Eight Must-Have AR-15 Accessories

One of the best reasons to own an AR-15 is so that you can outfit it with all the parts you want to make it truly your own. There are thousands of accessories, creating millions of different possible weapon customizations. Some owners even buy all of their AR-15 parts separately, then construct the firearm at home. Whether you are building your weapon from scratch or upgrading a new or old model you own, here are some AR-15 parts to help you customize your rifle to be one hell of a weapon.

AR Uppers

Perhaps the most recognizable part of your AR-15 rifle is its rail/upper. Here is where many of the accessories you attach to your weapon will be found. AR-15 uppers can be any range of items. Some of the big ones include:

  • Sights and optics. What you intend to do with your rifle (hunting, sport shooting, home defense, etc.) will help dictate which of the many rifle scopes you want to put on your firearm. Typically, there are some base iron sights that can stock out most versions of the AR, but you can upgrade to some of the more advanced sighting options available, like red dot or optical scopes.
  • Sound suppressors. These attach to the end of the barrel, so we are including them on the list here. They can be a great way to improve your hunting trips or just reduce some of the noise damage you inflict on your ears. Though there are many myths and misconceptions surrounding owning a silencer, they are not illegal to own in the United States. Reducing the noise emitted from your weapon makes you a better neighbor and a more conscientious weapon owner.

AR Lowers

On the lower, you can find the trigger housing including the trigger guard and butt of the weapon. AR-15 lowers do not make as noticeable visual changes as the uppers do, but this is where the feel of the weapon in your grip can really be adjusted.

  • AR Triggers. Another accessory that many people might not think to customize is the trigger; if you’ve spent any time shooting a firearm, though, you’ll know that triggers can vary greatly. The main way they differ is in the amount of pressure required to make the weapon fire. There are also several types of actions, such as single or double, that can impact the trigger. You can put the trigger you desire on your AR so you know exactly what is required to make your weapon fire.
  • AR Stocks. Sometimes called the buttstock or shoulder stock, this is the part of the rifle that makes contact with your shoulder. Having a stock that rests firmly and comfortably on your shoulder is ideal for any sustained shooting. This can impact your ability to shoot accurately and effectively if you do not have the stock you need. Not only that, but this can also alter the appearance of your AR.

AR Magazines

Extra ammunition is always a good idea. The ability to access it quickly is an even better idea. That’s part of the reason that AR-15 magazines make the list. Like pretty much everything else for the AR, there is a wealth of options to select from. You will want to think about the size and material that the magazine is made out of when determining which is right for you.

AR Slings

An AR sling might seem like an insignificant addition to your assault rifles, but carry your weapon in your hands for a couple hours while out on the hunt and you will reconsider choosing a sling. Not only will it make your firearm more comfortable to carry, but the right sling can allow you to access your weapon more efficiently when you need to have it in firing position quickly.

AR-15 accessories can distinctly change the form and function of your weapon. Once you have a good grasp on how you intend to use your rifle and what feels comfortable when you shoot, you can begin to outfit your AR with some of the many accessories you can find. Once you do, you will have a weapon that is completely customized to your needs and that is uniquely your own.

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