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Innovation and technology are routinely advanced in the firearms industry. Some advances are not welcomed by the shooter, such as smart gun technology, while others are clearly an improvement. It is the innovative features of firearms that improve shooting comfort, and improve accuracy that help to fuel gun sales.

Those who hunt waterfowl hunt in wet conditions, and require a shotgun that can endure the environment, and everything weather can throw at the hunter. For those who hunt in the waterfowl’s watery environment, modern technology has risen to the occasion, developing the technology needed to produce a shotgun tough enough to endure, and provide the features to improve the hunt in the often harsh conditions of the waterfowl hunt. The following features are those with the waterfowl hunter in mind, and provide benefits that you may want in your next new shotgun.

Anti-Rust Properties

Manufacturers have taken to task the wet and even cold environments that waterfowl hunters face. By developing corrosion resistant coatings for gun barrels and receivers, manufacturers prove they take note of the hunter’s needs in gun sales.

Manufacturers are applying new technologies to the guns internal surfaces that can suffer from rust as well. These corrosion resistant barriers were developed to protect against the harsh environment and inclement weather that frequents the habit where waterfowl are found, and hunters frequent.

Shotguns that Conform

Synthetic stock systems enable stocks to be adjusted, providing the ability to lighten the gun, as well as the means of providing a more custom length for individualizing a gun. Manufacturers are listening to customer demands for versatility, with a growing number producing adjustable stocks, with some providing double duty as recoil pads.

No Slip Grip

Conventional textured stocks are often slippery in the wet conditions of waterfowl hunting. Today’s manufacturers are providing heavier texture and rubber inserts for a more secure grip. Some are even created for not only wet but cold environments to aid the waterfowl hunter in reaching his bag limit on the coldest and wettest of days.

Easy to Clean

Versatility and convenience has become a driving force for fueling gun sales among American hunters and shooters alike. The act of cleaning a firearm isn’t being neglected by manufacturers. Guns that break down into simple parts without the risk of lost springs or other parts have been embraced by the American public, the result is manufacturers are following suit to answer the demand for convenience in gun sales.

Oversized Trigger Guards

If you have ever tried to shoot in below freezing temperatures with sleet or rain pelting you, you know how stiff cold fingers can put a damper on hunting. Even worse than fingers that feel like wood is a trigger guard too small to accommodate gloves. Select a model with an oversized trigger, the next time you hunt in freezing conditions you will be glad to have the extra space for warm gloves. If you have never hunted with gloves, give yourself ample time to practice before the first hunt. It does take some getting used to.

Select Your Firearm

The pump shotgun is still a favorite among waterfowl hunters for its reliability. Modern hunters are embracing new technology by selecting shotguns with recoil reduction systems for their ability to enable greater accuracy, and gas systems for a cleaner and more reliable shotgun. Due to the high demand for firearm modularity and the entrance of the shotgun into the field of versatility, you can count on further innovations to enter the shotgun realm of gun sales, and that of the waterfowl hunter.

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