New U.S. Army Handgun: Sig Sauer P320 Pistol

The standard-issue Beretta is being retired after 35 years of service by the U.S. Army. With the wave of tech spreading over all areas of society, it is not that surprising that the new military sidearm is going to be modular.

Recently, the military held a two-year competition in which handgun manufacturers competed for a contract with the Armed Forces. Instead of designing a firearm in house, utilizing the private sector to harness another firearm seemed like the most beneficial avenue. A lucrative contract with the armed forces would be incentive to produce exactly what the U.S. Army needed. The “Modular Handgun System” competition was listed at $350 million, but could be worth as much as $580 million before all the ink dries. The process had drawn the ire from lawmakers, stating that there are deeper problems with “defense acquisition” than merely changing the standard sidearm of the U.S. Army. Though it took longer than expected, the military wanted to get it right. Ultimately, the P320 from Sig Sauer was selected.

And there are plenty of reasons why it makes an ideal selection for the newest sidearm for the military.

Sig Sauer has produced a firearm that is multiple handguns in one. The P320 accepts a wide variety of accessories, including silencers and handgun magazines. It also has the ability to change grips. With the grower number of women joining the force, there is a higher need to produce firearms with grips for multiple people. It also means that when soldiers need to apply a different tactic with their sidearm, their Sig Sauer will be up to the challenge. Additionally, the version of the P320 comes in a variety of sizes; another positive addition to what the military needs. Every soldier isn’t created equal and neither is every firearm. The men and women of the military come in different sizes and so do the magnitude and necessity of their missions. Smaller versions can be used for more secretive operations while the other, larger handguns can be utilized in the field.

Something more, the P320 is convertible between several different calibers: Currently it can be transitioned between a 9mm, .357SIG, and .40S&W. The multiple uses continue. But it isn’t just the modular features that make it ideal. When the everyday citizen wants to buy a Sig Sauer, they look at all of their features. And that’s what got the U.S. Army so interested in them in the first place.

At their core, the P320 is a double action, polymer-framed pistol designed with law enforcement in mind. It is considered an extremely easy firearm to clean and therefore maintenance is simple. The fire control assembly (which is removable) was created by Sig Sauer. Calibers and barrel lengths are just two of the changes you can make with the P320. Since it was designed for law enforcement, the P320 has no external safety or decocking level. This prevents any issues with the draw and the firearm snagging. It’s all capped off with SigLite night sights. These come standard on the P320. Perfect for any night combat. The ambidextrous magazine release is ideal for multiple people to use. This firearm makes so many other pistols look like merely cheap handguns.

Overall, when the military decided it needed a new firearm, they knew they had to go out and discover a firearm that could fulfill multiple needs in various situations. Furthermore, this firearm is perfect for countless people. It’s no real surprise that technology and necessity drove the U.S. Army to make their decision. And so far, they seem to be very pleased with their decision. According to many close to the choice, they say that it was a sensible choice with many positive outcomes.

If you are looking to upgrade your firearm like the military did, you might want to look for handguns online. There are a wealth of Sig Sauer handguns for sale at numerous retailers like GrabAGun.com. You can do yourself a favor and make use of their inventory to find a firearm like the P320 to add to your arsenal.

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Why 9mm Handguns are the Best for Shooting Targets

Handguns for Shooting Targets

Handgun owners all look for different qualities in the firearm they chose to buy. If you are a target shooter looking for a handgun, an option you want to consider is the 9mm. A standard pistol that has multiple areas in which it excels—one of which is target shooting. Some of the reasons that the 9mm is considered the best for shooting targets are:
9mm handguns often have great ergonomics. The way it feels in your hand can have a major impact on the accuracy of your shot. When you line up your shot and your weapon doesn’t feel natural in your grip, you might make micro adjustments during your shot that can have major impacts on your accuracy. Most 9mm pistols, having a more natural grip, present a potential for greater accuracy.
Weight & Recoil
Another factor that can quickly affect your aim is recoil. Larger caliber handguns are not only bulkier and tend to weigh more, but their recoil is also greater. Some shooters adjust for an expected recoil and alter their shots, while others can’t hold their weapon study throughout its firing and thus make their shot go off target. With a smaller caliber—yet sturdy enough to penetrate any target you should be shooting at—like the 9mm, you won’t be affected as much by recoil.
Though this doesn’t directly improve your shooting ability, it does have ramifications on it. When you need to ask for advice about your weapon, if you are firing a rarely used firearm or an out-of-production caliber, you aren’t likely to get much information. All of those tips can help to increase your accuracy in ways you didn’t think possible. Also, when you need rounds for the range, having a commonly used caliber like the 9mm allows for you to always have access to what you need. You aren’t going to walk into a gun shop and not see a ton of 9mm firearms, accessories, and ammunition.
Going hand-in-hand with availability is cost. Because 9mm are made by so many weapons manufacturers, there is an abundance of them. Due to this, the cost of 9mm firearms and rounds tend to be less than many other handguns. You are able to invest more money into practice rounds so you can log more hours on the range. All of those extra hours spent with your 9mm with go a long way for improving your accuracy.
Finally, aftermarket accessories are another way to help you improve your accuracy. Red-dot scopes and even sound suppressors are two products that could help you hit the target more often. Also, an upgraded handgun magazine can allow you to fire more rounds without reloading; you have additional shots without adjusting your body. There are any number of upgrades that can have an impact on your accuracy, and the 9mm has as many to offer as any other handgun.
Now that you know a little more about some of the reasons to own one of these pistols, which one do you purchase? Cheap handguns don’t necessarily mean poor quality, but not all gun deals are for effective and appropriate weapons. Here are three suggestions on 9mm for sale that can help you improve your target shooting without costing your life savings. And surprisingly, there isn’t a Glock on the list.

●     Smith & Wesson M&P Compact

The first 9mm on the list is the M&P Compact from Smith & Wesson. A reliable and accurate weapon that comes from one of the oldest manufacturers in America.

●     Sig Sauer P320

The full sized pistol on the list, the Sig Sauer P320 is the largest 9mm. This is a standard 9mm that hits all of the checks across the board for what you are looking for in a target shooter.

●     Springfield XD-S

Springfield’s single stack 9mm is the final weapon on the list. It is an ideal daily carry weapon that doubles as a great target shooting handgun.

These are just three 9mm handguns out there that would be perfect for shooting targets. Check out what people are saying at your local gun stores and get their input. Be sure to check prices at online gun stores before you buy though;, you are likely to save some money on your next 9mm.


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Best Compact Handguns for Concealed Carry – Infographic

Concealed carry holders have now reached over 14 million.  That increase of nearly 215% between 2017 - 2017 is a sign that more people are exercising their 2nd Amendment rights for personal protection.  Some of the best firearms to use when you receive our license would be the Glock 43, Sig Sauer P238, Springfield XD-S, and the Smith & Wesson M&P9c.  Here is why.

Compact  Handguns Mentioned:

Best Compact Handguns for Concealed Carry

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The Ultimate Checklist for Handgun Hunting

Not all hunts are the same. There are some vast differences between hunting bears and hunting elk. But it isn’t always the type of game you are after that defines your adventure. The firearm you use can completely change your hunting experience.

Increasing numbers of hunters are choosing to explore the challenges associated with handgun hunting. There are several reasons why. The challenge of handgun hunting from a distance. The thrill of being close to your prey. The ability to draw your weapon quickly. Not being loaded down by a sling. Whatever your reason, handgun hunting is a thrill unlike any other.

Here are a few tips you will want to follow to help you be a more successful handgun hunter:

  • Exercise your trigger finger.
  • Perfect your trigger squeeze so that it flows perfectly and uniformly every time.
  • Keep a firm – but not too tight – consistent grip.
  • Plant yourself before you shoot.
  • Reduce anticipation and get rid of your flinch.

Each of those tips will help you be a better shot while handgun hunting. But before you rush out into the field with only an insatiable desire to take down your target with your .44 Mag, you will want to do a little research on what you should have with you to increase your enjoyment and your chances of actually having a successful hunt.

First and foremost, you need the right handgun. There are a wide variety to choose from, though not as many calibers as rifles have for actual hunting. Four particular handguns are especially good for hunting: the .480 Ruger, .460 Smith & Wesson Mag., .44 Remington Mag., and the 10mm Auto. There are plenty to choose from, but starting with one of these four will help you get a good feel for your specific handgun style.

After your weapon, the second-most important aspect of handgun hunting is your grip. Something that you should consider essential for every handgun hunting trip is gloves. They may not sound essential, but your grip drastically changes your handgun hunting accuracy. A good set of tactical gloves will do so much for you, from helping with your grip, to keeping your hands warm, to protecting them while shooting.

You’ll also want to have a few specific pieces of equipment with you on the trip to help you become a better handgun hunter. These are three specific hunting accessories you will want to have as part of your hunting gear.

Sportear Ghost Stryke II

If you’ve ever shot a gun – or been around when someone was shooting – then you know the importance of proper ear protection. With all of the difficulties associated with handgun hunting, you don’t want to add to your stressors by having inferior noise dampers. That’s why a pair of Ghost Stryke II would be ideal for any handgun hunter. Not only do they enhance beneficial noise up to 6x the normal levels, but they also suppress damaging wave lengths, up to 3” db of noise reduction.

Leupold FX-3 Silhouette Scope

The ever important scope is doubly significant when handgun hunting. One of the best you can find for this style of hunting is the Leupold FX-3. This scope is made for everyone who wants a traditional and functional fixed power scope. This scope is widely known for being durable, exceptionally clear and bright, and very simple to operate. You can’t go wrong have those qualities backing all of your shots.

Peltor XF4 Safety Glasses


Eye protection is vital to being able to hit your target. If you can’t see, you aren’t going to shoot with any sort of accuracy. Shooting glasses are your best choice out in the elements. These adjustable safety glasses are both stylish and effective. If you are able to block debris from interfering with your eyes than you have a better chance of taking home the trophy. But don’t let the toughness of this eye protection make you think that they are not comfortable to wear. They are contoured to fit snugly on your head, and they come with soft nosepieces so they will rest easily on your nose for extended periods of time.

Follow the tips, get the gear, and enjoy the hunt.


Five Best Handguns for Beginners

There is plenty of discussion surrounding the topic of which handguns are ideal for beginner shooters. That is unsurprising, especially considering the variety of weapons available and the many different types of people who are new to the firearm scene. For every shape and size of handgun that is available, there is a person who wants to learn how to shoot that it is perfect for. How big their hands are, how strong they are, and their grip will all impact which firearm will feel right to them. Before you go searching through countless handgun magazines or scanning the web for handguns online, take a look at this list of five of the best handguns for beginners.

Beretta PX4 Compact 9mm

First on the list is an ultra-safe Beretta. One of the first considerations new gun owners have is the safety of the weapon. This weapon features a manual safety and decocker that must be disengaged to fire, easing first-time shooters’ minds. On top of this, the weapon features a double-action trigger. This means that there is no single-action for any shot, and the hammer or striker must be in the down position. Though its highlight is safety, this weapon is still great to use on the range or to carry for self-defense.

Price point: Just over $500.

Glock 19 Gen4 9mm

It’s hard to have a handgun list without featuring a Glock 19. There is a reason these weapons are one of the mostly widely used firearms on the market. They work in nearly every situation, and many owners say they are the most reliable handgun they have ever owned. This Glock is a double-action compact 9mm. Glocks are known for their ability to be customized, and this handgun is no different. With this weapon you will understand the reliability and versatility that has made Glock a household name.

Price point: Just under $550.

Ruger 5430 LCRX 38 Spl

As mentioned earlier, everyone is different; a list of handguns that focused on only 9mm wouldn’t be complete. That’s why the Ruger Gen4 is featured – well, that and it’s an ideal choice for people who want a revolver as their first handgun. The stainless steel barrel doesn’t weigh down this firearm, which will be less than 14 oz. in your hands.  Granted, the recoil on this weapon might be too much for new shooters to handle. But if you can handle that, this would make a great first handgun for your collection.

Price point: Just over $350.

Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm

While not strictly designed for it, the Smith & Wesson is known for its self-defense prowess. This weapon is manufactured with quality ergonomics that are ideal for both right- and left-handed shooters. The M&P was made with specifications set to the standards of law enforcement, so you know that the people who are protecting civilians utilize the same caliber of equipment that you will with this handgun. The strength of the weapon is not just in the reinforced polymer chassis, but also in the dedicated men and women who use it.

Price point: Around $450.

Springfield XD 9mm

This full-sized 9mm is a quintessential version of the classic 9mm model. The Springfield XD’s 4-inch barrel has the accuracy and handling you want from a standard-sized pistol. Most owners believe this weapon is one of the safest on the market given its ease of operability. A lot of this derives from the striker status and loaded chamber indicators, which make the user aware through touch and feel that the weapon is being cocked and loaded. Combine that with its firing pin block safety, and you have a handgun designed to prevent unwanted and accidental discharges. Its classic design, durability, and safety make this firearm one of the best for beginning shooters. It’s also one you may have for a lifetime.

Prince point: Just over $400.

With each of these handguns, you get two vital aspects that every owner wants: safety and dependability. Though these weapons are not cheap handguns, you cannot put a price on a safe, reliable firearm. Do your research, test fire a few, and then make a purchase based off of what is right for you.

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Five Reasons You Should Invest in a Glock 43

If you are reading this, you are probably one of the thousands of people who are curious about how the Glock 43 compares to its predecessors – in particular, the G42. There are plenty of similarities. After all, it’s another Glock.  But just because they’ve produced another 9mm in their lineup does not mean that it is comparable to their other firearms. Whether you want to compare the G43 to past models or just want to know more about it, here are five reasons why you should invest in a Glock 43.

Trusted Name in Glock

Some people have been overly critical of Glocks, but a major reason for that is simply their immense popularity. There is a reason Glock has become a household name for handguns. They are reliable, dependable, and versatile. During a few of the testing stages performed on the Glock 43, shooters intentionally tried to jam the weapon. After 150 rounds, they still had not been successful.

Versatility of a 9mm

Think about how many people you see carrying a 9mm. There is a reason for that. They can handle pretty much anything we put them through. They can fire dirty, be easily concealed, and can be used in a variety of situations. There are so many aftermarket upgrades available for them that it would be too hard to list here. They are carried by law enforcement, military, and private citizens alike – and for completely different reasons.


Self-Defense Capabilities

As I already mentioned, these weapons are great for self-defense. While the Glock might be small, it can get the job done when it counts. This weapon is deal for carrying as protection or keeping close to your bedside in case unwelcome intruders come onto your property. You never know where and when you’ll need to protect yourself, but the G43 can be useful in nearly any life-threatening situation.


Ability to be Concealed

This might be the biggest, smallest feature out there. Sounds paradoxical, but it’s hard to not emphasis how easy it is to conceal this firearm. Not only is the width just over an inch, but the length is less than seven inches. Pair that with its light weight of 22.36 oz., and you have a firearm that will fit comfortably under most clothing or travel easily in a purse.


Value for Your Investment

Like many other Glocks, this is an affordable weapon. But just because the 43 is listed below $500 doesn’t mean it won’t hold its value. There is plenty of demand for this firearm and you can typically get nearly the same price you spent for it. Another aspect to consider as an investment is how long this will be a useable firearm for you. The dependability and durability of this weapon ensures that it will last for years of quality use.

There are plenty of other aspects that could be mentioned about this 9mm. It’s a single stack 9mm compact that offers an ease to its concealability. No matter how you shot the weapon – upside down, sideways, or dirty – it seems to fire in most any situation and setting.  Additionally, on this model, most people feel significantly less recoil than you would generally have on a gun of this size. A few people have noticed that getting the right grip on this weapon can be tricky and you might find yourself adjusting your grip the longer you spend shooting it. But that is one of the rare negatives that we’ve discovered on the latest Glock.  If you consider all of positives for this weapon, it’s easy to understand why this weapon will find a home in many people’s arsenals.

So now that you know that there are plenty of reasons to love this gun, what’s next? If you are going to buy a Glock 43, you will be joining a long list of other people who wanted to take advantage of the latest improvements to the Glock family. And like nearly every other Glock, you can customize this one to your specific desires with all of the accessories you will be able to find for it. As always, practice proper gun safety, and enjoy discovering all the advantages to owning a Glock 43.



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Six Reasons to Buy a Firearm Suppressor

For many years, Americans thought it was illegal to own gun silencers. That’s because for decades, silencers have been strictly regulated by the United States government. If we asked Hiram Percy Maxim – the inventor of both the muffler and the silencer – what he thought of his inventions taking two drastically different paths, he would be shocked. How is it that suppressing excess car noise was okay, but excess firearm sound was not? Much of the hatred towards silencers can be attributed to Al Capone and the gang wars of the early 1900s. Though silencers were available to the public after passing a background check, registering the accessory, and paying a $200 “transfer fee” (or about $3,500 today), they were an item few people purchased.

In spite of this, Maxim continued to use his noise dampening technologies on mufflers, engines, and other areas that could benefit from it. Though the rest of the 20th century would not see the government view silencers in a better light, silencers were never outlawed outright them (it was at the state level that restrictions were enforced). Since the turn of the millennium, many weapon owners have done their research on silencers and started to reap the rewards of owning them. Let’s take a look at a few of the reasons you may want to buy a firearm suppressor.

  • Improve Your Home Defense

Many of us own weapons for the primary use of home defense. We want to be able to protect our homes with the holy wrath of God. But at what cost? Even if you come up against a situation in which you must discharge your firearm in your own home, there is a very real possibility that if you survive the confrontation, your ears won’t. The sound waves hitting your eardrums from just one shot can cause irreparable damage to your ears. Also, if there is more than one assailant, a suppressed weapon may lower the chances that all of them know you are loaded.

  • Have Better Luck Hunting

Gun shots are loud. We have to wear ear protection just to mitigate the sound so we don’t damage our ears. So if humans are so sensitive to the noise, imagine what your prey thinks of it. Not only will it scare them, but they’ll be long gone before you can fire your next shot. You can prevent a lot of these headaches with the use of a silencer. Whether you are hunting a small pack of hogs or trying to get the solo buck, a suppressor can make the difference between whether you go home with the trophy or empty handed.

  • Be a Better Neighbor

We’ve all been here before. Though it might seem like you’ve found the perfect spot of land – secluded and great for you to hunt on – your neighbors can somehow still hear your gun shots. Out of 100 neighbors, 99 of them don’t care that you are enjoying one of the greatest American pastimes; but 1 of them will care that they can hear you. All of us get annoyed when we are trying to have a relaxing evening and we can hear every last word coming out of our neighbor’s stereo. Gun shots are no different. Keep John and Jane Doe happy by using a silencer so they will never be disturbed by your shooting again.

  • Improve Your Accuracy

I know many of you are shaking your heads right now. It is true that this seems ludicrous, but many marksmen agree that silencers have an impact on accuracy. A lot of the reasoning behind this is from the reduction in recoil. Though we like to consider ourselves unaffected by recoil, it has an impact on how we fire a weapon. Just as a muzzle brake can dampen the recoil through limiting the gas pressure that forces the gun to kick towards your face, a silencer has close to the same effect. Also, the quiet shot doesn’t have the same load blast that weapons not using a suppressor do. The reduced noise can have a positive impact on your accuracy. Think about how much better you concentrate when it’s quiet versus when it’s not.

  • Give Back to the Community

Not only does being a responsible gun owner make your home and community safer, but when you continue to buy products in the industry you love, you are also supporting the hardworking people who make them. As we’ve discussed, silencers have been ridiculed and received poor press over the years. Owning one and being responsible with it can prove to the rest of the country that silencers are for hitmen or gangsters, but a useful accessory is for any weapon owner.

  • Protect Your Ears

Every gun owner knows the importance of covering their ears. Safety gear is vital when firing your weapon. The growing number of people with hearing problems due to firing weapons is a cause for concern. Using a silencer, also known as a sound suppressor, can help decrease your chances of hearing problems later in life.

Now that you know a little bit about why you should own a suppressor, you might be wondering the best place to find gun silencers for sale. GrabAGun.com is not only a high-caliber site for online gun sales, but it is also an ideal place to go for all of your gun accessory needs – including silencers and suppressors. So when you are ready to make the choice to own a silencer, go to the place where you buy guns online. Check out GrabAGun.com.


Understanding Handgun Ammunition

If you’re like me, then you constantly want to expand your knowledge of firearms. Collecting them is what you like to do, but knowing about them gives you an edge over your competition. And nothing is better than having bragging rights among your fellow marksmen. Knowledge and understanding of your firearms is not limited to just the weapon itself: it extends to everything your weapon needs to function successfully. A major part of that is its ammunition. With a well-rounded understanding, you can be confident when you buy ammo, reload supplies, or reload bullets.

Because ammunition plays such an outsized factor in accurate firings, let’s take a look at some of the handgun ammunition. Most handgun ammo can be broken down into four major components: case, bullet, powder charge, and primer. The case holds the bullet in front of the powder charge so that once the primer ignites the powder it will be positioned to exit the barrel of the weapon in a straight and accurate path. A common word associated with ammunition is “caliber.” The caliber of ammo correlates directly to the firearm it will be shot from. The internal diameter of a weapon’s barrel is referred to as the caliber, just as the external diameter of a bullet is.

If you’ve been around several types of firearms, you’ve probably noticed that each uses a slightly different variation of bullet. Shotguns use shells or slugs, rifle bullets tend to be long and thin, and handgun rounds tend to be shorter and wider than rifle ammunition. Though rifle ammunition can often be found in the same caliber, adjustments are made in large part due to barrel length and the amount of pressure each uses to operate. The barrel and gas pressure from combustion are critical to the firing process. The pressure from ignition of the gun powder creates the force propelling the bullet. Two key velocities are also taken into consideration: muzzle velocity and bullet velocity. The rate at which ammunition leaves the muzzle is muzzle velocity. Bullet velocity is the mass of the bullet, its drop in elevation, and velocity when leaving the firearm calculated together. Variables such as these impact what type of ammo can (and should) be used for each weapon.

In general, muzzle velocity for a handgun is less feet per second (FPS) than for a rifle. Due to this issue, bullets often have to make up their effectiveness another way. There are several ways to go about attempting this:

  • Increase the weight of the bullet. This is often done by elongating the bullet. The issue with this is muzzle velocity will often drop. Though longer, heavier bullets sound effective, they have the potential to come out too slow.
  • Increase the length of the barrel. When this happens, the convenience of an easy-to-carry side arm diminishes. Keeping its size to something with a barrel eight inches or smaller tends to be most efficient.
  • Increase the bullet caliber. This makes the pressure generated from firing exert more pounds per square inch on the bullet. Remember that the caliber must be able to fit within the barrel of your weapon. This method will create larger holes in your targets and might not be a viable option if you are hunting small game, since you may completely destroy it.
  • Use alternative bullet designs. Manufacturers offer a variety of case and shell designs that alter how ammunition reacts on impact.
  • Increase the operating pressure of the cartridge. There are plenty of variables that go into this; be sure to check with your state’s regulations on what is acceptable.
  • Improve the gunpowder used with your bullet. Technology is constantly advancing, and our firearms and ammunition are no exception. Perhaps with further advances, we might start to see a shift from the traditional short and fat style of handgun ammunition.

Handgun ammunition will continue to change as new developments are made. As of now, handgun rounds tend to be smaller and wider than rifle rounds. Remember to always consider the type of shooting you most often do, then try some rounds out at the range to see how you like firing them. Be safe and enjoy discovering your own personal preferences for handgun ammunition.

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American-Made Firearms Companies

Firearms manufacturers made in America

The red, white, and blue have branded many of the household names on the firearms industry. The weapons our police forces and servicemen use typically carry one of their logos. Guns made in America can be found on every shooting range, out in the field, or for home defense. Rifles, shotguns, and handguns are all made somewhere, and more often than not, when you purchase a new firearm you are joining the ranks of those who buy American guns. In fact, gun sales have exceeded the previous year’s sales every year since 2010, and the demand for U.S. weapons has only increased.

So what are a few of the gun brands that are made here in America? That’s a good question – and one that is easily answered. Though there are more than just these companies that manufacture arms in the U.S., these are the five most famous American-made firearms companies today:

  1. Ruger

The largest company on this list is Strum Ruger. Ruger gun production in the United States is over 1.1 million per year. Of those, they offer over 400 different variations of more than thirty different weapons. The majority of their sales are in handguns, though they do boast high numbers in rifles. Since their beginning in 1949, Ruger has always crafted dependable, identifiable firearms.

  1. Remington

This Madison, North Carolina company has grown into an international hunting and sports shooting behemoth. The oldest gun manufacturer in the United States hasn’t kept their trademark an American secret. Though some of the companies on this list boast more sales domestically than Remington guns, Remington has the edge on the global market, reaching nearly $1 billion in annual sales. Remington is well-known for their rifles and shotguns, and they also produce quality handguns for their clientele.

  1. Smith & Wesson

Another well-known producer of firearms that was homegrown here in the United States is Smith & Wesson. Smith & Wesson guns have been in the hands of Americans since 1852. The western frontier’s rugged, outlaw lifestyle necessitated many Americans to carry their firearms during those days. S&W also played a vital role in the American Civil War, which helped propel the brand into the giant it is today. They boast over a half a billion dollars in sales around the world and continue to be a popular brand of USA-made guns.

  1. Glock

This iconic handgun can be found all over the globe, though nearly two-thirds of its sales take place on US soil. Glock guns are almost a culture icon, carried by police, armed forces, rap artists, and millions of other Americans. Glock started to perfect its polymer guns in the 1980s after its founder Gaston Glock turned his 18 years of working with polymers towards developing firearms. The company has since become the leading handgun manufacturer in the United States, with approximately 700,000 new weapons made each year.

  1. SIG Sauer

Another staple of American-made guns is SIG Sauer. SIG Sauer guns originated in the 1850s from a combination of Swiss and German engineering styles. SIG flourished in America due to its simple design and effective accuracy. Today, SIG Sauer remains efficient and practical in its design and manufacturing of over 650,000 weapons annually. It continues to be a large supplier of the Swiss army, though they moved their base of operations to the USA after the turn of the century. Though currently American-made, the SIG Sauer continues to use its Swiss and German roots to remain a global arms powerhouse, with nearly half a billion dollars in revenue each year.

Firearms have a rich and diverse history in America. There are millions of proud gun owners around the country that might not have even realized they were supporting domestic products. On the range, out in the field, or in the line of duty, American-made weapons are getting the job done.

Are you one of the of millions of people who use American-made firearms? Check out your arsenal. See how many of your weapons are manufactured in the USA. If you need to add a few, GrabAGun has many American-made guns ready to bolster your weapons closet.


Four of the Best Handguns for Women’s Self Defense

Handguns for women self defense

The rise of female handgun users has boomed over the years. Now only has it grown, but it is also the fastest growing demographic of gun owners. The need for self-defense combined with an increased interest in hunting and competitive shooting is culminating into an explosion of female shooters. Because of this, many manufacturers are creating weapons geared towards their female clientele.

So what are some of the characteristics you will want to look for when picking out a weapon? First, make sure you have a caliber powerful enough to stop an intruder. Every weapon on this list has enough firepower to stop someone from attacking you or your household. Additionally, find something that fits well in your hand and is not too heavy. Compact size does not mean that you have to give up the defensive abilities of a gun; it just means that it can easily be concealed in a purse or under clothing. Finally, your self-defense handgun must be easy to operate. With those in mind, here are four picks of the best handguns for women’s self-defense.

Glock 43 GEN3 (9mm)

The first firearm we are going to look at it is a Glock handgun. A recent addition to the family, the 43 is one of the smallest handguns Glock has ever produced. It has a narrow frame that is just over an inch wide. While it has the smallest stock magazine on the list with only six rounds, six shots may be enough to keep you safe. The main reason I am suggesting this weapon for women is that it can conveniently fit inside a purse and it comes with the reliability and dependability of a Glock.

Smith & Wesson M&P Bodyguard (380)

The second firearm on the list is this sleek Smith and Wesson handgun. This is the only revolver on the list, but just because it isn’t a 9mm, doesn’t mean it isn’t ideal for self-defense. It features a grip that is easy to hold and helps mitigate the recoil of this powerful handgun. Another aspect that is nice for your hands is the ambidextrous cylinder release. Because of this aspect, this S&W is ideal for both left- and right-handed shooters. Additionally, it is the most lightweight weapon on the list, weighing in at just over fourteen ounces. Finally, the last built-in addition to this revolver is its integrated laser sight. This will help with accuracy when you are unsure in stressful situations.

Kahr Arms CW( (9mm)


Another pistol that makes a great weapon for self-defense is this Kahr handgun. This weapon was one of the very first handguns designed for concealed carry. Though it has a simple build, this Kahr is anything but boring or domestic. It is still a welcome companion against any intruder you might find yourself up against. It has a seven-round single stack magazine that gives you ample opportunity to get the job done. Like many of the other weapons on this list, the smaller magazine makes it thinner and more compact.


Ruger LC9s (9mm)


Last, but certainly not least, is a Ruger handgun. It features plenty of the qualities people, especially women, like to have in a firearm. The Ruger uses a seven-round, single stack magazine that helps keep it tight and trim. This slim design allows it to be worn concealed or easily carried in purses. Its compactness is great for people with smaller builds as well. The LC9 is a popular choice for many people because it also features a 9mm caliber that is powerful – but not so much that the recoil is unmanageable. That helps with its reputation for being an accurate and dependable weapon. Most believe that the Ruger LC9 has all of the qualities required for a good defensive handgun.

All four of these weapons are useful for a woman’s self defense. A major factor that goes into why some of these weapons are better for women is hand size. Basic anatomy dictates that women are generally smaller than men. What would feel comfortable in the hands of a man might feel large and bulky in that of a woman. That doesn’t mean they are incapable of firing it, but rather that other weapons would feel more natural in their hands. Another factor that could attribute to this would be the recoil. Keep this in mind when looking for your weapon.

Whether you are looking for cheap handguns or just handguns for sale for women’s self-defense, there are plenty to choose from, but these are four of the best in terms of caliber, size, and ease of operation. As the rise in women’s handgun users continues to grow, so will the availability of guns built specifically for women.

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