Choosing a Pistol for Self Defense

Choosing a self defense pistol

Choosing A 9mm Pistol for Self Defense

Choosing a self-defense weapon that you will be satisfied with is a lot like buying a car. There are many factors to consider and especially if you have any physical limitations such as arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome. If you are shopping for a weapon to carry on your person this guide can assist you in making an informed decision.

First, consider how and where you may use it. Will you carry it in a pocket, a shoulder or side gun holster, with an ankle strap or in a purse? While there are smaller guns ideal for concealed carry pistols, some people simply can’t handle them flawlessly. Those with larger hands and fingers especially prefer a larger gun.

Next, do you have disabilities that affect your hands? If so, keep in mind, the more recoil a pistol has, the more it’s likely to adversely affect a person with hand problems use of it, and higher recoil will affect their accuracy and comfort.

For example, if you have carpal tunnel syndrome the number of shots you are able to fire with accuracy will most likely be limited. In the event of a situation of grave threat of serious injury or death from a violent offender, accuracy as well as the number of well-placed shots you can fire off matters. This said, the less recoil a pistol has the more shots you will be able to fire with practiced accuracy when you have physical limitations.

Practice at the range is another consideration, ammo for larger caliber weapons generally cost more.

Any gun owner does well to practice often. If you are buying your first handgun, or if it’s been a while since you used one, take the time to learn from a certified professional instructor. Learning proper form and procedure will not only improve your accuracy, but will provide safety and legal considerations. If you use a gun incorrectly and lack accuracy it is of no use to you and can endanger yourself as well as anyone within range. Practice is the key to accurate and well placed shots with any gun.

9mm Pistols Are Generally Cheaper to Shoot

Ideally, a weapon that costs less to shoot, is more easily concealed, comfortable to hold, and provides reduced recoil is going to be a better fit and provides greater accuracy. In addition, you should consider the weapons round capacity.

For these reasons many experienced shooters prefer the 9mm pistol with its 15 to 17 shot capacity over the 5-8 shot capacity of revolvers and larger caliber weapons. It has the added bonus of being an effective weapon, with sufficient power to stop an attacker, especially when loaded with hollow point ammo. Most 9mm pistols use gun magazines, providing for a faster reload if necessary by carrying a spare.

Many gun enthusiasts recommend a good brand of 9mm pistol for self-defense due to its general reliability, reduced recoil providing improved accuracy and comfort, as well as an effective firearm for self-defense.

Choosing a Pistol for Self Defense is Up to You

Ultimately, choosing a pistol is an individual choice, your best bet is to use a professional and certified instructor on the range with a variety of weapons to determine which pistol is best suited for your personal needs. An instructor will also be able to inform you of your states gun control laws and how they may legally affect your choice of a weapon.

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