Accessories You Need to Bring for Trap, Skeet, & Clay Shooting

For anyone wanting to get into trap, skeet, and clay shooting, there are some important aspects to remember before you head down to the local range. And not just whether you are going to use one of your bolt action rifles or lever action rifles. Things like understanding what each sport is. A small rundown would be:

●       Trap shooting.

This is a game of movement based around quick reaction time. Shooters try to repeatedly aim, fire, and destroy clay discs. These discs represent flight paths of birds and travel at speeds over 40 mph. This is one clay at a time.

●       Skeet shooting.

Another sport based on quick reaction time, skeet shooting has two different points at which clay targets are hurled into the air. Varying speeds and angles make skeet shooting an ever-changing sport. These also tend to be crossing angles.

●       Clay shooting.

This attempts to recreate an actual hunting scenario. With different angles, clays, and speeds all changing, clay shooting attempts to prepare the hunting for real-life situations. Arguably the most challenging of the three sports.

Now that you know a little about each sport, let’s take a look at how you will want to approach getting into the sport. First, you don’t have to pretend like you know everything; in fact, when you let people know you are a beginner they will more than likely give you additional advice and help. Second, you want to prepare yourself as much you can prior to your first time. That means doing your research (like reading this article). Last, you will want to bring some items with you to make your experience the best possible. We’ve put together some accessories you’ll want to pack with your firearm to make sure you’re fully outfitted; take a look.

Eye Protection

Keeping your eyes on the target is only half the battle. Keeping your eyes safe from dirt, debris, and discharge will keep you as accurate as your focus. There is always the risk of ricocheting materials, target shards, or even unburnt powder from the action hitting your eyes. The most convenient defense against this would be shooting glasses. These are closer to safety glasses than sunglasses. Reducing your light will most likely lower your chances of accurately hitting the target. There are also full face masks if you are extremely worried, but most shooters think a good pair of shooting glasses do the trick.

Ear Protection

Perhaps the most important part of your body to protect when firing a weapon is your ears. Repeated noise pollution can have major consequences if not properly protected. Luckily, there are a number of effective noise dampeners that will prevent you from going deaf. There are a range of accessories to use. Depending on your budget, you can spend anywhere from a few dollars to around $100. Foam ear plugs are the basic protection against noise, while electronic noise dampers will amplify and dampen sound depending on the situation.


These are the first items of which the primary purpose isn’t protection, but a shooting vest can save you plenty of time and hassle when on the range. Most trap or skeet rounds consist of 25 shots; which, not by accident, is the number of shells in a box. A shooting vest allows you to pocket all of the shells and accessories you need during around of shooting. You can also keep your empties so you don’t dirty up the range. You can find a good vest for under $30, but can spend over $100 depending on your needs.

Choke Tube Wrench

For shooters who are going to spend some time on the range with different types of targets, a choke tube wrench is a must. For easily transitioning between chokes, a wrench with a handle will optimize your time.

Shell Catcher

When you are shooting trap, you will want to stop the empty cartridges from projectile firing at your buddies. Shell catchers hinder spent ammo cartridges from doing just that. They are an accessory that will run you about $20. A handy little device for people who plan on doing a lot of shooting.


This might seem obvious, but some people think they will just get rounds at the range. Sometimes they don’t offer the brand or type you are looking for. Other times there is a huge markup in price. Any way you look at it, it’s a smart idea to come to the range prepared, and that means bringing enough ammo for the amount of shooting you want to do.

Comfortable Clothing

Finally, you want to wear comfortable clothing. This is still range appropriate attire, but don’t try to wear something you won’t be comfortable shooting in. Again, this seems like an obvious thing to do, but some people forget to do it.


3 Affordable Shotguns for Beginners: Mossberg, CZ, and Remington

So, you finally made the decision. You want to purchase your first shotgun. Congratulations. It’s your first step into the firearm community. Before we welcome you fully, you need to decide which shotgun to buy. Are you looking at tactical shotguns? Would a lever action shotgun be more your style? Are you already overwhelmed by two options?

Don’t be.

Here at GrabAGun, we specialize in helping people buy shotguns. We’ve done the research on all of the shotguns we have listed for sale and picked three that are affordable, reliable, and ideal for beginners. So, here are our selections you will want to consider.

Mossberg 500

To start the list, we have the Mossberg 500. This shotgun can be found with as much frequency in a hunter’s gun case as an officer’s patrol vehicle. With over 50 years in production, the Mossberg shotguns have fine-tuned their weapons for ultimate performance. The 500 series has several different models to pick from, each with a different style to appeal to different hunters. But Mossberg is also aware that they can’t make a shotgun that fits everyone’s needs, so this weapon can be customized—there are several aftermarket parts that you can find to make your first shotgun truly unique. And as a final note, since you might not be aware of the maintenance required for proper upkeep of your weapon, Mossberg shotguns are built to withstand the rigors of the hunt, and neglectful owners (though you should always properly clean and maintain your weapon).

CZ 612 Magnum Waterfowl Shotgun

The next shotgun on the list is perfect for beginners, because it too is relatively new to the firearm scene. The CZ 612 Magnum Waterfowl is the new kid in town, but is making a reputation for itself quickly. All that praise comes from the capabilities of the shotgun; it’s a hell of weapon for beginners and experts. The first aspect you’ll notice as a beginner is its recoil pad that will absorb a lot of the kick from those 12-gauge shells and slug you’ll be firing. For shooters not used to it, having a firearm that helps protect your shoulder can make a big difference. Once you begin to advance your knowledge some, you’ll notice that the 612 has a big forearm for easy action manipulation and easy-to-access release lever. It also comes standard with five choke tubes that can be interchanged with ease. All-in-all, you are getting a 3 ½ inch chambered 12-gauge that is camo-dipped for under $400. Hard to find other shotguns for sale better than the 612.

Remington 870

You can’t have a list of shotguns without a Remington (if you did, it wouldn’t be a trustworthy one). One of the best for first-timers is the Remington 870. Similar to the Mossberg 500 and CZ 612, it features a list of aspects that make it ideal for people wanting to purchase their first shotgun. As one of the older gun manufacturers, Remington has been honing their craft for some time, so their steel receiver and twin action bars are made to withstand decades of use. They are also made in several different models, most of which can be found for under $500, most notably the Express and Super Magnum Express. These Remington shotguns are also easily upgraded with a variety of aftermarket accessories.

Those are three of the best options beginners have for their first shotgun. Before you run out and buy the shotgun though, it’s a good idea to keep researching and even test fire a few. You’ll be able to determine which of these feels right in your hands, and understand the subtle difference between them. Once you’ve picked the one you like most, you’ll want to compare prices with local gun shops and an online gun store. Odds are, you’ll find better prices when you buy guns online—and with options similar to local places. Here at GrabAGun, we offer a layaway program so you can afford your shotgun. So do your research, pick your shotgun, and we’ll be ready to help you during every step of buying your first shotgun.

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America’s Innovative Firearm Manufacturer – John M. Browning

The father of modern automatic and semi-automatic firearms was born in Ogden, Utah. The son of a Mormon pioneer, John Moses Browning started his illustrious career at the ripe age of thirteen when he crafted his first firearm in his father’s gun shop. He earned his first of over 120 firearm patents when he was 24. From a very early age, Browning’s life centered on firearms.

Revered by many as “The World’s Greatest Gun Inventor,” John M. Browning has left a mark on nearly every facet of weaponry. From lever action rifles to pump-action shotguns, Browning either created or improved upon existing gun designs. Some of these would go on to become the tactical shotguns or semi-automatic rifles we love today. These inventions revolutionized the early 20th century. One of his most noted accomplishments was developing the first auto-loading pistols. These firearms were made possible by his invention, the telescoping bolt. This helped him create the pistol slide. This telescoping bolt is seen on almost all of the semi-automatic pistols today.

Additionally, Browning crafted a variety of weapons for the military. The M1895 Machine Gun defended battlefields during the Spanish-American War. WWI, WWII, and the Korean War all had soldiers carrying Browning firearms with them, such as the Colt M1911 and Browning 1917. The 50 caliber M2 is also one of his weapons that saw plenty of action on the battlefield. It is also one that is still seeing time out in the field. In addition to the 50 cal., his designs are still used today with weapons such as the Browning BPS 12 GA, Browning Maxus Rifle D Stalker, and Browning BPS Rifled Deer Hunter. Throughout his life, Browning produced and designed weapons for both military and civilians for a number of companies. Winchester, Colt, Remington, and Fabrique Nationale de Herstal all have been touched by Browning’s work.

Notable Accomplishments

A career that spans a lifetime would have plenty of achievements. Though writing about them all would take a novel (which has been published), we don’t have space for that here. Rather here is a quick overview of the more recognizable accomplishments by Browning. Some common pistols that are tied to him include:

●     Colt Model 1900

●     FN Model 1910

●     Colt Model 1903 Pocket Hammerless

●     U.S. M1911 Pistol

●     Browning Hi-Power

The shotguns that helped make Browning famous include:

●     Savage Model 720

●     Winchester Model 1887

●     Browning Auto-5

●     Remington Model 17

His list of rifles accomplishments is as extensive as pistols and shotguns:

●     Winchester Model 1885

●     Remington Model 8

●     Browning 22 Semi-Auto

●     FN Trombone

It wasn’t just firearms either. His designs also helped shape many of the cartridges that were used. Some of the more recognizable ones would be:

●     9mm Browning Long

●     .45 ACP

●     .380 ACP

●     .38 ACP

The list of Browning’s work is extensive. An avid gun enthusiast who was devoted to his work, he also had a hunger to create. Quite literally until his dying breath, Browning’s life pursuit involved improving and creating reliable and dependable firearms. While sitting at a workbench in his son’s production shop, John M. Browning died of heart failure. The weapon he was working on was a 9mm semi-automatic pistol that would be completed by a Belgian designer and go into production some ten years later as the Fabrique Nationale GP35, or more commonly, the Browning Hi-Power.

Today, Browning’s designs are still widely used. Though technology has brought modifications and enhancements to them, Browning’s presence can still be seen in modern firearms. To honor his accomplishments, there is museum dedicated to his many contributions in his birthplace of Ogden. Here, gun enthusiasts can look back in time; original models crafted by Browning. Pistols, shotguns, rifles, and even machine guns and cannons are all on display. The museum highlights four generations of the Browning family and their influence on firearms.

After reading all this, you might be ready to purchase a rifle or find a shotgun for sale. If you are in the market for a Browning firearm, then you will want to check out the selection at GrabAGun.com. Their special layaway option makes buying a gun as useful as Browning made his weapons; flexible buying options for versatile weapons.

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Things to Keep in Mind When Shopping for Gun Silencers

Upgrading your firearm is an important part of owning one. An accessory that commonly gets a poor reputation in the news, but is ideal for thousands of owners, is a sound suppressor.

One of the major factors to take into consideration when selecting a gun silencer is which weapon you fire most. The most common suppressor for sale will be one of three: .30 caliber, a .45 pistol, or a .22 magnum rated silencer. A 9mm suppressor is also a very common silencer, but typically only used with handguns. With these three (or four) in mind, you can begin to narrow down your search by selecting weapons from your collection that can handle these calibers.

For more of the common suppressors and silencers, these are what you will generally find when exploring the market.

Rimfire Suppressors

These silencers are designed for a rimfire cartridge. They tend to be smaller and lighter than other versions. It has several benefits to it, such as the ability to fire dirty. Don’t let that lull you into never cleaning it though; rimfire suppressors are often designed to be easily cleaned. Also, these are some of the quietest cans on the market. They would have the movie-quality noise suppression that people really want to achieve. These silencers have a ½ x 28 thread pattern that will attach directly to the barrel.


These are what the category suggests. They utilize traits from the rimfire, rifle, and handgun suppressors to create a multi-function silencer. These are able to move between multiple firearms without adjusting them too much. The biggest downside to these is that they are a jack-of-all-trades type accessory, but a master of none. If you want a specific quality in your suppressor that isn’t multi-use, this might not be the ideal silencer for you.

Handgun Suppressors

It’s important to note, that this category is typically reserved for pistol silencers. Often revolvers make poor weapons to receive suppressors requiring very specific units. The common form of handgun suppressors will be found for pistols.

Rifle Suppressors

These are tested and rated for the power of a rifle. Most of these will be caliber specific so they can withstand and be sized perfectly. Unlike the rimfire silencers, these rifle suppressors are often sealed and can’t be cleaned. Fortunately, they don’t require cleaning often, if at all.

Shotgun Suppressors

Finally, we have shotgun suppressors. These are the least common type of suppressor, really only appealing to a select group of people. Most likely, unless you absolutely love your shotgun and it is the only weapon your buy accessories for, you will want to explore another option. You can oftentimes find a choke to fulfill the needs of a shotgun suppressor.

Important Things to Note

●     It’s often very difficult to test fire suppressors. If you do find a dealer to test fire, there is an even slimmer chance that you will be able to test compatibilities with your weapon. You will be restricted to using their suppressor and firearm.

●     Check the tone, not the decibel level. Every dealer is aware by now that a third party is going to test the decibels of a suppressor. Many of the ones you will look at will have nearly identical numbers. Once you’ve decided on the suppressor you want, read some forums written by people who actually have them to gauge the tone of your particular preference.

●     Define your price limit. Don’t go into this search without some understanding of what you are able to spend. There is a huge range to select from and you can find the perfect suppressor that is way above your price point.

●     Think about what you want to use your suppressor for. Many people use them for hunting so they don’t scare away their prey. Others use it to save their ears from all the noise pollution. Some people do it to be a good neighbor. Whatever your reason, find a suppressor that lines up with what you intend to do with it.

●     Finally, always keep in mind the weapon you are going to attach it to. Compatibility is crucial for your suppressor and weapon. Have fun with your search, but don’t get discouraged. There are a lot of suppressors for sale out there. You’ll find the one that’s right for you.

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5 Best AR-15 Manufacturers on the Market

Though there isn’t a clear cut AR that stands above the rest, there are several manufacturers that outperform their competitors. Ask most gun owners and they will attest to the qualities of certain brands over others. But everyone has their own favorites, which is part of the reason ARs are so damn popular. Something we all love about the AR is their variety. You can customize an AR to make it unrecognizable from the stock product.

Many people say that MIL-SPEC makes the AR. That seems to have adjusted to be more of a marketing ploy rather than an accurate representation of the firearm. There are some criteria and specs that you should look for when you want to find an AR-15 sale. Some of those might include: M4 feed ramps, a high pressure test, gas key that is appropriately staked, the chamber and bore are both chrome-lined, and they are chambered for the 5.56mm NATO. There are plenty of other factors that define quality, but these are a start in what to look for when selecting your ideal weapon. So based off of those criteria, along with general consensus on what makes an ideal AR-15, here is a list of five of the best AR-15 manufacturers on the market.


Since the company is known for initiating some common trends in the AR-15 world, it is only fitting to have them lead the list. Though not an overly old company, dating back to 1982, Barrett has made an impact on the industry. They are credited with making the first shoulder-fired .50 BMG rifle. They are also credited with taking industry standards for an AR-15, bringing all those specifications into their model, and producing some of the world’s best AR-15s.


Colt might have defined early specifications for what an AR should be. Often being at the forefront of technology, they continue to provide commercial grade AR-15s that are almost identical to the military M4. So when you read MIL-SPEC on a Colt AR, it’s a damn good chance that you are getting products worthy of our armed forces. Just because you’ve been doing something for a long time doesn’t mean you will consistently be good at it, but Colt defies that theory by producing industry-defining AR-15s.

Daniel Defense

Necessity is the mother of invention. And when you need high quality AR-15 parts and can’t get them, you start your own company to become a leading producer or top-tier AR-15 rifles and AR-15 accessories; at least, that’s what Marty Daniel did when he founded Daniel Defense. Their AR-15 line has become a staple of the market, impressing thousands of gun enthusiasts with their performance grade finishes. Additionally, Daniel Defense prides itself in crafting many other of their own parts in house. That means the sights, rails, stocks, and flash suppressors will often be made by the company providing the kickass AR.

Heckler and Koch

With origins dating back to supplying weapons to the German military in 1956, it is easy to see why H&K has become trusted with the MIL-SPEC standards most people want in their AR. The HK416 was the weapon that killed Osama Bin Laden. Tried and true weapons that are then crafted for the general public are what H&K excel at. The real ingenuity of their rifles comes from their proprietary gas system, which is based off of a pusher rod. Though often a little bit pricier than some of their counterparts, H&Ks are worth the cost.

Smith & Wesson

Another company that needs no introduction, Smith & Wesson has provided quality firearms for generations. Their AR-15s are no different. They are the dependable, quality rifles that we have come to expect from the S&W name. When you purchase a Smith and Wesson AR-15, you’ll also have access to many of the key details that weapon owners want in their typical AR. It’s hard to have a list of quality firearms without including a S&W.

Now that you know some of the brands, you’ll want to start looking for good gun deals. One of the best options is to purchase with online layaway. This option gives you the flexibility you need to pay for the AR as you build the capital for one. Many of the ARs on this list have a higher price tag than other firearms.


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New U.S. Army Handgun: Sig Sauer P320 Pistol

The standard-issue Beretta is being retired after 35 years of service by the U.S. Army. With the wave of tech spreading over all areas of society, it is not that surprising that the new military sidearm is going to be modular.

Recently, the military held a two-year competition in which handgun manufacturers competed for a contract with the Armed Forces. Instead of designing a weapon in house, utilizing the private sector to harness another firearm seemed like the most beneficial avenue. A lucrative contract with the armed forces would be incentive to produce exactly what the U.S. Army needed. The “Modular Handgun System” competition was listed at $350 million, but could be worth as much as $580 million before all the ink dries. The process had drawn the ire from lawmakers, stating that there are deeper problems with “defense acquisition” than merely changing the standard sidearm of the U.S. Army. Though it took longer than expected, the military wanted to get it right. Ultimately, the P320 from Sig Sauer was selected.

And there are plenty of reasons why it makes an ideal selection for the newest sidearm for the military.

Sig Sauer has produced a weapon that is multiple handguns in one. The P320 accepts a wide variety of accessories, including silencers and handgun magazines. It also has the ability to change grips. With the grower number of women joining the force, there is a higher need to produce firearms with grips for multiple people. It also means that when soldiers need to apply a different tactic with their sidearm, their Sig Sauer will be up to the challenge. Additionally, the version of the P320 comes in a variety of sizes; another positive addition to what the military needs. Every soldier isn’t created equal and neither is every firearm. The men and women of the military come in different sizes and so do the magnitude and necessity of their missions. Smaller versions can be used for more secretive operations while the other, larger handguns can be utilized in the field.

Something more, the P320 is convertible between several different calibers: Currently it can be transitioned between a 9mm, .357SIG, and .40S&W. The multiple uses continue. But it isn’t just the modular features that make it ideal. When the everyday citizen wants to buy a Sig Sauer, they look at all of their features. And that’s what got the U.S. Army so interested in them in the first place.

At their core, the P320 is a double action, polymer-framed pistol designed with law enforcement in mind. It is considered an extremely easy weapon to clean and therefore maintenance is simple. The fire control assembly (which is removable) was created by Sig Sauer. Calibers and barrel lengths are just two of the changes you can make with the P320. Since it was designed for law enforcement, the P320 has no external safety or decocking level. This prevents any issues with the draw and the weapon snagging. It’s all capped off with SigLite night sights. These come standard on the P320. Perfect for any night combat. The ambidextrous magazine release is ideal for multiple people to use. This weapon makes so many other pistols look like merely cheap handguns.

Overall, when the military decided it needed a new weapon, they knew they had to go out and discover a weapon that could fulfill multiple needs in various situations. Furthermore, this weapon is perfect for countless people. It’s no real surprise that technology and necessity drove the U.S. Army to make their decision. And so far, they seem to be very pleased with their decision. According to many close to the choice, they say that it was a sensible choice with many positive outcomes.

If you are looking to upgrade your weapon like the military did, you might want to look for handguns online. There are a wealth of Sig Sauer handguns for sale at numerous retailers like GrabAGun.com. You can do yourself a favor and make use of their inventory to find a weapon like the P320 to add to your arsenal.

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Revolver Speed Loaders

Revolver Speed Loaders

The iconic revolver is loved by shooters around the world. But it does have some negative qualities. One of the biggest problems people have with revolvers is their slower reload times. To combat this, speed loaders were invented.

There are three main types of speed loaders currently on the market: the basic speed loader; full-moon and half-moon clips; and speed. Each type has its own pros and cons, and often it is more the preference of the user than one choice being hands-down better than the other two . Here is a quick review of the different types of revolver speed loaders.

Basic Speed Loader

These loaders are designed for specific revolvers, so there are plenty to choose from. They are made to quickly reload the full cylinder at once. When you only have 5-6 shots before a reload, these all-out, all-in loaders can significantly cut the time it takes you to reload. These loaders are considered to be magazine loaders due to the way they fully stock the weapon, much like a magazine does a pistol. The fast and reliable capabilities of these loaders do have their downsides, though. Due to their size, they take up considerable room in your pockets. There are speed loader carries, but if you are trying to carry concealed, this is yet another thing you need to keep hidden. Likely the most apparent downside is that the loaders are not universal. If you are using two different calibers and types of revolvers, you will need to own a different speed loader for each.

Full-Moon Clips and Half-Moon Clips

These loaders are thin discs that can hold six (for the full moon) and three (for the half-moon) rounds to be easily loaded. These clips can fit in a closed cylinder with the ammunition, so to reload your revolver gun you only have to eject your spent cartridges and cycle in a fresh clip. The half-moon clip applies the same concept, only it removes and adds three rounds at a time. Compared to the other loaders, these clips tend to have the fastest load times of the bunch. There are some drawbacks, though. First, not all revolvers accept moon clips. Additionally, if your weapon does take a moon clip, you need to be sure that the clip can hold the caliber bullet for your weapon. For half-moon clips, a degree of accuracy is needed when loading to make sure your first three rounds begin at the start of your clip; if you fail to load the cylinder in this manner, you may eject several rounds prematurely. It is important to note that moon clips are more comfortable for carrying in your pocket than traditional speed loaders.

Speed Strips

Somewhat resembling an open magazine, speed strips are clips that can feed revolvers one to two bullets at a time. These strips can be easily carried in your pocket. More importantly, they are generally universal. That is to say, if your revolver uses a .45 caliber, then the speed strip needs to hold that type of ammunition and will be compatible with any revolver that takes those rounds as you are not placing anything other than the rounds inside the weapon. Furthermore, since speed strips only load one to two bullets at a time, you do not run the risk of wasting any rounds by discharging unspent rounds prematurely, as with half-moon clips. One of the biggest downsides to using a speed strip is it requires more practice to become quick at reloading your weapon. Your fingers must move in a succinct and dexterous fashion to accurately and efficiently load your weapon. However, practice with your revolver is how you get better with it – both for shooting and loading.

Each of these options has its benefits and its drawbacks. Practice with your revolver, try out each speed loader in the place you will carry it, and think about the situations in which you will find yourself needing to quickly and accurately reload. All of the above options are viable; it is up to you to find the speed loader that is best for you and your revolver.

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American Classics – Smith & Wesson Revolvers

Smith & Wesson American Revolvers

Sometimes it takes some good old-fashioned American ingenuity to create an icon: Horace Smith and Daniel B. Wesson are two prime examples of that statement. These two New Englanders formed a partnership in 1852 with the goal of creating a lever-action repeating pistol that utilized a self-contained cartridge. Financial difficulties would plague the company during its early years, forcing the partners to sell the company to another little-known manufacturer called Oliver Winchester.

The partners would not be deterred by their initial setback, and in 1856 Smith & Wesson would again produce a revolver aimed at firing the Rimfire cartridge they had manufactured in 1854. It was the first of its kind to fire fully self-contained cartridges. A patent would buy Smith & Wesson a few years to improve their product, leading to the creation of the Model 3 American. The original large caliber cartridge revolver, the Model 3 had two big market clients: the United States government and Russia.

Smith & Wesson thrived for decades, until Horace Smith retired at the age of 65. D.B. Wesson, now the sole owner of the organization, would continue the work he and his partner had started. In the late 1800s, he introduced a line of hammerless revolvers. Most notably, however, was the following Smith & Wesson introduction: the Model 10. The Model 10, or .38 Military & Police, has been in continuous production since it was first introduced.

The 20th Century would also see some iconic revolvers introduced, including the .357 Magnum. From there, S & W would manufacturer the Model 39, the first American-made double action auto-loading pistol.

Smith & Wesson Revolvers Today

The company has undergone some changes over the decades, but they still hold try to their core values and ideals. Many of the Smith & Wesson firearm models from the 20th century can still be found for sale today, though in an updated version of their predecessors. That timeless aspect of the brand has caused gun stores and online gun stores to continue to carry a vast inventory of the Smith & Wesson brand. Let’s take a look at some of the favorites you might find when looking for revolvers for sale.

Smith & Wesson 10 Blued .38 Special

One of the longest running models in production, the Model 10 is a true classic. It is as much a part of firearm history as it is American history. The wooden grip and steel frame symbolize how far the revolver has come and how yesterday’s materials are still some of the best options for today’s firearms. If the past is an indication, the Model 10 will continue to be produced for decades to come.

Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum

Another revolver that has withstood the test of time is the .357 Magnum. This is their Model 586, a single/double action medium-sized revolver. Like many other S & W’s, it retains the wooden grip that many collectors are looking for. Six rounds are ready to be fired out of the 4-inch barrel at the touch of a trigger. The modern version is every bit as fierce as its earlier renditions.

Smith & Wesson Model 29 .44 Magnum

When people see this weapon, it often evokes memories of Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry. There is a reason this weapon strikes fear into people, and it is not just from that iconic movie. Today, it features a 6.5-inch barrel, carbon frame, and a double action. It’s hard to find a revolver you will like more. The Model 29 is a true stand-out among pistols.


Smith & Wesson as a Company Today

Though revolvers have been – and will continue to be – the staple of the Smith & Wesson name, the company realizes that it needs to branch out. So now when you are looking for a handgun for sale, Smith & Wesson will also be able to provide more equipment produced from the same manufacturer to fulfill all of your handgun and accessory needs. Check out your favorite gun provider for not only some of the updated versions of classic S&W revolvers, but for many of their products to help amplify your next experience with your revolver.

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6 Reasons You Should Own a Ruger 10/22

Though there is an endless debate on which is the world’s most popular firearm, no one can disagree with the popularity and prominence of the Ruger 10/22. Widely accepted as a must-have weapon, the Ruger 10/22 can be found in gun cases all across America. But what makes this firearm so prevalent? Here are six of the reasons you should own one yourself.


Most firearm owners want a gun that is individual. Their own weapon. The easiest way to do that is to customize it with aftermarket accessories and transform it into the high-tech, ultra-accurate machine of your dreams. The amount of Ruger 10/22 accessories on the market is a big reason people flock to this firearm. It is easy to alter the 10/22 so much that the finished product looks nothing like the stock weapon. Best of all, it isn’t insanely difficult to install most of the aftermarket accessories yourself, which leads to the next plus of the 10/22.

Easy to Work On

A big seller for the Ruger 10/22 is how easy it is to work on this firearm yourself. The prior knowledge needed to assemble and disassemble it is minor compared to some other weapons. Also, the tools required aren’t elaborate and are ones you would commonly find in your garage or gun case. Routine cleanings and maintenance shouldn’t be much of a problem, considering how easy it is to work on this weapon. While you are working on it, you might discover some interesting parts, like the magazine.

Rotary Magazine

A feature that sets the 10/22 apart is its magazine. Though not one-of-a-kind, you would have to do some serious searching to find another manufacturer that produced the internal, 10-round rotary magazine that is inside the 10/22. The easiest place to find one would be in the Tommy Guns from the early 1900s. Though the magazine doesn’t necessarily outperform other firearm magazines, it is a cool feature to make your weapon more unique.

Good Starting Firearm

Something else that is cool about the 10/22 is its accessibility. Nearly anyone can use one. It has very low recoil so children or weaker individuals won’t be intimidated by the weapons kick. Something else that is a positive, especially for first-timers, is how quietly the weapon shoots compared to higher calibers. Granted, you still will have some of both, but each are mild compared to many other firearms on the market. Speaking of the market, that brings us to the next point.


Being a .22 caliber weapon is an indication that you will have access to plenty of ammunition. This round is the most widely produced, which means two things: it will be abundant and cheap. Keep in mind that because of this, there will be some poor quality rounds made, so be on the lookout for those. But it isn’t just ammunition that is widely found, but the range of accessories that we previously talked about. You can do a simple search and find dozens of gun stores loaded with .22 accessories and upgrades. It seems nearly everyone has Ruger 10/22 parts for sale. And once you have it completed decked out the way you want, then you can shoot it, which brings me to my final point.

Fun to Shoot

After all is said and done, it comes down to the simple fact that this weapon is a hell-of-a-lot of fun to fire. The low recoil means you can spend hours on the range. The cheaper ammunition means you can put countless rounds through it without breaking the bank. The upgrades you can put on it means you can hit your targets from farther away. You can bring your kids with you and they can have their turn on it as well. All-in-all, the 10/22 might be a low caliber, but it’s hard to find a weapon that is more fun to shoot.

You can search for gun deals for a long time, but be hard pressed to find one better than the 10/22. Once you’ve had the opportunity to tinker with one for a little while, you will see why most people have one in their arsenal.


Why 9mm Handguns are the Best for Shooting Targets

Handguns for Shooting Targets

Handgun owners all look for different qualities in the firearm they chose to buy. If you are a target shooter looking for a handgun, an option you want to consider is the 9mm. A standard pistol that has multiple areas in which it excels—one of which is target shooting. Some of the reasons that the 9mm is considered the best for shooting targets are:
9mm handguns often have great ergonomics. The way it feels in your hand can have a major impact on the accuracy of your shot. When you line up your shot and your weapon doesn’t feel natural in your grip, you might make micro adjustments during your shot that can have major impacts on your accuracy. Most 9mm pistols, having a more natural grip, present a potential for greater accuracy.
Weight & Recoil
Another factor that can quickly affect your aim is recoil. Larger caliber handguns are not only bulkier and tend to weigh more, but their recoil is also greater. Some shooters adjust for an expected recoil and alter their shots, while others can’t hold their weapon study throughout its firing and thus make their shot go off target. With a smaller caliber—yet sturdy enough to penetrate any target you should be shooting at—like the 9mm, you won’t be affected as much by recoil.
Though this doesn’t directly improve your shooting ability, it does have ramifications on it. When you need to ask for advice about your weapon, if you are firing a rarely used firearm or an out-of-production caliber, you aren’t likely to get much information. All of those tips can help to increase your accuracy in ways you didn’t think possible. Also, when you need rounds for the range, having a commonly used caliber like the 9mm allows for you to always have access to what you need. You aren’t going to walk into a gun shop and not see a ton of 9mm firearms, accessories, and ammunition.
Going hand-in-hand with availability is cost. Because 9mm are made by so many weapons manufacturers, there is an abundance of them. Due to this, the cost of 9mm firearms and rounds tend to be less than many other handguns. You are able to invest more money into practice rounds so you can log more hours on the range. All of those extra hours spent with your 9mm with go a long way for improving your accuracy.
Finally, aftermarket accessories are another way to help you improve your accuracy. Red-dot scopes and even sound suppressors are two products that could help you hit the target more often. Also, an upgraded handgun magazine can allow you to fire more rounds without reloading; you have additional shots without adjusting your body. There are any number of upgrades that can have an impact on your accuracy, and the 9mm has as many to offer as any other handgun.
Now that you know a little more about some of the reasons to own one of these pistols, which one do you purchase? Cheap handguns don’t necessarily mean poor quality, but not all gun deals are for effective and appropriate weapons. Here are three suggestions on 9mm for sale that can help you improve your target shooting without costing your life savings. And surprisingly, there isn’t a Glock on the list.

●     Smith & Wesson M&P Compact

The first 9mm on the list is the M&P Compact from Smith & Wesson. A reliable and accurate weapon that comes from one of the oldest manufacturers in America.

●     Sig Sauer P320

The full sized pistol on the list, the Sig Sauer P320 is the largest 9mm. This is a standard 9mm that hits all of the checks across the board for what you are looking for in a target shooter.

●     Springfield XD-S

Springfield’s single stack 9mm is the final weapon on the list. It is an ideal daily carry weapon that doubles as a great target shooting handgun.

These are just three 9mm handguns out there that would be perfect for shooting targets. Check out what people are saying at your local gun stores and get their input. Be sure to check prices at online gun stores before you buy though;, you are likely to save some money on your next 9mm.


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