Six Reasons to Buy a Firearm Suppressor

For many years, Americans thought it was illegal to own gun silencers. That’s because for decades, silencers have been strictly regulated by the United States government. If we asked Hiram Percy Maxim – the inventor of both the muffler and the silencer – what he thought of his inventions taking two drastically different paths, he would be shocked. How is it that suppressing excess car noise was okay, but excess firearm sound was not? Much of the hatred towards silencers can be attributed to Al Capone and the gang wars of the early 1900s. Though silencers were available to the public after passing a background check, registering the accessory, and paying a $200 “transfer fee” (or about $3,500 today), they were an item few people purchased.

In spite of this, Maxim continued to use his noise dampening technologies on mufflers, engines, and other areas that could benefit from it. Though the rest of the 20th century would not see the government view silencers in a better light, silencers were never outlawed outright them (it was at the state level that restrictions were enforced). Since the turn of the millennium, many weapon owners have done their research on silencers and started to reap the rewards of owning them. Let’s take a look at a few of the reasons you may want to buy a firearm suppressor.

  • Improve Your Home Defense

Many of us own weapons for the primary use of home defense. We want to be able to protect our homes with the holy wrath of God. But at what cost? Even if you come up against a situation in which you must discharge your firearm in your own home, there is a very real possibility that if you survive the confrontation, your ears won’t. The sound waves hitting your eardrums from just one shot can cause irreparable damage to your ears. Also, if there is more than one assailant, a suppressed weapon may lower the chances that all of them know you are loaded.

  • Have Better Luck Hunting

Gun shots are loud. We have to wear ear protection just to mitigate the sound so we don’t damage our ears. So if humans are so sensitive to the noise, imagine what your prey thinks of it. Not only will it scare them, but they’ll be long gone before you can fire your next shot. You can prevent a lot of these headaches with the use of a silencer. Whether you are hunting a small pack of hogs or trying to get the solo buck, a suppressor can make the difference between whether you go home with the trophy or empty handed.

  • Be a Better Neighbor

We’ve all been here before. Though it might seem like you’ve found the perfect spot of land – secluded and great for you to hunt on – your neighbors can somehow still hear your gun shots. Out of 100 neighbors, 99 of them don’t care that you are enjoying one of the greatest American pastimes; but 1 of them will care that they can hear you. All of us get annoyed when we are trying to have a relaxing evening and we can hear every last word coming out of our neighbor’s stereo. Gun shots are no different. Keep John and Jane Doe happy by using a silencer so they will never be disturbed by your shooting again.

  • Improve Your Accuracy

I know many of you are shaking your heads right now. It is true that this seems ludicrous, but many marksmen agree that silencers have an impact on accuracy. A lot of the reasoning behind this is from the reduction in recoil. Though we like to consider ourselves unaffected by recoil, it has an impact on how we fire a weapon. Just as a muzzle brake can dampen the recoil through limiting the gas pressure that forces the gun to kick towards your face, a silencer has close to the same effect. Also, the quiet shot doesn’t have the same load blast that weapons not using a suppressor do. The reduced noise can have a positive impact on your accuracy. Think about how much better you concentrate when it’s quiet versus when it’s not.

  • Give Back to the Community

Not only does being a responsible gun owner make your home and community safer, but when you continue to buy products in the industry you love, you are also supporting the hardworking people who make them. As we’ve discussed, silencers have been ridiculed and received poor press over the years. Owning one and being responsible with it can prove to the rest of the country that silencers are for hitmen or gangsters, but a useful accessory is for any weapon owner.

  • Protect Your Ears

Every gun owner knows the importance of covering their ears. Safety gear is vital when firing your weapon. The growing number of people with hearing problems due to firing weapons is a cause for concern. Using a silencer, also known as a sound suppressor, can help decrease your chances of hearing problems later in life.

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