A Firearm Made for Self Defense – The Springfield XDS

In light of current events, people are up in arms (pun intended) about gun control, self-defense, and what we should all do to protect our children and ourselves. It’s a fine goal, to be sure. But all political discussions aside, some of us just feel more comfortable having something to protect ourselves at home.

This is the perfect time to discuss what seems to be the ideal firearm for self-defense - the Springfield XDS. Springfield has a long-standing tradition of producing quality firearms at affordable prices. Their steady stream of premium products pleases everyone who uses them.

About the Springfield XDS

Springfield took the XDS’s predecessors, the XD, and the XDM, and unveiled something even hotter. The XD was versatile and held sixteen rounds, whereas the XDM held nineteen. Both were also difficult to carry around for long periods of time. More rounds added to an already significant carry weight.

The XDS is slimmer, more compact, and lightweight. Not to mention, it has surprisingly little recoil due to the flexibility of the polymer frame and its shape. The only strike against it is that it doesn’t hold as much ammunition, but we’re talking about self-defense firearms here, not target practice. If you need more than six rounds, you might be in more trouble than the XDS (or any other firearm) can help with.


The Springfield XDS comes in both a .45 and a 9mm. The .45 holds five rounds plus one, but the grip is a bit small and hard to stabilize. However, if you use an extra-length magazine and a

frame-sized sleeve, it’s more comfortable.

On the contrary, the 9mm version is sleeker and lighter. It holds seven rounds, and the extended version holds nine. It’s easier to carry than any double-stack 9mm despite how much ammo it holds. With a barrel clocking in at 3.3 inches, it doesn’t bump your hip as you walk.

Disassembly and Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning, you have to dry fire the XDS to take it apart. Not only that but if you leave the magazine in the frame, you can’t move the disassembly lever. If the lever is in the up position, you can’t reinsert the magazine. You have to completely remove the magazine to disassemble it, adding just one more safety precaution to the operation of the firearm.


This pistol is great for almost any carry purpose. It’s lightweight and compact, and it has the capability for expanded ammunition rounds. It has comfort and controllability, and in the realm of single-stack subcompact pistols, it’s a clear leader.

The short grip, thin frame, and flush magazine make the XDS one of the most concealable firearms today. Even with its magazine capacity of seven plus one, it beats out other top contenders. And when you don’t care to conceal it, you can expand the magazine to nine plus one for a grip that’s more comfortable.

The downside to its compact size and concealability is that you may feel like you have no place to put your pinky if you have large hands. You could lose a little bit of control, but it only takes a bit of getting used to. Some pistols this size feel flimsy or a bit like a toy, but the XDS feels like a real gun comparatively.

Home Defense

The expanded ammunition capabilities are perfect for home defense as well. Even if you don’t plan to conceal the Springfield XDS, you can use it as an effective tool for protecting your home, because you have more versatility of magazines and don’t have to worry about bulk.

Most likely, you don’t conceal firearms on your person at home, so this one is the perfect choice for home use because there are so many different options that are easily accessible and great for rapid use in defense situations.

The Springfield XDS is the perfect self-defense firearm for so many reasons that it might just be our new favorite. You can’t beat the lightweight composition of the frame, making it more comfortable with less recoil. You also won’t find another firearm of this capacity that has as much concealability.

If you’re looking for a new conceal carry firearm for self-defense, the Springfield XDS is the clear choice because of its comfort and ease of use. Check out cheap guns for sale online at Grab a Gun, the internet’s leading online gun shop.

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