Five Reasons You Should Invest in a Glock 43

If you are reading this, you are probably one of the thousands of people who are curious about how the Glock 43 compares to its predecessors – in particular, the G42. There are plenty of similarities. After all, it’s another Glock.  But just because they’ve produced another 9mm in their lineup does not mean that it is comparable to their other firearms. Whether you want to compare the G43 to past models or just want to know more about it, here are five reasons why you should invest in a Glock 43.

Trusted Name in Glock

Some people have been overly critical of Glocks, but a major reason for that is simply their immense popularity. There is a reason Glock has become a household name for handguns. They are reliable, dependable, and versatile. During a few of the testing stages performed on the Glock 43, shooters intentionally tried to jam the weapon. After 150 rounds, they still had not been successful.

Versatility of a 9mm

Think about how many people you see carrying a 9mm. There is a reason for that. They can handle pretty much anything we put them through. They can fire dirty, be easily concealed, and can be used in a variety of situations. There are so many aftermarket upgrades available for them that it would be too hard to list here. They are carried by law enforcement, military, and private citizens alike – and for completely different reasons.


Self-Defense Capabilities

As I already mentioned, these weapons are great for self-defense. While the Glock might be small, it can get the job done when it counts. This weapon is deal for carrying as protection or keeping close to your bedside in case unwelcome intruders come onto your property. You never know where and when you’ll need to protect yourself, but the G43 can be useful in nearly any life-threatening situation.


Ability to be Concealed

This might be the biggest, smallest feature out there. Sounds paradoxical, but it’s hard to not emphasis how easy it is to conceal this firearm. Not only is the width just over an inch, but the length is less than seven inches. Pair that with its light weight of 22.36 oz., and you have a firearm that will fit comfortably under most clothing or travel easily in a purse.


Value for Your Investment

Like many other Glocks, this is an affordable weapon. But just because the 43 is listed below $500 doesn’t mean it won’t hold its value. There is plenty of demand for this firearm and you can typically get nearly the same price you spent for it. Another aspect to consider as an investment is how long this will be a useable firearm for you. The dependability and durability of this weapon ensures that it will last for years of quality use.

There are plenty of other aspects that could be mentioned about this 9mm. It’s a single stack 9mm compact that offers an ease to its concealability. No matter how you shot the weapon – upside down, sideways, or dirty – it seems to fire in most any situation and setting.  Additionally, on this model, most people feel significantly less recoil than you would generally have on a gun of this size. A few people have noticed that getting the right grip on this weapon can be tricky and you might find yourself adjusting your grip the longer you spend shooting it. But that is one of the rare negatives that we’ve discovered on the latest Glock.  If you consider all of positives for this weapon, it’s easy to understand why this weapon will find a home in many people’s arsenals.

So now that you know that there are plenty of reasons to love this gun, what’s next? If you are going to buy a Glock 43, you will be joining a long list of other people who wanted to take advantage of the latest improvements to the Glock family. And like nearly every other Glock, you can customize this one to your specific desires with all of the accessories you will be able to find for it. As always, practice proper gun safety, and enjoy discovering all the advantages to owning a Glock 43.



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Legal Lengths of Shotguns and Rifles in the United States

Many people might go down to their local gun store or a neighborhood gun show and assume that each and every weapon there is ready to be taken home. Whether it be bolt action rifles or a lever action shotgun, you think that you can fill out some paperwork and take it home with you. If you buy a secondhand weapon, you can run into the issue of purchasing a weapon that has been modified to standards not adhering to those set down by the government of the United States. Before you go out searching for rifles and shotguns for sale, let’s take a look at one of the most important things you ought to know before making any firearm purchase: the length of the gun.


There are many things to keep in mind when you consider shotgun and rifle lengths in the United States. You want to keep these in mind because you want to stay within the laws of the country. Other areas around the world have different regulations than the U.S., and sometimes what is acceptable or unacceptable there is not the case here. This includes both the overall lengths and the barrel lengths. A major reason that these regulations are in place is to help classify the type of firearm. By enforcing and standardizing these measurements, there is a particular category that all weapons will fall into. Most often this is used to make the distinction between short barreled shotguns (SBS) and short barreled rifles (SBR).

The law has regulated that a shotgun barrel length must be at least 18” long, while the entire gun must be at least 26”. A specific procedure must be used to define the actual barrel length. The barrel measurements are taken by closing the bolt and running a tape measure down the barrel to the face of the closed bolt. If you are unsure of where the closed bolt is, you can run a rod down the barrel until it stops, make a mark on the rod, and then measure the rod once you pull it back out of the barrel. The ATF uses micrometers to measure the length of the barrel.

Many factory length barrels start at 18½” to make sure that they meet these regulations on their shotguns. Keep in mind that when you purchase a new weapon and it says 22” barrel, there is a possibility that it is only a 21½” barrel, because manufacturers will round up. For rifles, that number decreases to only a 16” barrel. The length of the weapon must still be at least 26”. This becomes a little tricky for rifles that can fold the stock in. If the weapon can be fired while the stock is folded, then the length of the weapon when folded must be at least 26”. If the weapon becomes incapable of firing once the stock is folded, then the weapon can be less than 26” and still classified as a rifle.

As a side note, to check if a barrel has been shortened, simply take a dime and see if it will fit down the barrel. If the choke is still there, the dime will catch at the end of the barrel. If the choke has been sawed off, the dime will be able to continue down the barrel unimpeded. For those of you wanting to perform modifications modifications, it’s a good idea to keep your shotgun barrels to at least 18 ½” to give yourself a little leeway.

If you do decide to shorten your weapon, be aware that you will need to register it as an SBS or SBR, which comes with a $200 tax stamp. So if you have a weapon that is only worth about $100-$150, you are going to pay that additional cost just to make it legal. If you don’t do that, you can get into some complications that aren’t worth your time or the headache associated with them.

When you want to find some of the best lever action rifles or semi-automatic rifles, your best bet is to search for firearms online. Sites such as GrabAGun.com offer many brands that come manufactured to U.S. standards. You will not have to question whether or not you bought a weapon secondhand that you will have to pay an additional charge on just so you can legally own it.

When you buy guns online with GrabAGun.com you have the opportunity to find such items as the Mossberg 500. This tactical pump-action shotgun is a prime example of some of the quality shotguns for sale that they offer. They have many rifles and shotguns that can accommodate a variety of uses, whether it be home defense, hunting, or sport shooting. They also offer a wide variety of accessories to help outfit your Mossberg the way you want so you don’t need to try your hand at home weapon modification. When you buy guns online, especially with GrabAGun.com, you have all of the information in front of you on the website, so there is little confusion as to what you are buying. So when you want to purchase your next rifle or shotgun, keep these standards in mind, and trust a retailer like GrabAGun.com to be your source for your next firearm.

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Why You Should Own a Gun: Home Defense

Every United States citizen has an innate right to bear arms. As long as you are a law-abiding member of this great nation, you will continue to have the right until the day you die. But how many people actually exercise that given right? Not enough. Owning a firearm is a privilege that not every person on this planet has, and many Americans don’t exercise their Second Amendment rights to the fullest. There are numerous reasons to own a weapon – hunting and sport shooting to name two – but here, we focus on perhaps the most important reason: home defense.

There are a couple steps you should take before you go down to your local dealer and purchase a firearm.

  1. Educate Yourself

As with anything you do in life, you should become knowledgeable on the subject. Instead of rushing out to buy a gun, research gun safety first. Take a course from an instructor. Talk to friends who own firearms. Gain as much knowledge as you can.

  1. Educate Those around You

If you plan on having a firearm in your house, make sure everyone living there is educated in gun safety. Teaching significant others and children rules about gun safety will help prevent accidents and make them feel more comfortable with firearms in the house.

  1. Practice

Once you have made your purchase, practice. The more comfortable you are with your firearm, the more natural it will be to use it if the time comes to defend your home. If you don’t feel comfortable firing your weapon, odds are you won’t be able to do what is necessary if the time comes.

  1. Continue to Educate and Practice

Owning a gun is a commitment that does not end. Keep practicing and educating, both by yourself and with your family, so you are ready and able to defend your home if the need arises. They more practice and education you have, the more likely you and your family will be ready for any situation that arises.

Those are some important things to do (and continue to do) before you purchase a firearm. Once you make the decision to own a weapon, you will join millions of other Americans who can take steps that others in this country ca not. Some of these include:

Taking Security into Your Own Hands

  • Police and other law enforcement use every resource available to them to keep our communities safe and secure, but they sadly cannot be everywhere at all times. Just and good people at times need to take up arms and defend others from harm when law enforcement cannot arrive in time.
  • It has been quite some time since a militia was formed in the U.S., but taking up that mantle to defend our country from enemies both foreign and domestic may one day be necessary. With a firearm in your possession, you will be ready and capable to answer the call if it is ever needed.
  • A concealed carry license offers you the ability to take your protection with you when you are on the move. Home is where the heart is, and when you and your family are places unexplored you will feel safer knowing that your firearm is close at hand. You will be adding to the millions of Americans who help prevent crimes in our communities.


Having the Tools Necessary to Do the Job


This is no conspiracy theory. There are bad people with guns out there, and they don’t want to do nice things to you. These aren’t people living in faraway countries, either. And these people aren’t using knives or bats against their victims. If you think you can defend your family against the threats of the world without the right firepower, you are underestimating the world. If you haven’t heard the saying don’t bring a knife to a gun fight, it’s time to educate yourself by understanding what the means. Criminals continue to find more advanced weapons to harm, maim, and kill people. Having the best tools necessary to defend your home requires owning a firearm.

Understanding What’s at Stake


If you are looking to purchase a weapon for home defense, then you understand what you are defending: yourself and your loved one’s lives. There is no greater duty of defense. Don’t be one of those people who half-heartedly do that job. Take it seriously, and do everything you can to ensure your family’s safety. There could a be situation where you don’t get a second chance to make the right choice, so make sure that you are prepared do everything possible the first time.

What to Do Now


Now that you know more about why you should own a gun for home defense, it’s a good idea to know where you should go to get a firearm. One of the best options available to you is to buy guns online. Not only can you buy firearms online, but you can also purchase a wealth of self-defense tools. GrabAGun.com supplies these and many more gun accessories for everyone from beginners to expert marksmen. All of your home defense needs can be met with items from their vast inventory. So educate yourself on what gun is right for you, and when you are ready to purchase one, GrabAGun.com will be able to fulfill all of your self-defense firearm needs.

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Six Reasons to Buy a Firearm Suppressor

For many years, Americans thought it was illegal to own gun silencers. That’s because for decades, silencers have been strictly regulated by the United States government. If we asked Hiram Percy Maxim – the inventor of both the muffler and the silencer – what he thought of his inventions taking two drastically different paths, he would be shocked. How is it that suppressing excess car noise was okay, but excess firearm sound was not? Much of the hatred towards silencers can be attributed to Al Capone and the gang wars of the early 1900s. Though silencers were available to the public after passing a background check, registering the accessory, and paying a $200 “transfer fee” (or about $3,500 today), they were an item few people purchased.

In spite of this, Maxim continued to use his noise dampening technologies on mufflers, engines, and other areas that could benefit from it. Though the rest of the 20th century would not see the government view silencers in a better light, silencers were never outlawed outright them (it was at the state level that restrictions were enforced). Since the turn of the millennium, many weapon owners have done their research on silencers and started to reap the rewards of owning them. Let’s take a look at a few of the reasons you may want to buy a firearm suppressor.

  • Improve Your Home Defense

Many of us own weapons for the primary use of home defense. We want to be able to protect our homes with the holy wrath of God. But at what cost? Even if you come up against a situation in which you must discharge your firearm in your own home, there is a very real possibility that if you survive the confrontation, your ears won’t. The sound waves hitting your eardrums from just one shot can cause irreparable damage to your ears. Also, if there is more than one assailant, a suppressed weapon may lower the chances that all of them know you are loaded.

  • Have Better Luck Hunting

Gun shots are loud. We have to wear ear protection just to mitigate the sound so we don’t damage our ears. So if humans are so sensitive to the noise, imagine what your prey thinks of it. Not only will it scare them, but they’ll be long gone before you can fire your next shot. You can prevent a lot of these headaches with the use of a silencer. Whether you are hunting a small pack of hogs or trying to get the solo buck, a suppressor can make the difference between whether you go home with the trophy or empty handed.

  • Be a Better Neighbor

We’ve all been here before. Though it might seem like you’ve found the perfect spot of land – secluded and great for you to hunt on – your neighbors can somehow still hear your gun shots. Out of 100 neighbors, 99 of them don’t care that you are enjoying one of the greatest American pastimes; but 1 of them will care that they can hear you. All of us get annoyed when we are trying to have a relaxing evening and we can hear every last word coming out of our neighbor’s stereo. Gun shots are no different. Keep John and Jane Doe happy by using a silencer so they will never be disturbed by your shooting again.

  • Improve Your Accuracy

I know many of you are shaking your heads right now. It is true that this seems ludicrous, but many marksmen agree that silencers have an impact on accuracy. A lot of the reasoning behind this is from the reduction in recoil. Though we like to consider ourselves unaffected by recoil, it has an impact on how we fire a weapon. Just as a muzzle brake can dampen the recoil through limiting the gas pressure that forces the gun to kick towards your face, a silencer has close to the same effect. Also, the quiet shot doesn’t have the same load blast that weapons not using a suppressor do. The reduced noise can have a positive impact on your accuracy. Think about how much better you concentrate when it’s quiet versus when it’s not.

  • Give Back to the Community

Not only does being a responsible gun owner make your home and community safer, but when you continue to buy products in the industry you love, you are also supporting the hardworking people who make them. As we’ve discussed, silencers have been ridiculed and received poor press over the years. Owning one and being responsible with it can prove to the rest of the country that silencers are for hitmen or gangsters, but a useful accessory is for any weapon owner.

  • Protect Your Ears

Every gun owner knows the importance of covering their ears. Safety gear is vital when firing your weapon. The growing number of people with hearing problems due to firing weapons is a cause for concern. Using a silencer, also known as a sound suppressor, can help decrease your chances of hearing problems later in life.

Now that you know a little bit about why you should own a suppressor, you might be wondering the best place to find gun silencers for sale. GrabAGun.com is not only a high-caliber site for online gun sales, but it is also an ideal place to go for all of your gun accessory needs – including silencers and suppressors. So when you are ready to make the choice to own a silencer, go to the place where you buy guns online. Check out GrabAGun.com.


Loading, Unloading, and Cleaning Gun Magazines

Gun maintenance is vital to ensuring your weapons keep working properly. An area that can often get overlooked is the firearm magazine. Where you store your ammunition on your weapon needs to be in stellar working order, just like the rest of the firearm. Keeping gun magazines clean is essential to this. Whether you are cleaning AK-47 magazines, handgun magazines, or pistol magazines, you will want to remember the following:

  • Always wear safety glasses

This might seem excessive, but with many working parts (some of which are spring loaded) keeping your eyes protected is a good idea.

  • Follow a routine to achieve perfection

I’m not saying your weapon will be perfect, but routine cleaning is how you keep your weapon firing properly. Oftentimes this includes brushing the magazine and its components with a brush and wiping away the residue. There is nothing overly fancy about it, but this scheduled cleaning can make a difference.

  • Simple tools make a difference

Your best ally in this fight is a good brush. Find one that works in the magazines you have. Brushes that are designed for rifle magazines are not as efficient in shotgun magazines, so diversify your stock and keep several on hand.

  • All magazines are not created equal

Every magazine is different. Not only will it require a different brush at times, but a different method of how you clean them. Sometimes you must disassemble the magazine to effectively clean all of the areas of the magazine. The key to keep in mind as you brush is clean and dry. Wet, oily areas will attract more debris.

Now that your magazine has been properly cleaned, let’s take a look at how to load and unload it. As with all weapons, double-check that you have the right caliber rounds before continuing on to load your weapon. Take extra care to not only check your ammo box, but also each round to ensure that you are loading the appropriate bullets in your firearm. Once you are 100% positive, you can proceed with loading your magazine. To do so, follow these basic steps:

  • Keep your weapon aimed in a safe direction.
  • Take a firm grip on your weapon WITHOUT placing your finger on the trigger. Release and remove the magazine.
  • Once you have removed the magazine, verify that there are no rounds still in the chamber. If your weapon is free of all ammo, set it aside pointed in a safe direction. If there are any rounds remaining, safely remove them and set aside.
  • With the magazine held in your non-dominant hand, position it away from you and slowing insert bullets into the magazine. Press firmly enough to push the spring down and load the round. Continue until the magazine is full.
  • Pick up the firearm again and insert the magazine (rounds pointing forward), until you hear it click into place.
  • To load a round, disengage the safety and slide lock to allow the firearm to engage the top round into the chamber.
  • You weapon is ready to be fired in a safe direction.

To unload your magazine, follow these basic procedures:

  • As always, point your weapon in a safe direction.
  • Once it is pointed in a safe direction, release the magazine.
  • Now that the magazine is out, double-check to make sure there are not any rounds in the chamber of you weapon.
  • After you are sure that your firearm is free of ammo, set it aside, being sure it is pointed in a safe direction.
  • You can now turn your attention to the magazine. Beginning with the top round, gently press down on the bullet and slide it out of the magazine. Repeat this process as many times as necessary to clear your magazine of any remaining rounds.
  • Store the magazine and weapon in their proper place and return your remaining ammunition.

Be safe when loading and unloading your weapon. Also, keep in mind that a clean magazine and magazine accessories will go a long way towards getting a return on your invested time and money as well as helping keep you safe while shooting.


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