be sure to shop our gun sights, scopes, night vision and range finders where you will find a vast selection and the lowest prices available.

Find a firearm you like, but short on cash? We offer flexible programs to select from. Our Shoot Now Pay Later program allows you to receive your firearm after a 20% down payment, then just pay it off in 180 days. Next, we offer a 90 day lay away plan, and for the special someone in your life we offer gift cards. That is the GrabAGun difference, from one gun enthusiast to another.

GrabAGun.com carries the AR-15 for sale brand new in the box, as well as AR-15 parts, including upper and lower receivers and much more for your AR-15. Shop our site and if you fail to find the model of firearm that you need, give us a call. Our knowledgeable customer service agents will assist you. We can provide the firearms you desire, even if it isn’t available on our site. We will locate the firearm, model and features you want, and provide you with the discounted GrabAGun price. Shop with GrabAGun and save!

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Guns For Sale From History

guns for sale from history

Guns in History | Guns for Sale

The Colt Peacemaker revolver, also called the Single Action Army or SAA was originally designed for the U. S. Cavalry and was the most prolific handgun during the settling of the west. In fact, the Colt 1873 Peacemaker is called “The Gun that Won the West”. The Peacemaker is the handgun that made the ‘Old West’ famous along with its cowboys, lawmen, outlaws, soldiers and Indian battles. The SAA was chambered to fire .45 Colt cartridges, or .45 Long Colt. By 1876 the Colt SAA was being offered in a variety of chambering’s among its guns for sale.

Used during the Indian Wars, Col. George Custer and his 7th Cavalry were armed with the Colt SAA. It has been stated that the possible number range of these pistols used by Col. Custer and his men is 4500-7527. With all original, good condition U.S. Cavalry and Artillery Single Action Armies produced between 1873 to 1891 with the OWA (Orville Wood Ainsworth) selling for well over $10,000, it is very likely that any Custer associated Colt 1873 Peacemaker SAA handgun that were to turn up would likely be worth considerably more. Other famous owners of the Colt Peacemaker were Buffalo Bill Cody, Wyatt Earp, Pat Garret, Billy the Kid and Jesse James.

The Frontier Six Shooter, issued in 1877, was a large frame, double-action revolver chambered in numerous calibers. Perhaps the most well-known was chambered for .44-40 Winchester. This enabled users to use the same ammunition in both handguns and the Winchester ’73 lever action rifles. Other chambering’s that were available for the SAA were .40 S & W, .32-20, .44 Russian and .44 Special.

Colt issued a revolver with a swing out cylinder in 1889 with the Colt M1889 Navy. It was produced from 1889 to 1892, and was replaced by the Colt M1892.

The Artillery Model of the Single Action Army was issued to Infantry, Light Artillery, Volunteer Cavalry, as well as other troops during the Spanish-American war. By 1895 the standard issue military revolver was the Colt double-action New Army revolver chambered for .38 Colt. Frontline troops in the same war used the .45 Artillery SAA Revolvers.

The SAA remains available today among guns for sale, primarily among re-enactors and history enthusiasts.

GrabAGun is your premier source of online guns for sale, gun parts, gun accessories, hunting and camping supplies and much more. Our selections offer thousands of guns, including pistols for sale, shotguns for sale and rifles for sale. Shop our selections, and if you fail to find the model and features that you desire give us a call. Our availability of firearms goes beyond our online featured products. GrabAGun offers the service of providing you with any currently available guns for sale with the features you want, and we will apply the GrabAGun discount price.

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The Truth About the AR-15s For Sale


The Truth about the AR-15 | AR-15 for Sale

The AR-15 has become so popular in the U. S. it is being called “America’s gun”. It is the primary firearm that has come under attack by gun control proponents who insist upon calling it an assault rifle, which is a complete fabrication. The AR-15 is a semi-automatic rifle meaning each time you pull the trigger one shot is fired. A true “assault rifle” is has fully automatic capability. AR-15 is not an acronym for the assault rifle, it is an acronym for ArmaLite Rifle Model 15 referring to its original manufacturer, ArmaLite. The AR-15 for sale was not available until 1963.

In 1959, ArmaLite sold its AR-15 design to Colt, who modified it and sold it as the M-16 rifle. In 1963 when Colt developed the civilian semi-automatic version of the M-16 rifle to the public it was called the AR-15. Technically, only the Colt product is an AR-15 though variants of the firearm are produced by various manufacturers.

The AR-15 style of rifles’ extreme popularity is mainly due to its versatility. Before the AR-15, shooters would have a separate gun for every purpose. A large caliber rifle for large game, a smaller caliber rifle for small game. The AR-15 for sale changed this necessity for an individual gun for each purpose. It is easily customized with parts and accessories allowing the user to customize the AR-15 to the degree of choice, allowing one gun to be used for different uses.

While versatility is the top reason for its popularity, others include reliability and accuracy, light weight, and ease of shooting. All are reasons why the AR-15 for sale is popular not only with civilians, but law enforcement and security personnel.

The AR-15 for sale is available with a gas piston system, or the direct impingement system (DI/DGI). There are pros and cons to both systems, and selection is a matter of individual preference.

Gas piston systems operate cleaner and cooler, providing a longer service life and less breakage from heat, wear and tear. This is in part related to the systems need for less lubrication, keeping in mind lubrication attracts more grit and grime which contributes to wear.

Gas piston systems are considered to be the more reliable of the two systems, especially when chambered with 5.56 NATO in short barrel receivers.

In general, the gas piston system will run a wider variety of ammunition with fewer problems than the direct impingement system.

Proprietary gas piston systems aside, other components of the AR-15 in general among major manufacturers are MIL-SPEC, and will interchange with the direct impingement system variant weapons.

The largest con to using a proprietary gas piston system is the fact it is may not be user friendly. That means, when it needs repair, replacement or an upgrade you will have no choice but to send it back to the manufacturer.

The other cons to a gas piston system is it will increase the gun’s weight and the current limited availability of the AR-15 for sale with gas piston systems. The gas piston not only increases the gun’s weight, but the barrel is thicker to compensate for the increased torque of the gas piston system.

The greatest advantage of the direct impingement (DGI) gas operated system is its user friendly status. If you have a working knowledge of guns and are capable of your own work, this system provides a wider availability of parts for do-it-yourself gun owners. The DGI system also has the advantage of being lighter, as it lacks the piston and the need for a heavier barrel.

The main disadvantage of the DGI system is the limitation of ammunition that are recommended. Another disadvantage is due to its cycling action, which contributes to a dirty gun as it the DGI system will in any firearm using it. It simply requires more cleaning and maintenance than a gas piston system.

Ultimately, you must decide if you are willing to send your firearm back to the manufacturer for service to gain the advantages of the system. If you prefer the gas piston system check the current policy by the manufacturer of your choice to see if user friendly parts are available.

The AR-15 for sale is a great gun to own. No gun can provide everything, but the AR-15 comes closer than any other firearm on the market to being just that kind of firearm.

GrabAGun offers a large variety of brands and configurations of the AR-15 for sale, as well as a large selection of AR-15 parts and AR-15 accessories. You are almost certain to find the AR-15 for sale that you desire. If you find it isn’t listed on our site, give us a call. We can obtain the brand and features that you desire, and will apply the GrabAGun discounted pricing on any available gun. You will find we offer great prices on both the gun’s and the products to customize your AR-15. Shop our site, and feel free to contact us for further information.

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Buying Tips | AK-47 For Sale

ak 47 for sale

Tips for First Time Buyers | AK-47 for Sale

There have been more guns produced among the AK-47 for sale rifles than any other modern small arms in the world. It has been estimated to account for one out of every five guns worldwide. The enduring AK has earned the reputation of extreme reliable weapon under the worst of conditions. If you are shopping for your first AK-47 the following information can assist you.

There are two types of receivers available for the AK-47 for sale: milled and stamped. A milled AK receiver is going to cost more than a stamped model with the stamped model being one of the most affordable rifles available and is just as serviceable as the milled version. The main difference you will note is that the milled version provides a smoother action.

A milled receiver begins with a solid block of steel and is machined repeatedly through various stages until the finished monobloc receiver is complete. The milled receiver receives extensive and precise machining, and it is this extensive millwork that makes a milled AK-47 for sale cost more than a stamped.

Stamped receivers begin with a flat sheet of steel and are then formed by the process of precision bending until the receiver is complete. The final components are added, spot welding is provided, and the heavy rivets are inserted that are the hallmark of the stamped AK receiver.

Wood or Synthetic Furniture

The buttstock, pistol grip and hand guards of the AK-47 for sale is available in wood or synthetic. Wood is either Soviet made or U. S. made. You also have the option of exchanging wood furniture for synthetic for different uses. Folding stocks are also available in the form of under folds, right side folds and left side folds. You can also have an AR style collapsible buttstock. Check with your state to ensure your preferred selection is legal before you buy.

AK-47 Accessories

If you plan to use a scope select a model with a scope mount. If you are not familiar with the mounting of a scope elect to either buy a model of the AK-47 for sale that includes a scope, or have a gunsmith to install one for you. The accessories available for the AK-47 continues to grow. Just keep in mind the added weight of accessories in addition to the guns weight. You may elect to order a lighter weight model to assist you in reducing the weight of the accessories you plan to add.

Many people associate the AK-47 with a 7.62 caliber x 39. The AK is actually available in several calibers. Those firing the less costly ammo are the 7.62 × 39 or 5.45 × 39.

If you want a long range AK select the .308 or the 7.62 × 54R. If you already have an AR-15 in 5.56 mm, selecting an AK in 5.56 can provide the convenience of using the same ammo.

GrabAGun offers a wide selection of AK-47 accessories and AK-47 parts, as well as the AK-47 for sale in numerous brands and configurations. If you fail to find the specific model you seek, give our knowledgeable customer service agents a call, we will be happy to help you.

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Perks of .22 Rifles

22 rifles

.22 Rifles | Gun Sales

There is one in almost every collector’s inventory, every hunter’s safe, every rancher’s closet and most trail rider’s scabbard. You find them slung on the backs or in the packs of backpackers headed for a camp and a little time away from the hustle and bustle of city life. They are displayed in the rear windows of pickup trucks (where it’s still legal) and find their way in wrapping paper and bows at Christmas and on birthdays, and are high on the gun sales list. By now you have probably guessed that I am speaking of .22 rifles.

For a great many of gun owners there are warm memories of youthful days with a .22 rifle. By today’s standards, its rimfire technology is obsolete claiming a family line back to 1845. Yet it maintains a large fan base, and that number is growing both on and off the practice range despite the difficulty in obtaining ammunition in some regions. Typically, gun shops sell out within minutes of receiving their latest shipment of .22 ammunition.

The .22 rifles are made by a large number of manufacturers, and almost any budget can find a good .22 caliber within their range. The popularity of the weapon and its increasing number among gun sales ensures its continued availability.

There are several reasons for the increasing number of gun sales among the .22, and one of those is due to the relatively low cost of the .22 cal. rifle, and its low cost ammo. A full day of practice is affordable if you’re using the .22 cartridge.

The next reason for its popularity is because the .22 is a quiet shooter and has hardly any recoil to speak of. You can shoot the .22 without the fatigue and pain that comes from other guns.

Its light weight is another reason for its popularity, some more so than others. They are easily carried in a hand, on a sling, in rifle scabbards on trail horses and four wheelers, and many backpackers carry the youth rifle in their backpacks.

Yet another reason for the guns popularity is because generally the .22 is a very reliable and accurate weapon. There are those who will debate its accuracy, but in 49 years of shooting I have only fired one .22 rifle that wasn’t center target accurate, and I have fired a lot of .22 rifles of almost every brand.

Those who debate its accuracy also debate its range. It is only common sense that a small caliber rifle has a shorter range than larger caliber weapons. Though many may not like to admit it, accuracy has as much to do with the shooter as the alignment of your sights.

As for range-every gun has its niche, and distance is one of those choices that you select a particular gun for. You don’t jump into gun sales without having an idea of the purpose. Know the range you expect to get out of it before you buy. If you know you will use the rifle for hunting moose or deer at potentially long range across a field, buy a 30-06 rather than a .22 cal. for example.

The .22 rifle is a generally reasonably priced gun, some of them are just flat out cheap to buy compared to other gun sales, they are cheap to shoot, and are many peoples preferred small game gun. Besides that it is just plain fun to shoot. The .22 caliber rifle maintains its place and purpose among the rifles for sale, and I don’t see that fading any time soon. After all, it has been around for 169 years and it is still going strong.

GrabAGun offers a wide variety of .22 rifles from youth, to hunter, to target and match rifles. Give our helpful customer service agents a call if you need assistance or information with our site, a specific model of gun of information regarding gun sales.

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New AR-15 Pistol For Sale

ar 15 pistol for sale

AR-15 Pistol | AR-15 for Sale

The AR-15 has become America’s gun due to its versatility and reliability. It is a firearm that almost anyone can shoot and is just plain fun to shoot. The features that American’s love on the AR-15 for sale has risen to a new level in response to customer demand. The AR-15 pistol is now offered on the gun market with an increasing number of manufacturers seeking to fill the demand.

CMMG recently released their new line of AR-15 styled pistols. The new AR-15 for Sale pistols are available in two chambering’s. CMMG’s new MK9 PDW Pistol is chambered in 9 mm and arrives with one 32-round magazine. The MK9 weighs 5.3 lbs. unloaded. The second pistol is CMMG’s MK4 PDW chambered in .300 AAC Blackout and comes with one 30-round Magpul PMAG. The MK4 weighs 4.6 lbs. unloaded. Both models feature a Magpul MOE pistol grip, A2 muzzle compensator and an ambidextrous rear sling mount. They feature a CMMG RKM7 free-float KeyMod hand guard with a single-stage Mil-Spec trigger, and a length (OAL) of 24 inches.

Shooters love the rail space that an AR-15 allows them to mount a tremendous selection of AR-15 accessories. Some handguns provide a small amount of rail space but until recently your options were limited. Two inches shy of rifle minimal length the AR-15 for sale styled pistol provides plenty of room. An additional reason to love a manufactured AR styled pistol, you get the SBR without the paperwork or the wait involved when you build your own.

Not having had the opportunity to fire one yet I can’t address accuracy from my own viewpoint, my best guess is they will be about as accurate as any rifle that has been converted to a pistol and lacks shoulder stock furniture. Of course, you can always apply for an SBR and convert it to a rifle, or purchase an AR-15 arm brace stabilizer, and you can now legally use them from your shoulder. The ATF has declared the AR-15 arm brace legal for from-shoulder-use.

The extra length of the CMMG pistols styled after the AR-15 for sale makes for more weight than a standard handgun. If you can carry an AR-15 rifle around in the woods you shouldn’t have any problem carrying the AR-15 pistol.

Sig Sauer’s model P516 AR-15 pistol comes with the SB 15 stabilizer and has a length (OAL) of 23 inches, and 24 inches with the stabilizer. The P516 has an unloaded weight of 5 pounds, and comes with a 10 round magazine. A 30 round magazine is available, as is a scope, red dot sight, several selections of tactical lights, lasers and other AR-15 accessories developed for the Sig Sauer AR-15 for sale pistol.

Other manufacturers are now either producing or plan to produce these pistols in the AR-15 for sale style providing potential buyers with a broader selection.

GrabAGun is your premier online source of guns for sale providing one of the internet’s largest selection of firearms, including an extensive selection of the AR-15 for sale. Shop our site and give us a call if you require further information or assistance. Thanks for shopping GrabAGun.

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Best Prices on AR-15 Accessories

ar 15 accessories for sale

AR-15 |AR-15 Accessories

When you are looking for AR-15 parts and AR-15 accessories, GrabAGun.com is your premier source with great prices. We carry a wide range of AR-15 accessories in our inventory. From sling attachments, rails, lights, kits, scopes and much more, we supply a large selection of AR-15 accessories for America’s best-selling gun-the AR-15.

The AR-15 is a popular semi-automatic firearm well known for its accuracy and reliability. A large part of what makes the AR-15 so very popular is its versatility, enabling it to be customized with AR-15 parts and AR-15 accessories to fit the individual’s taste as well as needs.

Customizing an AR-15 can provide greater accuracy and comfort, as well as achieving the looks and style you desire in your AR-15. The AR-15 also provides a firearm that is fairly simple to convert to other calibers, providing one weapon with the ability to provide for different purposes and needs. The AR-15s rails allow for the attachment of scopes, night vision optics, lights, lasers and more.

From standard upgrades to new technology, the catalog of AR-15 accessories just keep growing. Optics are one area that is really making leaps and bounds. From your tried and true, to newest hybrid night vision that doubles up for use as a day scope it just keeps getting better, as does the resolution of modern optics. AR enthusiasts like to dress up their guns with AR-15 accessories, and the market is providing them with ample opportunity to do so, as well as to ad components that provide function along with form.

The AR-15 was originally designed as a deadly accurate weapon to withstand the rigors of war and the punishing environments so often tied to it. In the citizens’ hands it provides a semi-automatic weapon where its versatility, dependability and ease of use reigns supreme in the land as America’s favorite gun.

The multitude and availability of AR-15 parts and AR-15 accessories just keep expanding, answering the market demand and enduring the gun into the hearts of the American gun enthusiast. The other part of its popularity is its ease of use, the lightweight AR-15 is one of those guns that people really enjoy shooting, even better-it is one of the guns that most novices can actually shoot.

The AR-15 is popular for self-defense, is rapidly gaining popularity among hunters and match shooter. Used by law enforcement, as well as ranchers to control predators posing a threat to livestock.

One bit of advice before you buy. If you plan to use 5.56 NATO ammo buy a receiver chambered for it. You can fire .223 in a 5.56 chamber, but you can’t fire a 5.56 in a .223 chamber. The 5.56 NATO is loaded to higher pressures and velocity than the .223. Firing a 5.56 NATO in a .223 chamber can cause overpressure problems and can damage or even destroy the gun. Stay on the side of caution and purchase an AR-15 chambered for 5.56 NATO if there is any chance you will use 5.56 NATO.

GrabAGun offers the AR-15 for sale, as well as AR-15 parts and AR-15 accessories including upper and lower receivers, a large variety of optics, rails and much more. Don’t pay more than you should, shop with GrabAGun!

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.357 Magnum Guns For Sale


The .357 Magnum Pistols | Guns for Sale

The .357 is a revolver cartridge first introduced in 1935 by Smith & Wesson. Based upon the .38 Special cartridge, the .357 became the first Magnum cartridge, and was introduced as the world’s most powerful handgun among guns for sale.

For 20 years it was the only Magnum. Eventually, the .357 Magnum was surpassed by more powerful ammunition, especially the .44 Magnum and the 9 mm. Nevertheless, it remains popular today for its stopping power and relaibility.

The Gangster activity of the prohibition era was known to wear early bulletproof vests, which defeated any pistol ammunition of the time, until the development of the .357 Magnum. The .357 Magnum was born out of law enforcement’s need for an advantage over the criminal element.

Colt’s .38 Super Automatic was the first in pistol ammunition that was able to penetrate the car doors and ballistic vests that the gangsters and bootleggers used for cover. The .357 was developed by extending the .38 Super Automatic casing by 1/8 inch allowing room for additional powder. This extension allowed it to be used in rifles, and it became known as a dual use round.

The .357 Magnum pistols, and later the .44 Magnum’s popularity was eclipsed with the development of smaller guns chambered in 9mm using smokeless powder. This was due to the 9mm abilities to produce a higher velocity in a smaller cartridge, providing smaller and lighter guns for modern guns for sale.

The .357 IMI Desert Eagle was the first semi-automatic pistol to fire the .357 Magnum cartridge. Today’s law enforcement often use the .357 Magnum pistols as a backup weapon, but it has been replaced by most law enforcement officers with high-capacity semi-automatic weapons for their primary duty weapon. The .357 Magnum remain popular guns for sale among many citizens for self-protection, security jobs and sports.

The .357 SIG developed in 1994, was designed to mimic the performance of 125 grains .357 Magnum loads fired from 4 inch barreled revolvers in a cartridge designed for semi-automatic pistols. The .357 SIG performs very closely to the .357 Magnum but in a semi-automatic it provides an increased capacity. The Texas Highway Patrol became the first government agencies to use the .357 SIG cartridge in 1995. Today many government agencies and law enforcement officers used the .357 SIG.

The .357 Magnum makes an effective self-defense pistol with its ability to induce initial shock and trauma. While there are other handguns with an even greater impact in these factors, the .357 Magnum remains more than adequate. The fact that it produces less recoil than other more powerful handguns may be an advantage for those shooters who have difficulty maintaining accuracy with recoil. For these shooters, the .357 Magnum pistols can provide ample stopping power, in a handgun they are able to control.

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