Choosing The Right Gun Holster

gun holsters
Gun holsters provide protection to the handgun, as well as providing a ready access to the weapon while securing its retention. The individual’s needs must be considered when choosing gun holsters as access and security are often contradictory. Achieving the correct balance between these two factors is an important consideration when choosing a defensive weapon holster, where failure to access the weapon quickly or loss of the weapon due to insufficient retention could result in serious injury or death to the user.

The design of gun holsters have improved providing a better fit for the carry location using modern ergonomics and providing ambidextrous holsters for users.

Modern holsters are broken down into four broad categories by use: duty holsters worn by police officers and security personnel; tactical holsters worn by military, security and law enforcement personnel; concealed carry holsters worn by plainclothes law enforcement officers and private individuals; and sporting holsters worn by competition shooters and hunters.

Specialty Holsters

The improved design of most gun holsters of today include ambidextrous holsters for left and right handed draw, provide for a smooth draw with contoured and ergonomic design for the best fit and comfort. Holster options include many popular varieties including ankle holsters, paddle holsters, belt holsters, inside the pants holsters, inside the pocket holsters, shoulder harness systems comprised of cross chest carry and tuxedo shoulder harness systems with padded load bearing, sleeveless shirt holsters and thumbdrive holsters. Other choices include bedside table, magnetic and fanny pack holsters among others.

Concealed Carry Gun Holsters

Concealment holsters, also called concealed carry holsters are designed to be easily concealed, unobtrusive, lightweight and comfortable. Concealment holsters are designed to be worn under clothing and is positioned close to the body, and designed to distribute the pressure across a wider area and prevent discomfort of the skin, as well as to help break up the outline of the weapon under clothing. For pocket holsters often feature a nap, or rougher surface on the external side to hold the holster in place when drawing the pistol.

Sporting & Hunting Holsters

Sporting holsters cover a wide spectrum of styles: maximum access for fast draw shooting, superbly adjustable holsters used in IPSC and pin shooting, classic holsters used in cowboy style shooting, high retention, maximum protection holsters used for handgun hunting, and simple holsters used to hold a handgun while out plinking. Like any sporting equipment, sporting holsters have evolved to maximize the benefits of the game with game rules observed; as a result the competitive sports have the most specialized holsters.

Holsters for hunting can be unique if they are designed to carry large handguns or to make allowances for telescopic sights. Large handguns are often carried in holsters that are slung across the shoulder.

Find the Right Gun Holster For You

Shop our wide selection of gun holsters for the holster that best fulfills your firearm needs.

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