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Ruger is America’s fourth largest gun manufacturer and well known for its durable and serviceable firearms. With its focus upon quality, dependability and innovations made to increase comfort and service, the Ruger name has become synonymous with rugged endurance among modern guns for sale. Select Ruger pistols are now on sale at GrabAGun at incredibly low prices. Shop our selection our guns for sale and check out our clearance section for tremendous savings on guns and accessories.

The following are a brief overview of some of our clearance sale offerings of Ruger pistols.

Ruger GP 100 .357 Magnum SS

The super reliable GP 100 is a six-shot double action revolver manufactured for strength and performance, creating one of the strongest medium frame revolvers ever manufactured. As for its stopping power – it is a .357 Magnum; you won’t be receiving any complaints from an assailant.

Ruger LC380 ACP

A step above the basic Ruger LCP, the LC380 ACP incorporates the advanced design elements of the LC9. Designed for concealed carry, you can conceal the LC380 in your hand, and when holstered it conceals well. Easy to shoot and light on recoil, the LC380 pistol provides the protection you need for self-defense. As it is with almost any compact firearm, sights are rather difficult to see due to their small size. A laser takes care of that, or a bit of red paint to the sights. Laser Max is available on some models.

Ruger LC9 9mm

Slightly larger than the LC .380, the Ruger LC9 provides a little more gun to hold onto for those with larger hands. The firearm is a double-action semi-automatic pistol designed for concealed carry. The LC9 uses a 7 or 9 round box magazine, and an adjustable 3-dot sight.

Ruger SR1911 .45 ACP

Modeled after the classic M1911 pistol this semi-automatic, single-action firearm provides nice groupings and is a quality constructed and attractive firearm. The barrel and bushings are produced from the same bar of stainless steel for optimal quality. The 1911 and its modern variants never grow old to those who want classic quality in guns for sale.

Ruger Vaquero 357 Magnum

A six-shot single action revolver based on the .357 Magnum New Model Ruger Blackhawk frame. The Vaquero answers the demand for a single action revolver in traditional western style for Cowboy Action Shooting or for those history fans who desire a bit of Old West nostalgia.

Ruger MKIII .22 LR 22/45 Lite

The Ruger MKIII is a lightweight concealed carry semi-automatic pistol with an upper receiver of aircraft grade aluminum threaded for a compensator or a suppressor. In addition, it features replaceable grips and is drilled and tapped for a Weaver rail section.

GrabAGun offers a large selection of guns for sale. Whether you are planning to purchase pistols for sale, a rifle or shotgun, we offer thousands of firearms to select from. In addition, we offer hunting supplies, archery, gun accessories and parts including AR-15 accessories and parts. If after shopping our site, you do not find the specific model of firearm with the features you desire, give us a call. We offer guns for sale beyond those available on our site. We will locate the firearm you seek, and apply the GrabAGun discount. Thanks for shopping with GrabAGun.

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