The Ultimate Checklist for Handgun Hunting

Not all hunts are the same. There are some vast differences between hunting bears and hunting elk. But it isn’t always the type of game you are after that defines your adventure. The firearm you use can completely change your hunting experience.

Increasing numbers of hunters are choosing to explore the challenges associated with handgun hunting. There are several reasons why. The challenge of handgun hunting from a distance. The thrill of being close to your prey. The ability to draw your weapon quickly. Not being loaded down by a sling. Whatever your reason, handgun hunting is a thrill unlike any other.

Here are a few tips you will want to follow to help you be a more successful handgun hunter:

  • Exercise your trigger finger.
  • Perfect your trigger squeeze so that it flows perfectly and uniformly every time.
  • Keep a firm – but not too tight – consistent grip.
  • Plant yourself before you shoot.
  • Reduce anticipation and get rid of your flinch.

Each of those tips will help you be a better shot while handgun hunting. But before you rush out into the field with only an insatiable desire to take down your target with your .44 Mag, you will want to do a little research on what you should have with you to increase your enjoyment and your chances of actually having a successful hunt.

First and foremost, you need the right handgun. There are a wide variety to choose from, though not as many calibers as rifles have for actual hunting. Four particular handguns are especially good for hunting: the .480 Ruger, .460 Smith & Wesson Mag., .44 Remington Mag., and the 10mm Auto. There are plenty to choose from, but starting with one of these four will help you get a good feel for your specific handgun style.

After your weapon, the second-most important aspect of handgun hunting is your grip. Something that you should consider essential for every handgun hunting trip is gloves. They may not sound essential, but your grip drastically changes your handgun hunting accuracy. A good set of tactical gloves will do so much for you, from helping with your grip, to keeping your hands warm, to protecting them while shooting.

You’ll also want to have a few specific pieces of equipment with you on the trip to help you become a better handgun hunter. These are three specific hunting accessories you will want to have as part of your hunting gear.

Sportear Ghost Stryke II

If you’ve ever shot a gun – or been around when someone was shooting – then you know the importance of proper ear protection. With all of the difficulties associated with handgun hunting, you don’t want to add to your stressors by having inferior noise dampers. That’s why a pair of Ghost Stryke II would be ideal for any handgun hunter. Not only do they enhance beneficial noise up to 6x the normal levels, but they also suppress damaging wave lengths, up to 3” db of noise reduction.

Leupold FX-3 Silhouette Scope

The ever important scope is doubly significant when handgun hunting. One of the best you can find for this style of hunting is the Leupold FX-3. This scope is made for everyone who wants a traditional and functional fixed power scope. This scope is widely known for being durable, exceptionally clear and bright, and very simple to operate. You can’t go wrong have those qualities backing all of your shots.

Peltor XF4 Safety Glasses


Eye protection is vital to being able to hit your target. If you can’t see, you aren’t going to shoot with any sort of accuracy. Shooting glasses are your best choice out in the elements. These adjustable safety glasses are both stylish and effective. If you are able to block debris from interfering with your eyes than you have a better chance of taking home the trophy. But don’t let the toughness of this eye protection make you think that they are not comfortable to wear. They are contoured to fit snugly on your head, and they come with soft nosepieces so they will rest easily on your nose for extended periods of time.

Follow the tips, get the gear, and enjoy the hunt.


Five Best-Priced Long Range Rifles

When it comes to distance shooting, there is no substitution for a long-range rifle. The ability to hit a target from distances over 1,000 yards might seem like an impossibility to the unskilled marksman, but with the right training and firearm, people can accurately achieve this feat. Granted, the amount of knowledge required to assess how to shoot at this distance is far greater than for firing short distances. Being able to read wind, assess air pressure, factor in elevation fluctuation, and gauge humidity are all skills you will want to hone as you start target shooting over great distances.

As important as being able to accurately read and interpret those factors is, your bullets are not going to end up anywhere near the target if you do not have the right firearm to make the shot. That doesn’t mean you should go out and buy every rifle you see that says it can shoot at those distances. A little information on some of the better ones available will help you determine which rifle is best for you. All shooters are different; some prefer a bolt-action rifle, while others like to use assault rifles. If you are looking for bolt-action reviews, you come to the right place. Here are five long-range rifles that can help you make the shots you need on the range or during the hunt.


Winchester XPR

We’ll start with this bolt-action rifle from Winchester. The XPR has borrowed ideas from several other Winchester models to help make its manufacturing process more effective, which equates to you spending less money on the firearm. The reduced price tag doesn’t mean that you aren’t getting a quality weapon. The XPR remains an accurate and durable bolt-action for hunters to take out in the field knowing it has what it takes to get the job accomplished. Not only that, but it will be able to take the punishment you are going to put it through on your adventures. Ideal in most conditions, the polymer stock is crafted for excellent grip in damp conditions. Weighing in at approximately seven pounds, the XPR is a powerful weapon that is able to take down its prey from vast distances.

List price: just over $400.

Savage Precision

Savage rifles come by their name honestly. These firearms are true brutes out on the field, and the 12LRP is no different. Another bolt-action rifle, they feature a black synthetic stock and grip. The 26” barrel will have you staring down targets from great distances with ease. Many owners agree that this is one of the most accurate weapons they keep in their safe. Though it can always be modified, this Savage shoots just as well as weapons that cost 3x the money.

List price: just over $900.

Remington 700 SPS

It’s hard to create a rifle list without including a Remington. And for the price, few rival this 700 Special Purpose Synthetic. The 20” heavy barrel is one of the best tactical rifles on the market. It can be outfitted with accessories to modify it to your specific needs. All the adjustments and customizations you can easily do to this weapon make each one truly unique to its owner. Great for hunting, it is designed to handle a wide variety of muzzle breaks and suppressors. It’s hard to find a more versatile .308 out there.

List price: about $550.

Remington 700 VTR

One Remington just isn’t enough. That’s why we’re including the Remington 700 VTR on the list to give you some selection from the popular brand. Like other Remingtons, this rifle is extremely customizable and dependable. A smaller caliber than the last model we looked at, this bolt-action varmint tactical rifle will have you pinpointing targets over distances other rifles cannot. The type of hunting you prefer to do will help you determine which of the two is right for you. You’ll want to take a close look at this one for smaller game.

List price: around $650.

Thompson Dimension

This might be the most versatile weapon on the list. The Thompson Dimension has the Locking Optimized Components™ (LOC™) System that makes it able to change Dimension™ components and calibers while out in the field, allowing you to adjust to several varieties of game. No matter what you are hunting, you can easily switch components with this rifle to make sure you are ready to take down what’s in front of you.

Price point: This Thompson is affordably priced at around $525.

When you want to do some long-range shooting or long-range hunting, one of these rifles is sure to help you reliably (and affordably) hit your target.

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Five Best Handguns for Beginners

There is plenty of discussion surrounding the topic of which handguns are ideal for beginner shooters. That is unsurprising, especially considering the variety of weapons available and the many different types of people who are new to the firearm scene. For every shape and size of handgun that is available, there is a person who wants to learn how to shoot that it is perfect for. How big their hands are, how strong they are, and their grip will all impact which firearm will feel right to them. Before you go searching through countless handgun magazines or scanning the web for handguns online, take a look at this list of five of the best handguns for beginners.

Beretta PX4 Compact 9mm

First on the list is an ultra-safe Beretta. One of the first considerations new gun owners have is the safety of the weapon. This weapon features a manual safety and decocker that must be disengaged to fire, easing first-time shooters’ minds. On top of this, the weapon features a double-action trigger. This means that there is no single-action for any shot, and the hammer or striker must be in the down position. Though its highlight is safety, this weapon is still great to use on the range or to carry for self-defense.

Price point: Just over $500.

Glock 19 Gen4 9mm

It’s hard to have a handgun list without featuring a Glock 19. There is a reason these weapons are one of the mostly widely used firearms on the market. They work in nearly every situation, and many owners say they are the most reliable handgun they have ever owned. This Glock is a double-action compact 9mm. Glocks are known for their ability to be customized, and this handgun is no different. With this weapon you will understand the reliability and versatility that has made Glock a household name.

Price point: Just under $550.

Ruger 5430 LCRX 38 Spl

As mentioned earlier, everyone is different; a list of handguns that focused on only 9mm wouldn’t be complete. That’s why the Ruger Gen4 is featured – well, that and it’s an ideal choice for people who want a revolver as their first handgun. The stainless steel barrel doesn’t weigh down this firearm, which will be less than 14 oz. in your hands.  Granted, the recoil on this weapon might be too much for new shooters to handle. But if you can handle that, this would make a great first handgun for your collection.

Price point: Just over $350.

Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm

While not strictly designed for it, the Smith & Wesson is known for its self-defense prowess. This weapon is manufactured with quality ergonomics that are ideal for both right- and left-handed shooters. The M&P was made with specifications set to the standards of law enforcement, so you know that the people who are protecting civilians utilize the same caliber of equipment that you will with this handgun. The strength of the weapon is not just in the reinforced polymer chassis, but also in the dedicated men and women who use it.

Price point: Around $450.

Springfield XD 9mm

This full-sized 9mm is a quintessential version of the classic 9mm model. The Springfield XD’s 4-inch barrel has the accuracy and handling you want from a standard-sized pistol. Most owners believe this weapon is one of the safest on the market given its ease of operability. A lot of this derives from the striker status and loaded chamber indicators, which make the user aware through touch and feel that the weapon is being cocked and loaded. Combine that with its firing pin block safety, and you have a handgun designed to prevent unwanted and accidental discharges. Its classic design, durability, and safety make this firearm one of the best for beginning shooters. It’s also one you may have for a lifetime.

Prince point: Just over $400.

With each of these handguns, you get two vital aspects that every owner wants: safety and dependability. Though these weapons are not cheap handguns, you cannot put a price on a safe, reliable firearm. Do your research, test fire a few, and then make a purchase based off of what is right for you.

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Shotgun Experts Love the Remington 870 & So Will You

Some weapons reach such a level of popularity that they become iconic. The Remington 870 is one of those firearms. Many people who own one commend the 870’s place in their arsenal – going so far to say they could not imagine not having this staple in their collection. Not only have they found a place in homes across the country, but they are the shotguns typically used for movies and theatre. But don’t let the acting fool you: these firearms are the real deal, and are often used for tactical purposes by the boys in blue. Private citizens, Hollywood, and service personnel all love the Remington 870, and you will to. Here’s why…

The Weapon


First, let’s take a look at some of the specs on the 870. It’s a 12 Gauge, pump action shotgun with a 3” chamber and an 18” cylinder barrel. This specific Remington 870 Express features a matte black finish and synthetic stock with positive checkering. There is a vented recoil pad and twin action bars. It weighs in at just over seven pounds.

Plain and simple, this is the most common pump shotgun in the States. One of the biggest reasons for this is because it comes in a variety of designs. There is essentially a good, a great, and an amazing model available. The better the model, the more money you will have to shell out for one.

The other option is to pick out what accessories you want after you purchase one of the Remington shotguns. Remington firearms can be outfitted with countless upgrades and modifications. Sights, grips, lights – pretty much anything you can think of for a shotgun, you can get for a Remington 870.


Though most shotguns have about the same accuracy abilities, the 870 is on par, if not better than its rivals. Depending on barrel length, you won’t see much variation, but there are some differences that can change your accuracy. Sights are the most important. On most standard models of the 870, the sights are pretty basic. That doesn’t mean you can’t upgrade to help augment your weapon’s capabilities, but when you first get a new one, the sights are not going to be much more than a ball at the end of the barrel and a grooved channel. As with most shotguns, your spread is going to be wider the further you get past ten yards.


There is no denying that the 870’s trusted dependability creates much of the love for this weapon. After all, hunters, homeowners, and law enforcement all trust it to get their specific job done. Though all of its components might not be the factory pinnacles in performance, when they all come together they create a weapon that is considered to be one of the most reliable firearms around. One positive outcome from its popularity is that if the rare occasion arises that you find yourself in need of a part for your 870, it is relatively easy to find a replacement. It is a 12 gauge that is going to have some kick and moving parts that are going to take some heat; but as with all weapons, parts will eventually wear down. Don’t let that discourage you from picking up one of the most trusted shotguns around, though.

Ultimately, you are getting a lot of value for your dollar with this shotgun. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for semi-automatic shotguns for sale or tactical shotguns, the 870 express can be the pump-action you are looking for. So if you read this and think you might want to give the 870 a chance to be among your weaponry, or if you are already a proud owner of one and just want to upgrade to a newer model, there are still plenty to choose from. The 870 Express is a great place to start your search, and GrabAGun.com has all the information and accessories you need to make your next Remington purchase the right one. So go ahead and grab one – you will always love owning an 870.

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