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There is one in almost every collector’s inventory, every hunter’s safe, every rancher’s closet and most trail rider’s scabbard. You find them slung on the backs or in the packs of backpackers headed for a camp and a little time away from the hustle and bustle of city life. They are displayed in the rear windows of pickup trucks (where it’s still legal) and find their way in wrapping paper and bows at Christmas and on birthdays, and are high on the gun sales list. By now you have probably guessed that I am speaking of .22 rifles.

For a great many of gun owners there are warm memories of youthful days with a .22 rifle. By today’s standards, its rimfire technology is obsolete claiming a family line back to 1845. Yet it maintains a large fan base, and that number is growing both on and off the practice range despite the difficulty in obtaining ammunition in some regions. Typically, gun shops sell out within minutes of receiving their latest shipment of .22 ammunition.

The .22 rifles are made by a large number of manufacturers, and almost any budget can find a good .22 caliber within their range. The popularity of the weapon and its increasing number among gun sales ensures its continued availability.

There are several reasons for the increasing number of gun sales among the .22, and one of those is due to the relatively low cost of the .22 cal. rifle, and its low cost ammo. A full day of practice is affordable if you’re using the .22 cartridge.

The next reason for its popularity is because the .22 is a quiet shooter and has hardly any recoil to speak of. You can shoot the .22 without the fatigue and pain that comes from other guns.

Its light weight is another reason for its popularity, some more so than others. They are easily carried in a hand, on a sling, in rifle scabbards on trail horses and four wheelers, and many backpackers carry the youth rifle in their backpacks.

Yet another reason for the guns popularity is because generally the .22 is a very reliable and accurate weapon. There are those who will debate its accuracy, but in 49 years of shooting I have only fired one .22 rifle that wasn’t center target accurate, and I have fired a lot of .22 rifles of almost every brand.

Those who debate its accuracy also debate its range. It is only common sense that a small caliber rifle has a shorter range than larger caliber weapons. Though many may not like to admit it, accuracy has as much to do with the shooter as the alignment of your sights.

As for range-every gun has its niche, and distance is one of those choices that you select a particular gun for. You don’t jump into gun sales without having an idea of the purpose. Know the range you expect to get out of it before you buy. If you know you will use the rifle for hunting moose or deer at potentially long range across a field, buy a 30-06 rather than a .22 cal. for example.

The .22 rifle is a generally reasonably priced gun, some of them are just flat out cheap to buy compared to other gun sales, they are cheap to shoot, and are many peoples preferred small game gun. Besides that it is just plain fun to shoot. The .22 caliber rifle maintains its place and purpose among the rifles for sale, and I don’t see that fading any time soon. After all, it has been around for 169 years and it is still going strong.

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