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Youth Gun Safety

A child’s willingness to obey and act responsibly, and not wildly, should be a key prerequisite for instructing a child in the use of guns. Gun safety however, should be taught young, and repeated throughout childhood to ensure they do not forget.

The statistics claim half of all U. S. households have firearms. It is therefore a good idea to begin gun safety at a young age, as they can potentially encounter a gun anywhere, at any time.

A child may never act responsibly enough to earn the right to shoot, but all children should be taught certain essentials of gun safety, even if there is no gun in your home. There are guns in other homes your child may visit. A child knowing what to do as well as what not to do can save their life, or the lives of others.

Firearm instruction classes are available for children and youth. The focus of these programs is first gun safety, and keeping your child safe. These programs remove the mystery children see surrounding guns and reinforce safety and proper handling. In essence these programs teach what a child needs to know to keep themselves safe. They learn what to do if they find a firearm, if someone points a gun at them (even if it is only a toy gun). They also learn how to tell a toy gun from a real gun, what to do if a friend wants to show them a parent’s gun, what a real gun feels like and a demonstration as to how powerful a firearm really is.

If you are considering a firearm class for your children ensure that you choose one using NRA Rules for safe firearm handling that observes local and state laws.

The NRA provides a gun safety program call the “Eddie Eagle Program” and it can be taught at home. To receive a sample kit which contains a copy of the student workbook, an instructor’s guide, program statistics, a description of materials, an order form, and the Parents’ Guide to Gun Safety brochure, call (800) 231-0752 and request a sample kit. This program is also available for schools, churches and other interested parties.

To receive a copy of the text for the brochure email [email protected] or call (800) 231-0752. Gun safety should begin in the home, and a child with a toy gun should be taught from day one the rules of firearm safety even though the gun is a toy gun. Answering the child’s questions can help to satisfy their curiosity regarding firearms, and is a good time to explain the differences between toy guns and genuine firearms, real life and television.

Visit the NRA’s website for further information and how to locate a class for your child, or call (877) 672-6282 for information on youth programs.

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