Picking Concealed Carry Pistols

concealed carry pistols

Concealed Carry Pistols

When you are looking for a concealed carry pistol most people think derringer. Small firearms are generally the gun of choice for concealed carry, and when used in conjunction with concealed carry holsters they are virtually undetectable.

However, some shooters hands are simply too large to comfortably handle smaller firearms, these persons will generally opt for a weapon that comfortably fits their hand without getting a finger stuck in the trigger. Many manufacturers now make smaller guns designed to offer more space for the larger pawed among us. There remain a small number of shooters who are unable to comfortably, or accurately use smaller firearms.

Any gun owner is best advised to choose a weapon that fits the hand comfortably and always use the best safety procedure available-practice and more practice.

Know your habits, if you can’t keep your finger off of the trigger when it’s not being used, a gun in your hands means you are unsafe. The solution to this is frequent practice. The more you handle and shoot the firearm the more it will become ingrained into your memory to keep the finger off the trigger when not firing. It may take hundreds, or even thousands of rounds fired to ingrain this into your trigger memory. Until then, you remain unsafe.

Many shooters often consider trigger pull as a factor in choosing a weapon. Factory firearms have a trigger pull in the range of less than four to more than twelve pounds. The higher the trigger pull, the harder it is to depress the trigger. For many shooters, a weapon with a high trigger pull reduces accuracy. Practice is the only defense in preventing shooting an innocent bystander with failed accuracy.

An additional factor to be considered when purchasing concealed carry pistols are the firing mechanism and presence or absence of one or more safeties. A striker-fire gun when loaded is cocked and unlocked with a partially cocked striker. There is no external safety, and many influences can cause an accidental discharge such as the strap of a thumb break holster, jacket drawstrings and zipper pulls can wedge into the trigger guard for example. A good quality and well-fitting holster can help to prevent this.

Other factors that can cause an accidental discharge with a concealed carry pistol are loose items in purses, briefcases, glove box or luggage. Pens, lipstick and mascara tubes are examples of items than can wedge into the trigger guard causing discharge. A striker-fire pistol unquestionably requires a quality holster to keep the trigger guard covered and prevent potentially dangerous accidental discharge. The fewer mechanical safeties on the pistol, the more danger there is of accidental discharge. A light triggered gun with no safeties must be secured in a good holster to reduce the chance of injury or death.

This is why many gun owners opt for a heavier pull trigger, but without a lot of regular practice on the range to insure consistent accuracy, the shooter remains an eminent danger to bystanders when firing at a perpetrator.

Many experts agree that when it comes to a concealed carry weapon, you should buy all the features you want factory installed on the gun. The reason being carry pistols that are customized and used to injure or kill a person are a legal liability. You want a weapon that fires accurately, thus avoiding the risk of hitting bystanders, and only the factory can ensure this. Buy the carry pistol factory of your choice that is a good fit to your hand and abilities made with the accessories you want, and practice every week, and not with just a magazine or two.

The old saying that “practice makes perfect” is certainly true with firearms. A concealed carry pistol is intended to provide you protection, not danger. If you are unsure of which weapon is best for you, consult a firearms instruction class that provides certified instructors for classes. Some of these classes provide an assortment of weapons for the student to ‘try out’, helping you decide which firearm is the best gun for you.

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