Choosing a Fireproof Gun Safe

fireproof gun safe
Securing weapons in a fireproof gun safe is a great safety precaution, but also reduces the chance of theft and fire damage. While gun safes are not yet required by law, there may be laws in your state that will hold you responsible if a minor is injured or killed due to the failure to lock up your guns safely. This makes purchasing a gun safe the smart option for any gun owner.

Consider looking at all the options, do some research and know what you need. No need making an investment that is too far-reaching. Look at many different brands of safes before you buy. Many offer unique options that you may want. Also, investigate the safe’s specifications and ask about its safeguards against tampering. Lastly, invest in a fireproof gun safe.

As you consider the right fireproof gun safe, you need to look at the fireproof rating it carries. When you look at the fireproof ratings, you will see a time limit and a temperature listed. Most fire resistant safes meet basic fire protection standards, with the minimum being able to withstand a 1200⁰F temperature for up to 30 minutes. This means the temperature inside the safe shouldn’t exceed about 275⁰F during those 30 minutes. Your guns should come out okay. A more expensive, premium safe might be rated at 1200⁰F for up to 100 minutes. The response time of your local fire department would be a consideration. If you live close to the station and they can respond within a few minutes, a 100 minute rating might be more than you need. Also, make sure the safe you purchase has a fire seal. This will appear as a flat strip of material around the perimeter of the door, which expands to seal the door when it gets hot.

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Selecting Rifle Scope Rings

rifle scope rings

You’ve selected your rifle, your scope, now you need a way to mount your scope correctly on to your rifle. Sometimes it can be quite confusing to a new gun owner and even some old ones! There are so many choices of optics out there, and the ways to actually put them on the gun are innumerable and complicated.

Make sure you have all the equipment you need to mount your scope: the scope, the unloaded rifle, the scope mount or base, rifle scope ringsM, and a set of tools including screwdrivers and an allen wrench. If your gun isn’t equipped for scope mounts, you may need to take it to a gunsmith first.

Scope bases come in many different styles. They include Weaver, Picatinny, Redfield/Leupold and clamp-on mounts, among others. Some manufacturers build a scope base directly into the receiver. You can attach the base with either clamps or screws, depending on the type of base, and make sure to match the rifle scope ring to the base as well as your scope to prevent problems.

Rifle scope rings are usually two-piece clamps. You attach the lower part of the rings directly to the scope base as the scope will rest in the lower half of the rings. The upper part holds the scope in place and steady. It’s important to know that mounting rings come in different heights. The size of the scope’s objective lens will determine the height the mounting rings will need to be.

Overall, it’s understood that a rifle scope ring and the bases should not be the place to pinch pennies. The money will be well-spent and will ensure reliability, ruggedness, and peace of mind.

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Back To Basics – Semi Automatic Air Rifles

semi automatic air rifles

If you’re in the market for a reliable shooting, quick firing air gun, consider a CO2-powered semi automatic air rifle. A distinct advantage of using CO2 is that you don’t have to stop and pump up your airgun before each shot. Just pop in a CO2 cartridge and you’re ready to go. Generally one 12 gram CO2 cartridge will give you about 50 shots before you have to change it out. However, this number can vary from airgun to airgun depending on the efficiency of the air rifle.

Semi automatic air rifles can be used to some degree for teaching gun safety, handling, and technique in a safer way than regular guns. But they can still pack a punch if pegged by one! With air guns looking more and more like real guns, there is usually a distinguishing mark on the end of the barrel (usually an orange tip). This is to prevent an unnecessary death should someone try to rob a bank with an air gun.

There is no hearing protection needed when firing semi automatic air rifles or other air guns. Proper safety measures would include only goggles usually. These types of guns are excellent for hunting small varmint, target shooting, and general practice for beginners. The ammunition required is also a plus because it is either inexpensive BBs or pellets.

The only real drawbacks to semi automatic air rifles are the lack of power they have compared to other spring or pump powered rifles. Some rifles shoot as high as 754 FPS or 600 FPS. While this is a decent power, pump and spring air rifles are capable of shooting at 700-1250 FPS.

Sale and possession of airguns is not regulated federally, nor are they regulated by most state and local governments. Ordinances in many cities do prohibit the discharge of air guns outdoors outside of an approved range though. Check with your local gun distributor to find the laws in your area.

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