Gifts For Gun Owners

Great Gift Ideas for Gun Owners

Gift ideas for the gun enthusiast in your life can be pretty daunting unless you know they have their heart set on a particular product. The following are some suggestions just in time for last minute gifts from GrabAGun’s online gun shop.

Leatherman Military Utility Tool (MUT)

leatherman military utility tool

Leave it to Leatherman to pack the gadgets a shooter needs into one neat package. Along with the usual high quality knife blade and pliers are tools made for AR-15 field repairs. These include a bolt override tool, a replaceable firearm disassembly punch, a replaceable carbon scraper along with cleaning rod and brush adapters. Comes with a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty This little gem will undoubtedly be a big favorite in the AR-15 accessories gift line.

GunVault SpeedVault Biometric Safe


Other products of this line rest inside a drawer or other flat surface. The latest innovation by GunVault is the SVB 500 which mounts to vertical surfaces from left, right or rear allowing it to be mounted to desk, closet or other vertical surfaces.

The SVB allows an access of less than 2 seconds yet provides secure gun storage. The programmable biometric fingerprint scanner stores up to 120 unique fingerprints and features with a key lock override. The SpeedVault is constructed of 18 gauge steel and comes with a limited one year warranty. With a retail cost of $319.99 the GrabAGun difference is the best value at $193.58.

Gun Magazines


Extra gun magazines are always appreciated by gun owners who use them. GrabAGun offers a very large variety of gun magazines for the gun lover in your life. Wrapped or stuffed in stockings they are sure to be a hit.

Gun Holsters


Gun holsters including concealed carry holsters are always a favorite. If the gun enthusiast in your life has been wanting a new gun holster check out our extensive line. Not sure of the holster he/she wants? GrabAGun.com offers gift certificates that are sure to please any gun enthusiast.

Gun Sights and Optics

gun scopes and optics for sale

Sights, mounts and optics are a particular pleaser for your gun toting man or gal. With a selection as large as GrabAGun’s you’re almost certain to find the perfect gift in our lineup.

Gift Certificates

GrabAGun Gift Cards

Gun owners can be tough to buy for, and when in doubt a GrabAGun gift certificate will be sure to please. Give us a call at (972) 552-7246 for questions or assistance, we will be more than happy to assist you.

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Concealed Carry Pistols

concealed carry pistols

Concealed Carry Pistols

Shop GrabAGun for Online Gun Sales

An experienced firearm owner typically has already made a decision in brand and caliber when purchasing a new firearm. On the other hand, someone who is not familiar with firearms may need assistance in making an informed decision. A good salesperson will take the time to discuss in terms you can understand the varieties of handguns available, as well as how they operate. An ethical salesman will help you to make an informed decision rather than simply pushing you in the direction of a particular gun.

The number of persons buying concealed carry pistols has grown tremendously in the past 5 years. Of these, many are first time gun owners who often are unsure of what they need. With so many brands, models and calibers available many first time buyers report the experience as a very stressful one full of uncertainty.

Here we will discuss some pointers to help you in your decision, and give you a better idea of what type gun may best work for you.

Responsible Ownership

Far too often it is the news of small children getting a parents gun and shooting themselves or other children. Gun ownership requires some responsibility to ensure a gun doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. If you plan to carry in a purse, bag or briefcase purchase a good holster difficult for young children to get into, or to pull a trigger. The best option is to lock the gun up out of reach at home, or put the purse containing the gun well out of climbing reach of small hands. Multiple safeties can help deter small children who are curious. Trigger guards are a must have. Learn how to safely handle a weapon with a certified instructor. One of the most dangerous activities with a gun is to wave it in the air-in the direction of people. Numerous people do this. They think the safety is on, or the gun is unloaded. Many deaths occur each year due to “unloaded guns” being fired.

Not to be forgotten is the maintenance of a firearm. Guns require cleaning and inspection routinely. Dust and debris can cause misfires, and pocket lint is attracted to guns. Revolvers are more tolerant of dust than semi-automatic pistols, when a malfunction occurs you simply pull the trigger again. Keep in mind though, some revolvers have inadequate safeties. Keep the weapon in a quality holster and clean the gun regularly. A number of self-inflicted injuries each year are due to guns being cleaned when “unloaded”. Learn the difference and inspect it thoroughly to ensure it is unloaded.

If you are not willing to be vigilant about these factors then you should reconsider the purchase of a firearm, and consider other means of self-protection. Keep in mind though; other options will not be as efficient as a gun in protecting yourself and family.

Rent a Gun

In a best case scenario, you can rent various carry concealed pistols at a practice range near your location. This will allow you some hands on experience with an assortment of sizes, calibers and models. Ideally, this range will offer basic handgun, personal protection as well as concealed carry classes provided by certified and experienced instructors.

Make a List

Concealed carry pistols need to be thin and light weight for a good concealment and personal comfort. Consider how you dress each day, and where you choose to carry the weapon (ankle holster, brief case, hip holster, pocket, purse, shoulder holster or in a vehicle). Try weapons of your choice on in gun holsters. Feel the weight, the fit in hand and holster, try different concealed carry holsters for comfort, hold the gun in your hand extended and check the sights, try the action. If you are left handed you may require an ambidextrous firearm to accommodate you. If the gun is so heavy you can’t hold it up, don’t buy it. Ensure your finger can reach the trigger without sacrificing comfort and accuracy.

Choose Quality Concealed Carry Pistols

There are values to be had in guns, but sometimes a cheap pistol is just a cheap pistol that won’t last. Don’t waste your money and risk your safety with poorly made firearms.

Practice is the Best Tool for Accuracy & Familiarity

Plan to practice often. Biannual practice is not enough. Ideally for the best accuracy a weekly practice session is advised if possible. The more you shoot, the better your accuracy and familiarity with your concealed carry pistol. In time, your hand will acquire ‘muscle memory’, which improves accuracy and firing time. It is then that you will find yourself comfortable with your pistol, and the time on the firing range will be time enjoyably spent.

GrabAGun stocks a large variety of new concealed carry pistol models. If you don’t see the model you seek, give our friendly customer service agents a call, we will be glad to locate your available weapon of choice and apply the GrabAGun value pricing. That’s one of the GrabAGun differences our customers enjoy. Give us a call today, or shop for guns online.

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Choosing a Tactical Shotgun

tactical shotgun

Tactical Shotgun Accessories

Once you have made the decision of purchasing a shotgun for home defense, your first consideration, as it is with any firearm for home defense, is where it will be placed in the home, especially when children are present. Securing the weapon from young hands and maintaining accessibility can be a real challenge, but is of utmost necessity.

Next you will want to consider the kind of shotgun you will purchase, as there are distinct differences between shotguns for hunting and home defense. You can certainly use a hunting shotgun for defense, it simply lacks the advantages of a tactical shotgun.

Next, consider the load. A shotgun with the wrong load for home defense can certainly bring down an intruder, but the shot will also penetrate walls and can likely injure others, your own family for example. Experts recommend using shot designed for use within the home, such as tungsten shot containing a mixture of #2 and #4 pellets designed for close quarters. One example of this shot is Remington HD™ Ultimate Home Defense. Keep in mind, shots fired at close range will have minimal spread, so acquire the target before firing.

With this in mind, you must now decide as to whether you will buy a manufactured tactical shotgun, or build one yourself.

Home defense shotguns are shorter than hunting shotguns, an 18” barrel is ideal for home defense when a longer barrel could be a detriment to the defense of your loved ones. The longer barrel makes hunting shotguns difficult to maneuver in halls, around corners, in doorways and other areas with limited space.

Some of today’s shotgun models have stocks that are adjustable. Another tactical accessory is slings. These are useful for carrying a weapon outdoors, such as if you are using a tactical shotgun for defense when camping. In the home, a sling can hang up on cabinet and door knobs or even be grabbed by a perpetrator. Slings are useful if you plan to switch to a secondary weapon, otherwise you must take the time to lay the shotgun down before switching to your secondary weapon. It’s a personal choice, but generally in very small cramped homes most experts agree it is best to simply forego a sling.

If you have opted to convert a shotgun into a tactical shotgun yourself, part of the upgrades will be to change the stock and forend. Choose a stock that fits comfortably in your hands. Don’t assume all stocks are the same. In today’s market of versatility you can certainly use an adjustable stock for the best fit for your hands. This will increase comfort, help to prevent fatigue and overall result in greater accuracy. Stocks are available in sizes including youth and short. These are great for smaller hands. An adjustable stock can be modified to accommodate multiple shooters, allowing the length of pull to be easily adjusted.

In the old days shotguns kicked like a mule. A hunter adjusted and continued to bring in the small game. Many of today’s shotguns provide options to reduce recoil. The simplest method is a stock designed to reduce recoil. Others designs include a system that provide absorption of recoil in one or two stages. These systems can eliminate up to 70% of recoil, reducing barrel rise and improving accuracy.

Before you discount polymer stocks and forends, consider that today’s materials are enduring and much lighter in weight. Lights are great as well, and are available integrated within forends allowing operation of the light without having to remove your hand from the forends. Lights can pinpoint an intruder, and even temporarily blind them. If you plan to use your tactical shotgun in camp, a light is especially useful when a predator enters your campsite and is threatening campers.

Another popular and useful tactical shotgun accessory is pistol grips, folding stocks or a short LOP stock. Choose one that fits your hand well. The wrong size can make handling of the weapon more awkward, and can cost you accuracy.

Magazine extensions provide more firepower, just keep in mind that extensions longer than the barrel are going to reduce maneuverability, and make pointless having an 18” barrel.

Tactical shotguns are an effective method of increasing the probability of a hit. Many people don’t realize that the spread of shot increases with distance but is minimal in close quarters. The barrel choke plays a large role in the amount of shot spread and an effective hit can be at a range of as much as 75 yards. You will still need to aim your weapon in close quarters, don’t count on the spread unless you are shooting at a distant perpetrator drawing his bead on you within your effective firing range.

Tactical shotgun accessories are increasingly being used on shotguns for civilian use as a home defense weapon. GrabAGun has numerous tactical shotgun accessories such as rails, lights, receivers, slings, pistol grips, pouches, conversion kits, sights including laser and much more.
If you prefer to purchase a factory tactical shotgun GrabAGun carries several models. If you don’t see the one you prefer, give us a call, we will be happy to order any available shotguns for sale on the market and provide the GrabAGun value pricing.

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Use A 9MM Pistol

9mm pistol

9MM Pistol

GrabAGun.com has the 9 mm pistol that you are looking for. From the concealable 9mm pistol, a large variety of subcompact 9 mm pistols, to full size and fine quality 9 mm pistols we are sure to have the 9 mm handgun you are looking for.

With the best prices in the market, we go a step further by locating the firearm you are looking for, even if we don’t carry in our inventory.

In the last few years, gun manufacturers have stepped up the production of small 9mm pistols. The 9 mm pistol is popular, for the reasons of being the most preferred of concealed carry pistols, and for the attributes of the 9 mm cartridge itself among experts as well as citizens.

The new and improved 9mm ammunition produces noticeably reduced recoil providing a more effective handgun. Even so, the 9mm still packs a kick, and as with all compact pistols, the kick is worse. Control may be difficult to attain, especially for first time shooters. If you are a novice to the 9mm pistol, whether compact or full size, your best option is to shoot one before buying it. Not that it kicks like a mule as some pistols do, but it does have significantly more recoil than smaller calibers.

The old saying is that a 9 mm is as small as you would want to go in a compact and still be able to place a kill shot. That statement is made by experienced shooters. Experienced shooters become that way by target practice and thousands of rounds. Attaining accuracy with a larger caliber weapon is attainable, with lots of practice, and routine practice to keep the hand muscles finely tuned.

The 9mm pistol is extremely popular and with good reason. It is a very dependable as well as accurate weapon in almost any brand. Gun accessories such as laser sights are available for the 9mm, a definite aid for inexperienced shooters. That said the key to a successful self-defense using a 9mm, or any other handgun, is the shooters accuracy. This requires practice and more practice and is the 2nd only to having a self-defense weapon itself.

Shop GrabAGun’s guns for sale, and give us a call if you have questions or need assistance.

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Online Gun Sale Services

online gun sales

Premier Gun Dealers

Online Gun Sales

When you are looking for reputable onlinegun dealers shop GrabAGun.com.

Family owned and operated by gun enthusiasts like you, GrabAGun knows customer satisfaction is mandatory in the longevity of a business.

We take pride in elevating our services to a whole level above most online gun shops. The benefits of using GrabAGun.com include but are not limited to:

  • The best prices for new in the box guns.
  • Gun location services. If you are unable to locate the desired firearm, and we are out of stock or don’t carry it, we will find it for you and apply the GrabAGun discount! While we can’t assure a fast acquirement in the current market of more demand than there is supply, we will do our best to provide a timely arrival on a firearm. With orders processed daily and shipments arriving daily, our order to shipment timeline is faster than most other online gun dealers can provide.
  • Layaway service with easy terms.
  • Buy it now, you don’t have to wait! Check out our buy guns now and pay later option with a deposit.
  • Special orders. Want to order a premium weapon sporting a premium price and want to save money? GrabAGun will provide the GrabAGun discount on any available and brand new fire arm. Even that $100,000 plus custom shotgun your dad has been wanting receives the GrabAGun discount. We do everything possible to ensure customer satisfaction, but there are some factors beyond our control as noted in the following.

Online gun sales require shipment to your choice of FFL dealers near you. The FFL dealer will provide your background check and will charge a fee for their service. These fees are your responsibility and are not charged by us. Our website offers a convenient FFL dealer locator for a dealer near you.

Next, when your order arrives at your FFL provider’s location, check the firearm out completely before accepting it. Make certain it is the correct weapon with the correct features you ordered. We recommend you carry a copy of your order with you and use it as a checklist, and that you check the order for accuracy when placed, once you accept the weapon it cannot be returned.

Even if it has not been fired it is still considered a “used” firearm, so be absolutely certain you are receiving exactly what you ordered as we will not be able to accept it as a return once you have accepted it. Please refer to our policies page for further information regarding online gun sales.

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All Types of Shotguns For Sale

shotguns for sale

Shotguns for Sale

If you have a shotgun on your Christmas Wish List, GrabAGun has shotguns for sale. Semi-Automatics, Over-Unders, Pump Action, Bolt Action, Side-by-Sides, Revolving Cylinder Shotguns, Single Shots and Lever Action Shotguns are all available in a large number of brands and name brands.

We sell hunting shotguns as well as tactical shotguns for home defense and law enforcement personnel. GrabAGun also carries tactical shotgun accessories including pistol grips, drum magazines, upper receivers, lower receivers and much more.

Tactical shotguns have become a popular weapon for home defense and with good reason, just ask any medical examiner which firearm is the most likely to kill with one shot. Keep in mind though; shotgun spread increases with distance, and contrary to popular belief, you do need to aim in order to be accurate.

Shotguns have always been popular for hunting and competition shooting. Often handed down through the generations, shotguns are generally durable and reliable firearms. Recent advances in gun manufacturing have created shotguns that take the abuse of dusty or wet environments and keep on shooting, as well as significant reduction in recoil and extreme accuracy.

As popular as the deer rifle is, there remain a few die hard shotgun fans who successfully hunt deer with a shotgun. Though many would scoff, when hunting in areas with houses in close proximity that prevent hunting with large caliber rifles, a shotgun is a viable alternative. As with any firearm the key to success is practice and then more practice on the range.

GrabAGun offers shotguns for sale from a very large number of manufacturers such as Beretta, Browning, Mossberg, Remington and Winchester to name just a few.

Don’t see the guns for sale that you want? Just give us a call, we will find it and apply the GrabAGun value pricing. As shooters and hunters ourselves, we really are willing to go the extra distance to assist you in securing the shotgun or other firearm you seek. That is one of the GrabAGun differences we offer our clients.

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Purchasing Gun Holsters

gun holsters

Gun Holsters

Gun holsters provide protection for the gun, firmly secure it, and can provide for ready access to the handgun. In choosing a gun holster, the user must consider their requirement from a holster. For example, law enforcement personnel require fast access, and secure holding to retain the weapon when taking down a perpetrator. The failure of a holster to provide this may result in severe injury or even death to the officer.
Holsters are generally extracted with one hand, requiring its construction material to be stiff thereby preventing the holsters collapse that can lead to failure for a timely extract as well as difficulty reinserting the handgun.
Individual needs must be considered with securement design. Police as well as individuals often choose a closure to prevent the weapon from being easily removed or the trigger engaged within the holster. A personal handgun in a home where children especially requires close attention to the presence or lack of one or more safety’s on the weapon, as well as consider a hooded closure or other design to prevent children from firing or extracting a holstered weapon.
Holsters also assist in protecting the firearm from dust and lint, the presence of which can cause a misfire. Another environmental factor to consider is when using carry concealed holsters is perspiration. A weapon carried close to the users body can contact perspiration, thus, a good holster that will enclose and protect the firearm is necessary.
Comfort is another consideration with carry concealed holsters. Gun holsters should be broad to break up the handguns outline beneath clothing, as well as to distribute the pressure of the weapon and holster over a larger area. Broad carry concealed holsters will prevent abrasions to the skin.
The fit of the weapon is another factor to consider. Gun holsters that are too tight are difficult to remove. Gun holsters that are too loose can allow the handgun to slip out, and depending upon the weapon, increases the odds of a misfire. An unsheathed weapon in a purse, bag, backpack or briefcase can misfire on certain handguns when items like ink pens, lipstick, mascara or other objects work their way in and depress the triggers on guns without a safety. A well-fitting holster is perhaps the most important of gun accessories you can purchase.

Get a Gun Holster From GrabAGun

Be a responsible handgun owner, secure your weapon in a suitable holster, carry in a responsible manner and ensure children or young persons do not have ready access.

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Do it all With an AR-15 For Sale

AR 15 for sale

Unmatched Versatility | AR 15 for Sale

Wildly popular, there are an estimated 4 million AR 15’s in circulation among the civilian population within the U. S. It is the most frequently searched for rifle among guns for sale.
It is the preferred weapon of hunters, homeowners, preppers, hunters and collectors nationwide.

So what is it about the AR-15 that makes it so widely popular? The greatest appeal of the AR-15 is its versatility. It can be modified, customized, assembled from scratch and rebuilt with only a few basic tools and very little knowledge.

A desirable gun to begin with, possessing the reputation of extreme accuracy as well as a semi-automatic feed gas system. It is the legendary versatility of the AR-15 that takes the definition of custom to a whole new level.

Like the Presidents Limo, the AR-15’s features don’t end at basic construction. Its versatility allows for the equivalent of having 14+ weapons within one.

By simply exchanging the barrel and the receiver, the AR-15 can fire 16 different calibers and sizes of ammo from a .22 LR to the .50BMG.

Easily customized, the AR-15 adapts to a personal defense weapon at less than 36 inches to a sniper rifle of over 50 inches with the power to reach out and touch someone (or a trophy Buck) at an average accuracy range of 547 yards and firing 700-950 rounds/min. The magazine capacity is a standard 30 rounds, but gun magazines are available of up to 100 rounds.

There are hundreds of aftermarket AR-15 accessories available for use with a modular accessory rail. A few of the available AR 15 accessories are lights, pistol grips, night vision scopes, infrared scopes, collapsible stocks, skeleton stocks, solid body stocks and adjustable stocks, uppers and lowers for a large variety of calibers. As if that wasn’t versatility enough, the AR-15 lower receiver can be used as a trigger mechanism for single shot or side-fed upper receiver platforms and can be used to fire a number of larger calibers, including Crossbow bolts.

These features account for the strong popularity even when compared to other assault rifles for sale.

GrabAGun’s online gun sales can provide you with the AR 15 accessories you need including complete uppers for sale, AR 15 lower receivers for sale, and many more accessories for customizing the AR-15. Shop online to view our large assortment of the AR-15 for sale as well as an extensive inventory of AR-15 accessories and AR 15 parts.

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Great Selection of Pistols For Sale

Pistols for sale

Pistols for Sale

GrabAGun.com is your premier source for online gun sales. We carry an extensive selection of pistols for sale in our online store at discount prices. The brands we carry include Beretta, Browning, Century, Colt, Diamondback, Glock, Hi-Point, Kel-Tec, Remington, Ruger, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson, Springfield, Walther and many others.

GrabAGun isn’t like other online gun dealers, we actually hunt and target shoot with the brands of guns that we carry. Our enthusiasm for all things related to firearms doesn’t stop here though. If you are looking for a brand or type of firearms for sale that we do not normally stock, we will be happy to obtain it for you and apply the GrabAGun discount that we are so well known for.

Whether you are shopping for concealed carry pistols, a pistol for target practice and recreation, a duty weapon, a home defense pistol or a pistol for a gift, we are sure to carry exactly what you are looking for.

We carry derringers for those in need of a diminutive pistol. Often called ‘pocket pistols’, derringers are increasingly popular for their ease of concealment. We also stock concealed carry holsters as every firearm needs a gun holster to protect the gun, as well as for safety reasons. We currently carry over 120 models of derringer pistols alone.

Our line of revolvers is extensive with well over 650 different models in almost any configuration and options available. The reliable revolver is a popular choice among many persons and GrabAGun typically carries over 20 different brands of the most popular revolvers available, including Colt revolvers, Smith & Wesson revolvers and many others.
If you are looking for semi-automatic pistols for sale GrabAGun carries more than 70 brands, and over 3000 models of configurations and features available in our extensive line of semi-automatic pistols.

With so much to choose from, unless you have already decided upon a particular brand, model and configuration it can be a daunting task to narrow your selection down. Our friendly customer service agents will be more than happy to assist you in choosing just the right gun among our numerous pistols for sale.

GrabAGun would like to make your experience a satisfied one when you are looking to purchase pistols for sale online. If you have questions give us a call and let us show you the GrabAGun difference.

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Find an AK-47 For Sale

ak47 for sale

AK-47 for Sale

The Russian AK-47 and the American M16 are the two most common assault rifles for sale worldwide. It has been estimated that 100 million AK-47 type weapons have been manufactured throughout the world. One of the most widely produced firearms among assault rifles, the lighter weight stamped-steel AKM version is the most common type of AK-47 for sale today.

In comparison, the M16 has the better range and accuracy of 500 yards and up to 3000 yards, with its lighter, higher velocity 5.56×45mm cartridge, whereas the AK has an effective to maximum range of 380 yds. to 2500 yds. The AK-47 however, has the better penetration with a heavier 7.62×39mm cartridge.

Long known for its reputation of reliability, the AK-47 malfunction rate is 1-1000 rounds fired. It functions in a dirty environment with little to no maintenance, one of the reasons for its popularity. Reliability was further increased in the newer AK versions with stamped receivers, but accuracy is slightly reduced in the trade off due to its reduced weight.

The AK-47 has a standard magazine capacity of 30 rounds, with 10, 20 and 40 round boxes available. Drum magazines are also available with 75-100 round drums.

AK-47 Modern Variants

Modern variants of the AK-47 for sale today (7.62×39mm) are available in the following models:

  • AKM- The stamped and riveted sheet metal provides a lighter weight of 6.5 lb. Available with under-folding stock (AKMS), night scope rail (AKMN or AKMSN), and slotted flash suppressor and night rail scope (AKML or AKMSL). This model accounts for the majority of AK styled guns for sale in today’s market.
  • RPK- This version is a hand-held machine gun sporting a longer barrel and bipod.
  • Low-Impulse AK Variants 5.45×39mm
  • AK-74-Assault rifle with a side-folding stock. Available with a night scope rail in version AK-74N.
  • AKS-74U- A compact carbine available with a night scope rail in AKS-74UN.
  • AK-74M/AK-101/AK-103-Updated AK-74 with scope rail and side folding stock
  • AK-107/AK-108- These models sport balanced recoil
  • AK-105/AK-102/AK-104-Modernized carbine models
  • RPK-74M/RPK-201/RPKM and RPK-203-Light machine gun models

The most widely produced assault rifle in the world, these are but a few of the numerous variants of the AK-47 for sale. Produced by more than 30 manufacturers worldwide, the AK-47 and its variants are used by more than 105 countries.

With a very low production cost, available gun accessories for customization, and as one of the most budget friendly assault rifles for sale; the AK-47 and its variants will undoubtedly continue to evolve and grow in popularity.

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