Selecting From Concealed Carry Guns For Sale


Selecting a Concealed Carry Pistol| Guns for Sale

Concealed carry requires a firearm small enough to conceal, and a holster designed for a close fit. Beyond these two requirements, the selection of the firearm itself is an individual choice. However, there are factors that need to be considered in your selection of guns for sale.

  • Once you have decided upon caliber, size is the next consideration. In this case size has to first conform to your hands. If you have large paws, derringers may be difficult to handle, and fingers can become stuck in the trigger. Manufacturers are responding by providing more space for large hands. When you are shopping for guns, even if you are going to buy online, visit some gun shops and ensure the weapon of your choice feels ‘right’ in your hand and is comfortable!
  • If you are left handed, there are numerous ambidextrous guns available among guns for sale.
  • If you barely lift a gun, don’t buy it! Select a weapon you are comfortable with and can handle easily. There are plenty of guns for sale to choose from.
  • At the other end of the spectrum are the short fingered among us. Ensure you can hold the pistol and comfortably reach the trigger. Any extreme stretch will affect accuracy, as well as comfort.
  • Some people chew a toothpick, others twirl their hair, but if you have the habit of fingering the trigger don’t buy a revolver! If you must do so, use a hooded holster and buy a firearm with a heavy trigger. Work on breaking that dangerous habit.
  • Be aware of trigger pull. The average trigger pull is 4 to 12 pounds. The higher the trigger pull, the harder the trigger will be to depress. A hard trigger reduces accuracy for some people. While the gun is shaking from trying to pull the trigger, you can completely miss the target, or hit an innocent bystander. Check out the trigger pull before you buy. If you know the your ideal trigger pull, a little research will probably reveal the trigger pull on the guns for sale that you’re considering. Optional triggers may be available.
  • At the other end of the spectrum a trigger may be too light. I have seen guns with 2 pounds of trigger pull. These are a poor choice for people who like to finger the trigger.
  • If you are going to carry a weapon in a purse, either keep the purse cleaned out or buy a hooded holster. Mascara, lipstick, pens, chapstick tubes can all wedge in the trigger and cause an accidental discharge. Purses are available with special built-ins to retain a pistol. Some of them are positioned in the ‘ready-to-draw position.
  • Purchase your guns for sale with the features you want from the factory. Not all stand your ground laws protect you from civil liability. Do-it-yourself add-on parts may be a legal liability if you had to shoot someone. Only factory installed parts can be assured of accurate aim and full functionality.
  • Dust and lint can cause misfires. Routine cleaning of a firearm is required. Revolvers are more tolerant of dust than semi-automatics, when they misfire pull the trigger again. Holsters will help protect a gun against dust, but isn’t an excuse for not cleaning. Wipe the pistol down routinely to remove dust. Clean regularly and especially after a session on the firing range.
  • A concealed pistol needs to be thin and light, and be as comfortable as possible. When you are selecting a concealed pistol from guns for sale, consider how you plan to wear it, such as shoulder holster, hip holster or etc… Clothing will be the means of concealment and should be considered. Try different holsters on until you find a comfortable one. Select a holster made for your gun for the best fit.
  • Buy the best pistol you can. The majority of firearms are of good quality today, but there are a few exceptions. A good brand doesn’t necessarily mean hundred year old companies. There are a number of American start-up operations who are making some fine quality weapons.
  • Research the gun you are thinking about buying, check for recalls and read reviews, forum comments and so on. Recall problems will be corrected as gun manufacturers want satisfied customers who are safe. You can always request guns for sale manufactured after the corrections were applied by the manufacturer.
  • Practice and more Practice. That is the best advice of all. Practice weekly at the minimum, until you handle your gun comfortably and with accuracy. When handling your gun starts to feel natural, you will be more accurate and safe with the firearm.

GrabAGun offers an extensive inventory of concealed carry pistols. If you don’t see the model you seek, give our knowledgeable customer service agents a call. We will be glad to locate any available weapon of your choice and apply the GrabAGun discount. That’s one of the GrabAGun advantages our customers enjoy. Thanks for shopping GrabAGun for guns for sale.

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Gun Sales: Buying a Handgun

gun sales

Selecting a Handgun | Gun Sales

When you have decided to buy a handgun, but are undecided on what type to buy read on. The following will give you a brief overview to assist you in narrowing your choices among GrabAGun’s numerous firearms available in gun sales.

First, it must be said that there are two types of handguns among gun sales, semi-automatics and revolvers.

Semi-Automatic Handguns

Semi-automatics are the most popular handgun and account for the majority of gun sales of pistols. There is a reason for that as you will see in the following.

The Pros

  • Semi-Automatics fire one cartridge each time the trigger is pulled and automatically eject the spent casing and are ready to fire another cartridge. Few of us will ever be in a gunfight, but if you are you will be thankful for the extra capacity. If you empty the magazine you simply remove the empty and snap another full magazine in.
  • Depending upon the gun, caliber and your state law, semi-automatics magazines can hold up to 30 rounds of ammo.
  • More accessories are available for semi-autos.
  • Thinner action means they are easier to conceal making them the number one seller among gun sales for a concealed carry.

The Cons

  • Some semi-autos are sensitive to lower grades of ammo which is why it is often suggested that you stick to a brand of ammunition.

The Pros

  • Revolvers are simple guns that come in two kinds, single-action or double action. Single-action revolvers require you to cock the hammer in order to fire. With a double-action revolver you have two choices. You can just pull the trigger to cock and fire, or you can cock the hammer and then fire.
  • They are available in a large number of calibers.
  • Revolvers are easier to clean and maintain than semi-autos.

The Cons

  • Capacity limit of 4-6 rounds for most revolvers. Smaller calibers can carry 7-8. This is in comparison to semi-automatics that can carry up to 30 rounds. Revolvers don’t eject spent casings and take longer to reload than semi-autos.
  • The round cylinder makes them bulky and difficult to conceal for concealed carry.
  • Very few revolvers have safeties. The typical safety precaution used is to keep the cylinder turned to where the firing pin is set to the empty chamber.

Semi-Auto or Revolver Summary

In most cases there is really no reason to pick a revolver over a semi-automatic pistol. Modern semi-automatic pistols are very reliable, easy to use, and offer greater utility than a revolver most of the time. Revolvers make great back up self defense handguns, and do well in certain applications that are not suited for a semi-auto, such as hunting.


From Semi-Automatics and Revolvers come another class of guns to consider-the Derringer. Derringers are very small guns that are easily concealed, and is why they are popular for carry concealed. They are great for concealment but have a limited range and very limited capacity for ammo.

First, derringers are point and shoot guns at close range. The typical derringer only holds 1-2 rounds of ammo.

Modern derringers are considered back-up weapons for up-in-your face self-defense. Law enforcement officers often carry them for back-up.


Regardless of your selection of handgun, if you’re primary goal is personal protection the point is to have a gun, any gun beats none. When you are looking for a concealed weapon it brings it down to those that are easily concealed.

If target practice is the goal it then places you into the weapons of small caliber (cheaper ammo) target specialty weapons that are generally superbly accurate. Of course you can use any gun, but specialty target .22s typically have first class accuracy, and can double up as an awesome squirrel pistol.

The fact is there are guns for every use, but there is no one-gun-fits-all solution. You have to first decide what its primary use is. From there you explore your options, revolver or auto? Then you select caliber, and consider your limitations honestly. You can always move up as you gain experience. GrabAGun offers a very large selection of handguns. Once your decision is made you can order online, or give us a call for direct gun sales.

GrabAGun is your premier source for gun sales. With literally thousands of models of guns for sale, and offering the service of ordering any currently manufactured firearm and still receiving the GrabAGun discount, you can find your gun selection with us. Whether you are seeking your first firearm, or an addition to a large collection we can provide you with the weapon, model and style that you desire. No one else provides this service for gun sales and adds a discount. If we can be of any assistance give us a call.

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Info On Shotguns For Sale

guns for sale

Shotguns 101 | Guns for Sale

When you’re shopping for a shotgun for hunting, clays, skeet or trap, home protection, competition matches or other purposes, GrabAGun has the shotgun you seek. We offer a large selection of quality brands of shotguns, as well as other guns for sale.

Buying your first shotgun? This guide will assist first time buyers in understanding the basics of shotguns. Our knowledgeable customer service agents will be happy to assist you when you have questions regarding any of our guns for sale.

Shotgun Types

  • Single shot shotguns are typically the least expensive but only hold one shell at a time. To fire again, you must to open the breach and insert a new shell. Despite the inconvenience they are a functional tool for many tasks. For a beginner, a single action is a good selection as it provides ample practice with loading and unloading, and time to learn to aim. Single-shot shotguns are very affordable and reliable, and are one of the two most common of guns for sale purchased for beginners.
  • Pump-action shotguns are the most common, and most are of low cost and high reliability. After each shot you must pump the forend to eject the spent shell and load another from the magazine tube into the chamber.
  • Semi-automatic shotguns enable you to fire a round by simply pulling the trigger. An increasing number of models and brands now feature the latest technology for increased comfort, accuracy and reliability. The advantages of the advanced technology are gaining semi-automatics rising popularity among guns for sale.
  • Double barrel shotguns come in two varieties: over-and-under (O/U) with one barrel above another, and side-by-side, in which the barrels are located horizontally.

Shotgun Barrels

Barrel length affects the handling capabilities of the shotgun and the ability to aim the shotgun accurately. Longer barrels swing more smoothly and are more accurate with a longer range.
Shorter barrels are both easier to maneuver in restricted spaces and are quicker to point; they are considered better for combat or home protection, and are used by law enforcement in tactical form. A shorter barrel will produce more flash and noise.


A choke is mounted at the end of the barrel and provides the function of constricting the diameter of the muzzle to create a tighter shot pattern. It maintains a dense enough pattern to engage your target. There are many sizes of chokes, including those that are adjustable for different patterns without having to change the choke.

The choke size determines how wide the pellet spread will be. Wider patterns allow for greater aim error, but it limits the range.

Chokes are fixed or screw-in. Fixed chokes are part of the barrel design and require a gunsmith to change or remove. Screw-in choke insert into the end of a threaded barrel and allows for the use of different sizes of chokes.

Selecting Ammunition

Generally, shotguns are able to shoot two types of ammunition: large single pellets called ‘slugs’ that create a large area of damage, and shells full of smaller pellets called shot, which is useful for hitting small/moving targets.

  • Higher shot numbers indicate smaller size shot; #9 shot birdshot is much smaller than #4. This applies to all ‘categories’ of shot.
  • Shotshells are available in either high-base (AKA high-brass) or low-base loadings. The high-base shells have more powder and are thus more powerful – use them when you need something extra.
  • Shotshells come in various lengths. A shotgun can shoot shells shorter than its chamber (which will be marked on the barrel), but not longer. The longer the shell, the higher the recoil will be.
  • Bore size is the shotguns gauge and affects recoil. The smaller the gauge the greater the recoil as in 12 gauge. The higher the bore the less recoil will be as in 16, 20, 28 gauge, or .410” shotguns. Most people of small stature lacking great strength can handle a 20 gauge or smaller
  • Slugs are useful for hunting large prey within the limits of their range. Only use Sabot slugs in rifled barrels, and use rifled slugs in smooth-bore barrels.

Determine the ammunition you need based upon purpose:

• For small game or clay targets, purchase small shot, # 9 to 4 for example.

• For larger game, such as ducks or geese, purchase the larger #5 shot up to #2 shot.

• For prey and game, such as coyotes or deer use buckshot or slugs. Keep in mind sabot slugs are only for rifled barrels and use rifled slugs for smooth barrels.

GrabAGun offers a large selection of shotguns as well as a full range of other guns for sale, gun parts and accessories, hunting, archery supplies and much more. Shop our site and if you fail to find a specific model of guns for sale that you seek, give us a call. We can order any currently produced guns for sale, and will apply the GrabAGun discount.

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Types of Gun Holsters

gun holsters for sale online

Gun Holsters | Gun Shops

To the uninitiated it may not seem so complicated, find a holster your gun will fit into right? Wrong – there are many factors to consider when shopping for gun holsters whether online or in local gun shops.

The first consideration is gun to holster fit. Ensure the holster you purchase is made for the firearm you are buying it for, as well as the accessories installed on it such as laser.

Next, the holster needs to secure the pistol when it is not in use. A hooded holster can prevent dangerous accidental discharges from coat strings, zippers, lipstick or other objects. GrabAGun offers an extensive selection of holsters for sale, more than any other gun shops online or local.

An additional consideration is that a holster must allow fast access to the weapon when it’s needed. This is especially important for law enforcement and security personnel. Fumbling to get a gun out of the holster can cost you your life, or that of a loved one. This is another reason for a proper fitting holster for your gun.

Next, consider how and where the holster will be worn. This can vary greatly and depends upon the wearer. If you’re an individual with a concealed carry pistol the choice is yours as long as it’s adequately concealed, but law enforcement have regulations to follow.

Gun holsters are of varying degrees of quality. You need a holster that is safely functional, efficient and long lasting. Considering a good holster protects the gun, provides fast access, secures the gun and fits as comfortable as possible, it is wise to spend the extra money for a good holster. Shop our site and save money vs. buying from local gun shops.

Good gun holsters will make it harder for an assailant to easily lift your pistol from the holster, yet will provide fast access for yourself. The “level of retention” refers to the number of features to keep the gun in the holster. For example, level two provides two features for keeping the gun in the holster. The more features a holster has will slow the draw, while on the other hand a holster with little or no level of retention enables an assailant to easily remove the gun from the holster. It becomes a matter of choice as well as the level of risk you are willing to take. Many police officers prefer level one-or single retention gun holsters for this reason.

Smooth draw is essential; a gun that snags on straps or other objects can not only damage the weapon but may cause accidental discharge with potential injury or death. Try out new holsters on the range to ensure a smooth draw. This precaution will prevent injury and save lives.

Having a holster is especially important for weapons with no safety. A strap engaging a light trigger upon draw can result in accidental discharge. The holster needs to provide a smooth transition to re-holster single handedly. This is especially important for law enforcement who often have to re-holster a weapon with one hand.

Concealed Carry Holsters

Concealed carry holsters are designed to provide concealment of concealed carry pistols. It is important to realize that concealed means concealed at all times. It is not good enough to intend to conceal. Accidental bulges and little reveals when you sit down or bend over are not allowed. This means a well-fitting holster is a necessity, and wearing a coat, long shirttails or blouses are absolutely essential. The gun must not bulge or be in view (not even accidental) for even a moment.

You will want the same desirable factors in this type of holster as any other, with the addition of concealment. How you carry it will be an important consideration in selection. If you carry your pistol in a purse or briefcase and have small children in the home, it is wise to have a gun with two or more safeties, as well as a hooded holster and a high level of retention factor. When shopping online or at gun shops look for these features and help to keep your children safe.

It is also standard advice for home’s with children is to have a trigger guard and never have a loaded gun in the house, and to keep all guns out of reach, or locked away. Just because your child minds well doesn’t mean he/she will obey the rule about guns. It only takes one mistake to end a life. Compare our prices before you purchase a holster from the local gun shops.

Service and Duty Holsters

Duty holsters are either passive retention or active retention systems. Passive systems feature devices that must be manually engaged such as a thumb break, which is simply a strap that is snapped open with your thumb. The passive system is the most common holster available online or in gun shops.

An active system is an automatic locking system or ALS that locks the pistol into place when it is re-holstered. You must disengage the retention when you are ready to draw. These systems help prevent guns from falling out of holsters. Finding a balance between safety and retention vs. fast access is the key, and it is a matter of personal choice. If you are unable to find this type of holster at any local gun shops, shop our site or give us a call.

Very few gun shops are able to carry the large selection available with GrabAGun. Feel free to contact us for questions regarding a specific holster.

GrabAGun is your premier source of guns for sale. We offer one of the nation’s largest selections of guns and accessories available online or in gun shops. Our available inventory doesn’t stop there though. We will be happy to get a price quote on any available firearm and apply the GrabAGun discount. Give us a call, our helpful customer service agents will be happy to help you.

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Guns For Sale – .44 Magnum


The .44 Magnum | Guns for Sale

.44 Magnum Pistol

Although known and marketed as a .44 caliber, the .44 Magnum is actually a .429-.430 caliber. The .44 designation is a relic term from the late 19th century, when bullets were measured on the outside of the cartridge, not the inside of the cartridge. The .44 fires a large, heavy cartridge at high velocity for a pistol. In full power, it produces such heavy recoil and muzzle blast that most police officers find it unsuitable as a duty weapon due to the difficulty and fatigue related to using it for rapid fire. Even with the heavy recoil, the .44 has its following, and that isn’t including Dirty Harry. GrabAGun offers a large selection of various models and brands of the .44 Magnum guns for sale.

As a .44 Magnum household, I can tell you from experience, it is a hard hitting and accurate weapon. One that not just anyone can fire, but those who can, aren’t lacking in the ability to defend themselves efficiently against any attacker, man or beast. It is these beasts stopping power that makes the .44 Magnum popular among guns for sale.

.44 Magnum Carbines and Rifles

The .44 Magnum has been surpassed by larger bores, but the .44 remains popular among hunters for its ability to kill big game. Hunters prefer to use heavy, flat point bullets at moderate velocities for penetrating undergrowth with minimal deflection.

The Old West spurred the convenience of same caliber pistol/rifles chambered in the same ammo. The famous .44-40 Winchester cartridge was a precursor of the Magnum loads. Today, .44 rifles and carbines are available in numerous brands, and the flash and recoil are not the problem they are in the handgun. It is true of almost any gun, a larger caliber in a smaller gun will have more recoil than the same caliber in a long gun.

The .44 Magnum began as a revolver, but today there a handful of semi-automatic rifles available. In 1959 the first .44 Magnum semi-automatic carbine was introduced and was followed by a lever action .44 Magnum. With the longer barrels, carbines generate a higher velocity than the revolver handguns with the same ammunition. Shop our pistols and rifles section to view the .44 Magnum guns for sale.

The .44 Magnum has good accuracy, producing groups at 3 to 4 inches at 50 yards. Heavy hunting ammo drops significantly at 100 yards and this is maximum range recommended for a humane kill when hunting.

GrabAGun offers the .44 Magnum pistol in both revolver and semi-automatic. You will find brands by Charter Arms, Cimarron Firearms, Magnum Research, Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Taurus and others in a large variety of models. Visit our accessories category to view magazines and holsters. You will also find the .44 Magnum among our rifles for sale in semi-automatic and lever-action guns for sale.

GrabAGun offers an extensive selection of guns for sale. Whether you are looking for pistols for sale, shotguns for sale, or rifles for sale GrabAGun provides the best price. Shop our site, if you fail to find the gun and model you desire, give our knowledgeable customer service agents a call. If we don’t have it listed in our inventory, we will locate the gun and provide you with the GrabAGun discount. Our site also offers a large selection of gun accessories and gun parts for your convenience. Thanks for visiting GrabAGun.

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Gun Sales | Side by Side Shotguns


Side by Side Shotguns | Gun Sales

Side by side shotguns (S x S) have always had a loyal following, but for quite some time the price for a good side by side has been prohibitive for many. Today, the side by side shotgun is making a comeback and manufacturers are responding by offering the S X S among their gun sales.

You may wonder why purchase an obsolete gun, until you realize the S x S has advantages you will not receive in the pump-action or semi-automatic shotguns.

First of all, the side by side shotgun is so simple that a first time shooter can learn to use it in less than a minute. It is easier to operate than any pump action or semi-automatic shotgun. This alone offers a healthy market of young and inexperienced shooters shopping among gun sales.

Second, the S x S lacks any action. This makes it shorter, lighter and easier to operate. These are the features stimulating the growing popularity of the S x S as a home defense weapon. It is much easier to move through the tight halls, and furniture packed rooms of the home. Its small size and maneuverability is a plus when hunting in dense vegetation and forests. Whether for home defense or hunting, the S X S has its place with a growing number of fans selecting it from among gun sales.

Third, side by side’s the break action enables you to use non-standard shells that don’t cycle very well in other shotguns. If the shell will fit and close it is very likely to fire.

With two separate barrels and triggers on the side by side, you are able to use a mixed load. For example, you can use buckshot in one and birdshot in the other. This adds an additional benefit for hunters.

It is very rare for a S x S to jam a shell. That is a big plus in any experienced shooters view. Due to the S X S’s simplicity, on the rare occasions a jam has occurred, it is a 1-2 second fix. Reliability and its simplicity provide a strong factor fueling the S X S’s guns sales.

Short shells is a frequently used ammo in home defense. The short shells provide a light recoil that is ideal for youth and novices lacking experience, or those who can’t use a weapon with heavy recoil. Novices typically love the S X S, as the light recoil helps them to gain accuracy, as well as enables them to keep practicing without fatigue. No one wants to shoot a gun where they consistently miss due to heavy recoil and fatigue.

The primary disadvantage of the S x S is its limited ammunition, as it only provides 2 shots before you must reload. That is actually good for novices, it gives them more experience in loading. The other disadvantage is you must leave it unloaded in a home with children due to safety issues. For the right person the S X S has plenty of advantages. It is easy to use, dependable, effective and an awful lot of fun to shoot, and provides a comfortable session on the range.

Shop GrabAGun for an extensive selection of side by side shotguns for sale, as well as other guns for sale. Offering a tremendous variety of brands with pricing to fit any budget, you will find our prices to be the best available. Shop with GrabAGun for all of your needs in gun sales, as well as gun parts & accessories.

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New Guns For Sale

new guns for sale

Developing Technology | Guns for Sale

Guns for sale are not the only firearms related product getting attention lately. In 2013 a Texas based manufacturer called “Tracking Point” introduced a new sighting and integrated rifle system. The ongoing development of this technology has the potential to provide a new page in firearms related history.

The system features a video screen scope with an internal laser rangefinder. The rangefinder measures the distance to the target, and utilizing the latest technology available, factors in air density, barometric pressure, incline/decline, cant, spin drift, target movement, temperature and Coriolis Effect (the effect of the earth’s rotation on a bullets trajectory). An onboard computer then factors this data in with the stored ballistic and firearm information and produces a ballistic solution. The unit compensates for wind drift, but wind speed must be manually entered. This system has been said to provide the public with the greatest leap in advanced firearms technology in years.

The shooter next aligns the target in the crosshair for the point of impact, then pushes and releases a button to tag the target. The information is then transferred to the computer, the video screen image self-adjusts to compensate, allowing the shooter to aim the center of the reticle at the shot location and fire. The unit has video recording capability and allows the scope view to be seen on an iPad or iPhone. The software to enable this is available at the App Store.

The rifle trigger system and Tracking Point are integrated, preventing the rifle from firing until the point of aim and the previous tag are aligned.

The Tracking Point system with the rifle is available among guns for sale at an approximate cost of $22,000 to $28,000.

Remington negotiated with Tracking Point upon a system of lower cost and modifications. The resulting Remington 2020 lacks some of the Tracking Points capabilities but it does have the majority of the features. The 2020 doesn’t use an integrated trigger system and will fire independently of the system. The integrated trigger system was the point that many persons objected to and the 2020 eliminates it in Remington’s selected guns for sale utilizing the system.

Currently Remington’s guns for sale available with the 2020 is matched with Bushmaster Varminter rifle in .223 Rem, and with Remington Model 700 LR in .30-06 Springfield or the Model 700 SPS Tactical in .308 Win. at $5,575. While the laser finder is capable of measuring out to 750 yards, the systems software is set up to measure out to 500 yards on the available guns for sale with the hunting market in mind.

The 2020 features target speed and range, ammo selection, mode selection, incline and a “check scope” reminder symbol. Also included are wind setting, recording time remaining, Wi-Fi status, battery status, battery selected status, tag off screen indicator, inclination, time date, zoom level compass, barometric pressure, temperature and cant (tilt).

When the crosshair is aligned on the tag and the gun is ready to fire, the crosshair changes from blue to red, giving the go ahead to fire. If the shooter moves the crosshair off of the tag, it will change back to blue indicating that the tag location is not aligned. Some flexibility is allowed in the size of the target zone within the parameters of 0.1 minute-of-angle (m.o.a.) to 4 m.o.a. This prevents the shooter from being required to exactly zero in on the tag location.

Unlike the Tracking Point, the tag and crosshair do not have to be aligned for the gun to fire. This is preferred by some who like its advantages but want a gun that provides the option of shooting independent of the system when looking for guns for sale.

The Remington 2020 has three modes. Advanced Targets for stationary targets, Advanced Movers for moving targets that will allow for a target moving up to 10 m.p.h. You aim where you want to hit and the scope provides the calculations and adjustments for lead. Traditional Mode is a mil-dot reticle with a 100-yard zero. The rangefinder still works in this mode, but the computer makes no changes and the scope functions more or less like any other scope for a long shot.

Preliminary reviews claim center hits for 500 yards with the Remington 2020, and 750 yards for the original Tracking Point in .300 Win. Magnum. Close groupings of 2.8 inches and 100% hits even with a swinger plate, provides an accurate system for guns for sale sporting the 2020 system.

The cons of the system are first, video screen washout in bright sunlight, the same as occurs with a digital camera or an iPhone. Image quality is not optimal in long range targets on zoom and tagging was difficult in poor lighting, targets with contrasting color and in dappled sunlight. The manufacturer is already working on solutions for these issues.

Overall, most shooters are quite happy with the excellent end results. Those who have reviewed it feel it is the best system available ensuring a one shot hit at long range, and that it is worthy of long time shooters trying it out. In addition, as is typical with developing technology the kinks are likely to be worked out.

With new technology it is also typical for the buyers-or the lack of buyers to make the determination of whether or not a product hangs around long enough to be perfected. Those who have taken the time to try the system, think it is well worth it when compared to other options available for guns for sale.

GrabAGun is the premier source for online guns for sale, gun parts and accessories. As one of the nation’s leading suppliers providing one of the largest inventories, GrabAGun’s offerings extend beyond our listed products. Give our friendly customer service agents a call for any currently manufactured guns for sale and we will locate it, and provide you with the GrabAGun discount.

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Why Buy Guns For Sale?


Why You Should Own A Gun | Guns for Sale

In the United States, we have the Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. We hear a lot of dissent on the second amendment’s meaning, those against guns say the founders only meant guns for the militia. Given the choice, they would likely put an end to any guns for sale.

This blog isn’t about the political cloud of gun control, and you can read all you need to know to support your rights to own guns in the Federalist Papers.

This blog is about why you should have a gun. Let’s begin with the most obvious, and the most common reason for people who have never had guns before to purchase their first guns for sale.


Everyone has the right to protect their life, and apparently a large number of people agree. The evidence is in the shortage of ammo and guns for sale, as well as the numbers being sold.

Our Constitution ensures us the right of self-defense. If you reach for a pan handle and it is hot you draw your hand away from it. That’s a natural reaction and purely common sense. So is defending yourself against someone who wants to kill you. Self-defense alone is reason enough to own a gun.

Assuming you have the opportunity to call the police, you simply can’t count on them being there in time. Especially not with the budget cuts most law enforcement have been forced to deal with for the past eight years. Own a gun, train with it and don’t be a victim. Shop our site for the best prices on guns for sale, you have the right to defend yourself.

Protection Against Tyranny

Tyranny is the reason for the second amendment. Tyranny was the reason for the Revolution. Read the Federalist Papers numbers 28, 29 and 46 if you have any doubts at all of the founders intentions for the second amendment. The Supreme Court and federal judges keep a copy on their desk to help them understand Constitutional cases, so yes, it is Constitutional law.

Protection Against the Invasion by a Foreign Nation

Our guns may be the only thing preventing an invasion by enemies of our country. Even if enemy troops conquered our military, there is an estimated 300 million guns in the U.S., or about one gun per person. It will definitely give them something to think about before they attempt occupation.

Small groups of guerilla styled citizens could put a world of hurt on occupied enemy forces. Think about that the next time you shop guns for sale, and are debating what type of gun to buy.


There are a number of activities that involve firearms. Hunting, clay, trap and skeet, and the competition match. A large number of people enjoy going to the range and punching holes in targets. If you are shopping for a recreational firearm, we have guns for sale for any and all activities.

Hunters form a large portion of armed Americans, and as different game requires different guns hunters typically own several firearms.

Target shooting is a popular sport, and can be a means of building self esteem, concentration and patience. It is very satisfying to see shots place where you want them to go. Competition matches can take it a little further and create dedication and inner strength. The dedication to practice as much as it takes for your team to win, and inner strength to work for it until it is achieved.

Guns also give a young person a goal to shoot for (pardon the pun). Those who love target practice will work harder to display the responsible behavior that will earn them the right to shoot. When they push the limits of rules, being grounded from shooting is a way to encourage them to obey the rules.

My youngest spent a year grounded from his BB gun for shooting lunch box juice cartons on the window sill (screen removed) shooting from the inside of his bedroom. After the year was up, we went over the rules and safety again. He never killed any more boxed juices and always followed the rules and precautions. All the rules, not just those involving guns.

When he was older and using a .22, we had target shoots in the back yard once a week and always capped it off with a trip to the theater, or a favorite restaurant. It was good times that he remembers to this day, even though he is 29 now. We still punch some targets together now and then.

There are dozens of reasons for owning a gun, these are the most common reasons. With gun ownership comes the duty of responsibility and gun safety. If you’ve never owned a gun before, be fully informed of both. Take classes beyond those required for a permit, you will be a better shot, a better prepared shooter, and a more responsible gun owner. By doing so, you also help to keep the second amendment intact.

Keep in mind, if you never own a gun you will always be a potential victim.

GrabAGun offers an extensive selection of guns for sale. You will find thousands of fine quality firearms on our site, gun parts & accessories, hunting and camping supplies, archery supplies and much more. You will find we have the lowest prices available on guns for sale and much more.

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The Difference Between Military and Civilian Guns For Sale


Guided Bullets, Rescue Robots, and Force Fields | Guns for Sale

This information is publicly available. Refer to for further information on Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) research. These weapons are not available to the civilian population. The advancements in military weaponry serve to underscore how far apart military weapons are growing from the guns for sale available to civilians. DARPA’s research is often the subject of what used to be only science fiction.

Supporters of gun control often say civilians shouldn’t be allowed to have “military guns”. We know we don’t and are aware of the differences. There is even less comparison of the up and coming “smart gun technology” of military guns and current civilian guns for sale. Our enemies may not respect us, but by gosh, before it is over they will sure respect our military’s new weapons.

Extreme Accuracy Tasked Ordnance (EXACTO) Military snipers are often faced with difficult tasks and extreme environmental challenges. Snipers need to be accurate and able to connect with a moving target. For snipers, each shot fired that doesn’t take out the mark is a risk, a risk to himself and his fellow soldiers. Soldiers have access to great guns, but a switch that enables them to be automatic is one of the main differences between the guns of the military and the guns for sale available to civilians. That is all about to change.

The Extreme Accuracy Tasked Ordnance (EXACTO) system has the goal of allowing the sniper to fire at a greater distance, and to provide faster contact with the target. The EXACTO program’s goal is to develop the very first guided small-caliber bullet with a longer range and faster speed. The EXACTO .50 caliber BMG round and optical sighting technology provide significantly extended range, day or night, and is far superior to the most advanced current sniper systems. The system combines a bullet with a real-time guidance system to track and deliver the projectile to the target. The bullet is capable of adjusting its trajectory during flight to circumvent and correct for any interfering factors that would otherwise result in a missed target. I seriously doubt you will be finding this system in any civilian guns for sale. Phase II involved the development of the systems technology, while phase III will provide live-fire test and technology refinement to enhance and improve performance.

The Battlefield Optical Surveillance System The Battlefield Optical Surveillance System (BOSS) was developed for DARPA by the U.S. Air Force’s Phillips Laboratory, and is a HMMWV mounted laser surveillance and deterrence system. It was developed to detect and to deter hostiles. Its advanced sensors can detect a sniper, day or night before he has ever fired his weapon, and provides a high resolution image. Acoustical detection may be developed and added at a later time.

British Technology

The British military scientists are developing an electrical armor that uses electricity to repel rockets, shrapnel and other damage inducing projectiles. The technology utilizes super-capacitors into a vehicles armor where the energy of the super-capacitor is discharged onto the vehicle’s exterior metal plating when an incoming threat is detected by the vehicle. This discharge produces a powerful electromagnetic field, repelling incoming threats. Currently the “force field” only lasts for milliseconds, with the super-capacitor recharging in an unspecified amount of time.

The Iron Curtain

DARPA has also developed its own protection system called the “Iron Curtain”. It operates by detecting incoming fire and projectiles and destroying it just before it reaches the vehicle resulting in less damage than if the object had impacted.

DARPA Robotics

Robotics is another field DARPA is active in, from the development of the Legged Squad Support System (LS3) to carry heavy equipment for troops, to the development of robots to work in man made disaster for human extraction using tools (I like to call them rescue robots), to the expectation that within the next few decades robots will likely replace 25% of total soldiers.

DARPA researchers are active in many things, their website lists human-machine interfaces under the Biological Technologies Office among other projects. They are also working on prosthesis that will not only provide a functional limb for amputees. but a limb that can provide the amputee with the ability to “feel”. The military’s always had a hand in fueling advances in battle technologies to benefit our military, advance the objectives and provide advantages that not only save lives but win the war.

Guns for sale have always been based upon firearms that were first developed for the military. DARPA isn’t all about war, intelligence and bioscience technologies, but also rescue technology, medical advancements, national security and it is a good bet that if DARPA isn’t already developing technologies to deal with extinction event asteroids, that one day they – or someone like them will be. For all of our advances in medicine over the past 50 years, medical research remains underfunded and undermanned, leaving modern medicine not as progressive as science tends to be in other areas. There still remains a great deal that is unknown within the human body, leaving uncharted territories to be explored, much as there are in space. In the end, perhaps the greatest mysteries are as much of those lying within ourselves, as it is those lying outside of our world.

We hope you enjoyed this glimpse into the developing technologies for our military who risk their lives with every mission to maintain freedom and human rights around the world. Visit the above link for more information on DARPA and its research, and shop GrabAGun when shopping for guns for sale. GrabAGun is your online supplier of guns for sale. Whether you are shopping for a pistol, shotgun or rifle our vast inventory of guns for sale will likely provide the firearm you seek with the GrabAGun discounted price. If you fail to find the guns for sale that you seek, give us a call. We will locate it and apply the GrabAGun discount for any firearms available today.

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Manufacturers of Popular Guns For Sale Are Moving

manufacturers of popular guns for sale are moving

Remington Arms | Guns for Sale

The migration southward by gun manufacturers and industry continues to develop. The Remington Outdoor Company (ROC) revealed the names of eight other ROC owned facilities that will join Remington in their new Huntsville, Alabama facility. Remington Spokesperson Teddy Novin cited the move by other ROC campanies will “…concentrate our resources into fewer locations and improve manufacturing efficiency and quality…”. All of the companies are in the gun industry, some of which are gun manufacturers of popular guns for sale such as the AR-15 style of semi-automatic rifles.

Unsurprisingly, one of the facilities that is relocating is Remington R1 (1911), manufacturer of the American icon, the 1911 pistol. They are relocating from Illion, New York. Other’s that will join Remington in Alabama at their new 500,000 sq. ft. Huntsville facility include:

  • TAPCO, manufacturer of tactical weapons gear, are relocating from neighboring Kennesaw, Georgia.
  • LAR Manufacturing, manufacturer of the LAR Grizzly T-50 .50 BMG rifles and LAR OPS-4 AR-15 upper receivers are relocating from West Jordan, Utah.
  • PARA US, manufacturer of high performance pistols for competition matches. They are relocating from Pineville, North Carolina.
  • Defense Procurement Manufacturing Services (DPMS), the second largest manufacturer of AR-15 styled rifles. DPMS rifles are used by law enforcement, the miltary, border patrol officers and civilians worldwide. They are relocating from St. Cloud, Minnesota.
  • Advanced Armament Corp (AAC), manufacturer of firearms from .22 LR to .50 BMG caliber of guns for sale, as well as sound suppressors and ammunition. Relocating from Lawrenceville, Georgia
  • Bushmaster, best known for its manufacture of its AR-15 guns for sale, relocating from Illion, New York.
  • Montana Rifleman, manufacturer of gun barrels is relocating from Kalispell, Montana.
  • Remington currently owns 19 facilities in the United States, including those that will be relocating to the new Huntsville location.

Though the plant won’t open until 2015, Remington has already posted 20 jobs on its website and has made its first hire. The facility will employ 2,000 workers.

Founded in 1816 in New York, Remington is one of the nation’s oldest and largest gun manufacturer, offering guns for sale as well as ammunition, gun accessories and other gun related products. Remington has a history of diversity and onnovation. Lets look at a few of the little known facts about Remington:

  • September 1873-Remington & Sons produce the first Remington typewriters. When the business was sold it eventually became Sperry-Rand.
  • 1888-The Remington plant would produce sewing machines and cash registers. In 1931 Remington sold the cash register company to the National Cash Register Company.

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