Why 9mm Handguns are the Best for Shooting Targets

Handguns for Shooting Targets

Handgun owners all look for different qualities in the firearm they chose to buy. If you are a target shooter looking for a handgun, an option you want to consider is the 9mm. A standard pistol that has multiple areas in which it excels—one of which is target shooting. Some of the reasons that the 9mm is considered the best for shooting targets are:
9mm handguns often have great ergonomics. The way it feels in your hand can have a major impact on the accuracy of your shot. When you line up your shot and your weapon doesn’t feel natural in your grip, you might make micro adjustments during your shot that can have major impacts on your accuracy. Most 9mm pistols, having a more natural grip, present a potential for greater accuracy.
Weight & Recoil
Another factor that can quickly affect your aim is recoil. Larger caliber handguns are not only bulkier and tend to weigh more, but their recoil is also greater. Some shooters adjust for an expected recoil and alter their shots, while others can’t hold their weapon study throughout its firing and thus make their shot go off target. With a smaller caliber—yet sturdy enough to penetrate any target you should be shooting at—like the 9mm, you won’t be affected as much by recoil.
Though this doesn’t directly improve your shooting ability, it does have ramifications on it. When you need to ask for advice about your weapon, if you are firing a rarely used firearm or an out-of-production caliber, you aren’t likely to get much information. All of those tips can help to increase your accuracy in ways you didn’t think possible. Also, when you need rounds for the range, having a commonly used caliber like the 9mm allows for you to always have access to what you need. You aren’t going to walk into a gun shop and not see a ton of 9mm firearms, accessories, and ammunition.
Going hand-in-hand with availability is cost. Because 9mm are made by so many weapons manufacturers, there is an abundance of them. Due to this, the cost of 9mm firearms and rounds tend to be less than many other handguns. You are able to invest more money into practice rounds so you can log more hours on the range. All of those extra hours spent with your 9mm with go a long way for improving your accuracy.
Finally, aftermarket accessories are another way to help you improve your accuracy. Red-dot scopes and even sound suppressors are two products that could help you hit the target more often. Also, an upgraded handgun magazine can allow you to fire more rounds without reloading; you have additional shots without adjusting your body. There are any number of upgrades that can have an impact on your accuracy, and the 9mm has as many to offer as any other handgun.
Now that you know a little more about some of the reasons to own one of these pistols, which one do you purchase? Cheap handguns don’t necessarily mean poor quality, but not all gun deals are for effective and appropriate weapons. Here are three suggestions on 9mm for sale that can help you improve your target shooting without costing your life savings. And surprisingly, there isn’t a Glock on the list.

●     Smith & Wesson M&P Compact

The first 9mm on the list is the M&P Compact from Smith & Wesson. A reliable and accurate weapon that comes from one of the oldest manufacturers in America.

●     Sig Sauer P320

The full sized pistol on the list, the Sig Sauer P320 is the largest 9mm. This is a standard 9mm that hits all of the checks across the board for what you are looking for in a target shooter.

●     Springfield XD-S

Springfield’s single stack 9mm is the final weapon on the list. It is an ideal daily carry weapon that doubles as a great target shooting handgun.

These are just three 9mm handguns out there that would be perfect for shooting targets. Check out what people are saying at your local gun stores and get their input. Be sure to check prices at online gun stores before you buy though;, you are likely to save some money on your next 9mm.


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