Best Survival Guns for When Things Go Wrong


Best Survival Guns for When Things Go Wrong

Apocalyptic media is everywhere: movies, books, TV shows, etc. Societies crumbling and civilization as we know it ending is a hot topic for a reason. Millions of people around the world view these doomsday scenarios as viable possibilities. If they were to happen, do you know how to properly prepare for nuclear fallout, war, a deadly epidemic, or even another massive meteor colliding with Earth? These situations are not as far-fetched as some media sources may lead you to believe. Not all of us can be the next Rick Grimes if any of these situations take place, so it is better to be well prepared. A real question you need to know the answer to is what are the best survival guns you should have readily available when things go horribly wrong.

What to Consider When Selecting a Firearm

Before we start analyzing why a certain firearm would be superior to another, it is better to understand some of the situations presented in a post-apocalyptic world. Though we cannot plan for every instance we might find ourselves in, there are some basic uses that will be common for many scenarios.


  • Against small predators
  • Against large predators
  • Against fellow man


  • Against large game
  • Against small game

Ranged Advantage

  • Easily Concealable/Emergency

If you look at the variety of uses you may need a firearm for, you quickly realize that there is not an ultimate firearm capable of performing perfectly in all of these circumstances. A Glock 19 would be utilized in different cases than an AR-15 would, and vice versa. Once you realize that an ultimate firearm does not exist, what you want to do is find firearms that can be used for multiple functions.

Another aspect to consider when determining which firearms you want to carry is the availability of ammunition. Some of the most common and widely used calibers of ammunition include:

Widely believed to be the all-around go-to survival ammunition, the .22 caliber is produced by almost every ammunition manufacturer and is available for most models of both handguns and rifles.

This is the primary round issued to American military personnel. Nearly every military installation and firearms factory, not to mention millions of residences, are home to the 5.56 NATO.

The shotgun is arguably the best defense firearm, and its shells come in a variety of shells for hunting. A popular firearm of law enforcement and hunters, there should be no problem finding a stockpile of 12-gauge shells.

Considered by many to be the most widely used pistol around the world, there should be ample supplies of the 9mm no matter what country you find yourself in. Though predominantly found in pistols, some 9mm rounds are made for rifles.

With a reputation for its dependable accuracy and significant power for a civilian firearm, the .308 is basically the open-market manufactured version of the 7.62x51mm NATO round. Common for hunting and found in most AR-10 and some AR-15 versions, this is a round with many functions.

There are plenty of other makes that might suit your needs, but for overall availability and use, these are some of the best options around.

Do your research and find the firearms you feel comfortable with when things go wrong. The worst might not happen, but luck always favors the prepared.


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